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While others have been working hard, I have been on holiday 🙂

My Holiday20150909_085159

My journey started (after London) in Chicago, through Springfield IL, St Louis, Memphis and New Orleans then back home to London.

It was a wonderful holiday, packed with exciting venues – some that I knew nothing about before visiting, yet ended up totally fascinated: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and I fulfilled a life-long ambition to visit Sun Studio and Graceland.

In Chicago I marveled at some breath-taking views from the 94th floor of the John Hancock Tower.

What a wonderful holiday.

It would have been nice to catch up with some of my great USA blogging friends – but my tour was action-packed with barely a break between meals, and that's quite a big country you've got there!

After The Holiday


I'd no sooner returned home than my two grand-daughters (aged 1 and 3) came to stay and – gorgeous as they are – they're real handfuls of fun and love. I don't see a lot of them so I really notice the change, and the new words and skills they've learned.

Here they are shopping with their Uncle Matt (my other son).

All this is just to explain why I haven't been terribly active on my blog of late – but that's the best perk of being self-employed. I work when I want to work, and I holiday / do family things when I want to.