I realize it's been too long since I wrote about “repeat commissions that kept coming in” while I wasn't working online, so I want to review OLSP Academy two years on. Because those repeat commissions (from affiliate marketing) turned out to have been coming in from Wayne Crowe's OLSP System.

In short, I'd started with OLSP system as a free member, done some work promoting it, then had to stop working online to deal with a family emergency – but noticed that commissions still kept coming in.

If you've found this blog post from ‘elsewhere' and you're ready to join OLSP, >> click here <<!

What is OLSP System?

OLSP stands for One Lead System Pixel – and ‘translated' that means that when a lead joins OLSP from an affiliate's link a pixel follows them around, cookieing (tying) them to the original affiliate who introduced them. There have always been arguments amongst affiliates about whether ‘first touch' or ‘last touch' cookies are fairest. But at least we know where we are with OLSP – and the system works. So if you introduce an affiliate who doesn't buy for months and months, when they finally make a purchase you make the commission.

OLSP System was developed by super-affiliate Wayne Crowe, a very experienced Internet Marketer, with the aim of bringing ethics to the Affiliate Marketing training arena.

Put simply, OLSP is a course training anyone who wants to earn an online income to become ‘proper' affiliate marketers – selling quality training products – instead of  being “business opportunity seekers” who buy and sell push-button software that they hope will let them ‘get rich quick'.

For the avoidance of doubt – if push-button software to make me rich existed I would have found it by now, hired a bunch of kids to keep pushing that button, and be sitting back enjoying my new-found wealth.

There is NO magic money tree, but OLSP will train you to make money online and take away 95% of the hard work (technical stuff – explained below).

What the newcomer to online business needs to beware of is avoiding….

Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny object syndrome is the tendency that those newly looking to make money online have to keep buying product after product, each one promising instant ‘easy money online'.

The only people who will get rich from some of the rubbish that's peddled promising ‘no work wealth' are the snake-oil salesmen persuading you to buy it. Such products are typically $7.95 for the basic idea, followed by up-sells to more expensive products.

Up-sells are not a problem as long as the basic idea and the up-sells do the job. But all too often they don't even work and the purchaser blames themself, or can't be bothered to ask for a refund of $7.95. (In fact you will then be blitzed by sales emails from the marketer who created the product and the affiliate who made the sale may not even get your contact details! That's NOT how we do it at OLSP – make a sale, keep the customer for life.)

Confession – I've been in shiny object mode, so I know. None of the push-button software / instant wealth products worked, and $7.95 spent every few days on the next hyped up promise soon mounts up. My own such purchases were few – but I've known people admit to having spent five figure sums without making more than a few dollars online. I know of two people who got into such bad debt they lost their houses.

Although there's a risk in ANY business, offline or online, keep tight control of your money and never spend money that's destined to pay for food, heating, rent or mortgage.

If you are so desperate for money, look round the house to sell something, or do odd-jobs for neighbours, cut expenses.

Starting an online business is NOT a fast way to riches.

Lightbulb Moments

It eventually dawned on me that many of the products I had bought were teaching the self-same thing that OLSP is (but with less help in the ‘how-to' department).

  • Find or create a product
  • Bring interested prospects to it – THAT'S the tough bit, but EVERY business needs to find customers
  • Convert prospects into sales – where commissions are generated for you
  • Your product mix must include monthly products and high ticket offers. No decent income can be earned when you are struggling to make one-off sales of $7.95 products.

The problem was with ME – I wasn't applying the training because I thought there must be a faster way (everyone else was saying ‘how easy it is'.

So I decided to focus on OLSP because it offered the widest range of products and earning methods. Also it was the most achievable for a non-technical person such as myself.

You can struggle on trying to find the impossible dream (easy legitimate money online) or you can acknowledge the >> light-bulb moments << Click Here and learn how to make affiliate commissions the correct way, by applying the OLSP training.


Is OLSP Academy Legit?

Because I had been bruised and scammed by many online ‘gurus' peddling false hope and downright lies, I took quite a long time before I was reassured. But I now firmly believe that OLSP Academy is 100% legitimate.

Wayne Crowe, also well-known as a solo-ads vendor, had seen the dirty tricks employed by some of those selling questionable software and is on a personal crusade to rescue those in the online world who will listen to his voice of logic.

Profits are only made when quality products are sold.

Yes, he too earns a commission when we make a sale, but he uses that commission to fund a support staff of 20+ who handle all the technical ‘stuff' that defeats newbie Internet Marketers. Such as:

  • making webpages,
  • graphics,
  • videos,
  • sourcing legitimate products for us to sell,
  • finding traffic (site visitors),
  • training affiliates,
  • running webinars,
  • closing high-ticket sales by phone,
  • manning a support desk.

Until you try to make sales online, you don't even know what you don't know.

What Help Is Available in OLSP?

First off there's a comprehensive suite of video training – the number of videos changes regularly as Wayne decides to expand on topics. The Foundation training is in there and anyone who can't be bothered to listen to it and APPLY it is pretty much bound to fail with OLSP.

When we introduce a new team member we are their Guide to help them through the training (if they need help). In practice very few actually get in touch which I find disappointing as I'd be happy to share my experience and tips. Some members don't want to be Guides, in which case their ‘level above' will take up the role.

build online business team

There's a community of other 133,000 members (many of whom are no longer active – they expected ‘push-button' results and couldn't be bothered to work) and the experienced members pitch in to help the newer members get started. Why? It's the OLSP culture to help others, and as we help others our own knowledge increases, AND we get helped by others, even outside our own team.

Once a week Wayne takes questions direct from members in the free and upgraded groups, but in between there are always more experienced members and support staff inside the group who answer questions or direct people to the relevant training module, because in practice, most questions are already fully answered in the training.

Upgraded members can attend three one-hour long ‘huddles' per week hosted by a top affiliate to answer in-depth questions about any part of the system.

How Are OLSP Commissions Earned?

The only way ANY legitimate business (online or offline) makes a profit is when a sale is made. Otherwise where is a commission being paid out from?

So your one task as an OLSP member is to find prospective customers (leads) and the OLSP system – where possible – converts leads into sales from which you earn a commission.

Two things can go wrong:

  • You don't apply the training so you don't bring any leads to OLSP. But if you can't find leads, NO business you try to run will ever work. OLSP is a free way for you to learn this.
  • The leads you find don't make any purchases. This means you have found the wrong type of leads (because people ARE making money online – even me, after years of failing). Two solutions (a) work harder at finding different people (b) set your new ‘broke' team members to work applying the training and finding their own leads.

Because another neat part about OLSP is that it's a two-level affiliate commission structure, which means that someone (even a free member) I introduce (my level 1) can introduce a customer (my level 2) and when that customer makes a purchase, both I and my team member (who joined free) can make a commission. There are exceptions to this rule, but in general that's how free members can earn with OLSP.

Note – a two-level affiliate plan is not defined as multi-level-marketing, for those who avoid MLM.

Total commissions earned by individual members range from zero (see above for reason and solution) to $60,000 by one of the top affiliates. Wayne has paid out just short of $2m in commissions.

It's not uncommon to have five-figure earners in the group, and inside my team I have free and paid members who have earned more than I have because they spend more time on the business. My own earnings are just short of $2,000 – but I only do OLSP on a part-time basis as I still work more than full-time on 3 off-line businesses of my own. (My goal is that OLSP – in time – will replace the income from one of them when I retire from it.)

New Update December 2022

If you upgrade to Dominator (see bel0w) you can earn guaranteed commissions every time someone clicks your OLSP ‘magic link'. There's full training in the Dominator back-office, but the effect of this is that buying solo-ads and sending them to a TDPages squeeze page using the magic link, you will earn a small commission for every click. Over time, as people click over and over again, that will mean that the cost of your solo-ad is covered, as people click your link again and again.

These initial clicks are ‘cold traffic' who don't know you. As you ‘warm them up' you can tell them how OLSP earns guaranteed traffic, and encourage them to upgrade to dominators and do the same.

Are There Upgrades From the Free Membership?

OPTIONAL upgrades let you earn higher commissions, and also give you access to tools and training that will automate your marketing and save you time.

The first upgrade (to Traffic Dominator) is $99 a month and the value included in this is amazing – including traffic to your link, more training, access to ‘huddles' three times a week and even more access to Wayne.

There are various high-ticket upgrades available too. Options can be discussed with a coach who will ‘close the sale' for us, which appeals to many of us who don't have the confidence to do sales call.

The other thing I love about this tiered approach is that members can take the upgrades (or not) once they are familiar with the system and the benefits. Gone are the days when you're expected to buy a $997 training package unseen, and then you're dumped and left alone to get on with it (and find it's out-dated rubbish).

What Products Does OLSP Promote?

All optional but there are:

  • OLSP membership upgrades, giving you more tools, and training so that you become profitable faster
  • Some internal tools of the trade to make your life easier.
  • Vetted external product promoters sometimes give training webinars and make offers of their products to help you make commissions faster using a specific method – read below how this is a major benefit for you.
  • Wayne Crowe's solo-ads to bring traffic to your link that promotes the training and finds you customers. You'll see in the background of the image Wayne teaching other solo-ad providers.

All purchases within OLSP are optional. The aim is to teach members to be affiliate marketers selling products to outside customers. So when there are training webinars it's our chance to find customers who would like to buy the products. Apart from the Dominator upgrade we're NOT required to buy them ourselves before we can earn commission on them.


Earn from OLSP Webinars

There's tons of commissions to be made promoting live webinars (and then saving them as ever-green training).

But imagine the work involved in running a webinar:

passive online income methods

  • Source a guest with a quality product
  • Check he's going to deliver helpful training, not just a sales pitch
  • Find an audience – no decent speaker will turn out for 4 viewers (two of whom are your Mum and sister)
  • Lights, camera, action – are you good at generating excitement on camera?
  • Will your audience support you and encourage you?
  • Have you got a team getting rid of spammers?
  • Can you handle the payment and delivery processing when sales roll in?

So one of the major parts of OLSP is that Wayne hosts webinars for us, and if any audience we find makes a purchase, we make a commission – without all the hassle of trying to run our own webinars.

The Price Of OLSP?

Unusually you can get started, and earn commissions, completely free – something that Wayne has held to firmly.

You will be offered optional upgrades and extra tools that will get you earning faster. Judge each one on its own merits.

If you have unlimited time (for instance to do Facebook marketing – as explained in the training) you can still make good earnings. But if, like me, your time is very limited, you will probably want to spend a little money on tools or an upgrade to make life easier (and earn higher commissions).

Although “A customer who gets everything free” isn't really a customer, the amount of help available to free affiliates is amazing, but at the end of the day everyone is in the group to make a profit, so customers must be found.

What Is In The OLSP Training?

OLSP offers help and training in many methods to make your commissions (a few that spring to mind are below) and it's up to YOU to choose which you prefer to follow. You're encourage to pick ONE method to start with and follow that until you are successful with it.

  • Solo-ads
  • Email marketing (my preferred method)
  • Facebook marketing
  • TikTok (I'm rubbish at this)
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Direct Mail
  • Create your own digital product and sell it (hard work when there's probably already an affiliate product that's better presented than any you could create)
  • Ways to start a particular business
  • Use the training we have to promote a completely different business to OLSP (for instance find distributors for a network marketing business)

There's something for everyone in OLSP – for instance, I am quiet, shy and not one to jump on sales calls.

Be yourself.

I did Facebook marketing in messenger a time or two successfully, and if you have the time that's very successful.  If necessary, OLSP will do my sales calls for me but I won't put people forward for a sales call unless I feel it's right for them.

At the other extreme we have extroverts making videos and having fun with TikTok videos. I tried that and hated it.

If you don't already have an account, take a look at the >> overall system (free) << and decide which is for you. (Existing members…. do NOT open a new account.)

How Fast Will I Be Successful With OLSP?

This is where the dream can fall apart, because people have been fed a load of rubbish about instant software and push-button wealth.

For instance, in the 2020 pandemic as newcomers to the online world needed to replace their offline income they turned to the online marketplace, and there was a plentiful supply of ‘Internet Coaches' selling programs to people that would turn THEM into Internet Coaches – as soon as they handed over a four figure sum. Some was good training, but often it was outdated rubbish.

Being a few chapters ahead of total newcomers I could probably have done the same thing, but I just wouldn't tell people that they will become rich working from home in a few days, or even weeks. Because they probably won't.

unreliable plumberYou wouldn't expect to turn up to a new job and instantly be proficient and in profit – but that's what some (not all) marketers and coaches imply.

Would you expect to become an expert – a plumber (say) – just because you paid a four-figure sum for a training course?

Of course you wouldn't! You'd expect to study the course, apply it, and shadow someone more experienced than yourself who would watch what you were doing and point out any mistakes before you (or your clients) got hurt.

So those of us who care about our customers are trying to gently tell people the truth in the OLSP training course where you can start free and see if you ‘have what it takes'.

The truth is:

  • It's not as easy as people pretend
  • You're extremely unlikely to be profitable right away
  • You DO need to invest time in training
  • If you have a little money for the basic tools of the trade you'll see success faster
  • It's a business – there is risk in any business. Online or offline.
  • If you have neither time nor money to invest, I can't see how you will make an extra income online (or offline).

Ready to Invest Time or Money In Your Success?

Have a no-obligation look round the >> free parts of OLSP << then get in touch with me on Facebook to let me know what you think and I will answer your questions.

When you introduce yourself to me please tell me you have watched the OLSP training because I rarely accept FB friend requests these days.