How Do You  Make Your Business More Transparent?

Having effective relationships with your employees is essential. As is maintaining a positive rapport with customers. How does a business and its leaders foster such strong connections? One key approach is to build trust through transparency. Below are some ways to make your business more transparent, internally with personnel and externally with the brand’s customer base.


Being transparent at an internal level begins at the top with department heads and other leaders. At its essence, a leader who is open to sharing thoughts and opinions in an honest, respectful manner is someone who may be deemed transparent. Said leader takes a deliberate approach to communication that emphasizes honesty with other members of the team.

When colleagues throughout the workplace employ this communication style as well, conversations are typically more candid and constructive. Sustaining such a high degree of transparency is valuable and often leads to an increase in productivity and improvement in company-wide performance.

First, those in leadership positions are urged to maintain an open-door policy. Doing so allows employees to share input, ask questions and communicate issues more often and clearly. Encouraging this openness has the power to help staff members be more forthright with one another and, in turn, promotes sincere, effectual communication in general. When responding, leaders should be professional, clear and avoid “corporate speak” and other potential barriers. Such an honest exchange of ideas should also be supported within meetings to promote a more open company culture.


Along with transforming the internal culture, brands are also encouraged to create transparent connections externally. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do so. A great starting point is to be honest, even when it has the potential to harm a relationship. In our swiftly moving digital world, the truth is likely to be uncovered and omissions are not seen favorably. Rather than risk damage to your reputation, it is advised to own up to any mistakes and relay information honestly.

For instance, in the event of delayed shipping, be up-front with the customer and provide an update as soon as possible. You could also consider investing in more accurate GPS vehicle tracking to avoid such problems in the future.

Looking for more ways to boost your business’s transparency?

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