Digital Business Club reviewDigital Club United Review

I joined this program from launch – which is very unusual for me. I usually like to give programs a time to bed down before I join and review.

However I joined Digital Business Club without hesitation because even though the program is a very new launch, it is actually the second project from Team Build Club (TBC), and because I was basing it on my experience with the parent company, TBC, which was well managed and where I made a profit.

Also the concept has been thoroughly explained to us in Zoom calls with the owner, where you can get your answers direct. (Although usually the answer is in the the training module inside the back-office.

The club support is excellent. I had a question on my upgrade and the owner himself answered me on WhatsApp with just minutes to go before a Zoom call. I wasn't expecting that.

What Is Digital Club United?

The aim of the Digital Club United (DCU) is to bring crypto education and earning potential to newcomers (and experts) in an affordable way.


  • Digital Club United is very similar in styling from its parent company TBC, which gives me the confidence that it has been well thought out and will be as well supported as its parent company still is.
  • The launch last week went very smoothly – just a couple of hours delay while servers were changed. Then by the time I woke up next morning everything was up and running.
  • You can earn either as an affiliate, promoting the course, or actually applying the training – ideally both because it's best to have experience with any material you're promoting!
  • For those who decide to build an income promoting the club, there's a huge supply of ready made promotional materials.
  • It's affordable for everyone, as low as a $25 annual subscription, and optional staged levels after that.
  • You can upgrade from your affiliate earnings OR from a variety of other well known payment processors (including crypto you already hold on a separate exchange).
  • The minimum cash withdrawal is just $25.
  • Affiliate commission is extremely generous, with an amazing 100% on stage 1 to help newcomers get their money back and into profit fast.
  • 50% on direct sales of stage 2 upwards and you can earn commissions up to 5 levels deep.
  • As someone with only a little crypto knowledge, it was immediately obvious how to become a paid member. (Other processors available than crypto)
  • I can evaluate each stage at my leisure and decide if I want to upgrade further.
  • I expected a long wait for the blockchain to process but my payment was accepted within minutes.
  • There are real-life ways to spend the club's own coin (holidays, freelance site, advertising).
  • Supported by an existing community of users.
  • The owner runs 3 training Zoom calls each week to explain the plan and get your questions answered.
  • It would be practically impossible for me to explain all that's on offer myself BUT thankfully there's a comprehensive video for members to get their head round everything.
  • Registration (to learn more) is free, then decide after that.


  • Only paid members can make referrals, but I guess that cuts out time-wasters, and with an annual subscription starting at just $25, this is a very affordable education business to start.
  • So far there's no squeeze page, but based on my experience with the parent company, I'm sure this will be added soon.


A well put-together website and concept with a vast amount of education for every level of crypto interest – from total beginner to real expert.

Highly recommended. Click HERE or the image below.

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