Low Budget For Ads? 1

If you have a low budget for ads, this short article may help you.

Whatever your business you need visitors, and the more traffic sources you have the better.

The other day a trusted friend suggested I try this set-and-forget source of ‘buyer traffic'.

So at the right are my results after a week of this under $5 (one-time cost) source of clicks

OK, those few clicks (60 and 57 in a week) won't set the world on fire BUT:

  • I have had opt-ins to the two offers shown
  • The stats from my tracker show that they have come from places I wouldn't have thought to advertise.

What's not to like? Click here to check it out (affiliate link)

At the time of writing it was on special offer – below $5! (Yes, this is a shrewd marketer building his list with a really low ‘trip-wire' offer – but he's not blitzing me with offers in return, so it's well worth the few dollars.)

There's just one up-sell, the chance to have two links, again at a remarkably low price.  To be honest, I think you'd be crazy to miss this if you're serious about building any business online.


Should You Advertise Your Business?

Henry Ford once said: “The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops a clock to save time.”

But how do you know which adverts are the most effective?


Are You Tracking Your Advertising Sources?

When you advertise your business, you expect to make some profit out of it… I mean, that's the whole idea of advertising in the first place, right?

Sorry to say it doesn't work that way a lot of the time… most advertising actually loses money for businesses…

You need a way to track what each ad is doing, and whether it's profitable or not. If an advert isn't making money (or generating leads) for you – you should seriously consider cutting that source and trying something else.

If you're not tracking your ads, you're pouring money down the drain that should be in your pocket…

When you do track, then you can keep testing and refining and changing your ads, so they become more and more effective over time…

Instead of a money-draining expense that you dread paying for each month, your advertising becomes the most profitable investment you make…

It's up to you… take a look at an amazingly simple method for tracking your ads click here (affiliate link).

When you find ads that aren't converting you can pull those ads – or contact your solo-ad provider with solid evidence of poor performance. Even though this is a low budget / free ad tracker, you'll be surprised how well featured it is. Watch the video.

So – just a quick couple of tips today:


Low Budget Ads And Advert Tracking