On Page 1 of Google – Cause or Effect?

mig-blog-294x215A post on one of my health blogs has managed to get on page 1 of Google! Wow! Well, it is to me anyway 🙂

So I've started wondering, is the number of comments the cause or the effect, do you think? I really am interested in hearing readers' opinions, because I'm BAD at SEO and keyword research.

In fact, isn't the present trend supposed to be for concentrating on adding content / information, rather than over-optimising your posts? In which case, this particular post shows that method has worked!

So to clarify: a rather controversial post of mine attracted quite a few comments (23 at the time of writing), over a fairly long period of time.

Do you think it got on page 1 of Google because it attracted comments, or did it attract comments because it was on page 1?

The keyword phrase scores “Low” competition, and there aren't many searches – 480 per month. It was one I wrote because I genuinely found it interesting – and it's not monetised in any way (other than the general monetisation on the blog).

I suppose it couldn't have been the Google position that got it the comments when it was “new”, and it's a pretty old post. So perhaps the comments dripping in over time have helped it move up, which is encouraging.

The other thing about the comments on this particular post is that they have been fairly long and very relevant posts. Not the usual “Great post, good-bye,come and see my blog” stuff. People genuinely taking the time to share their experiences – because this is a health complaint that affects many people who probably don't even think about SEO etc. They just want information to something that's puzzling them.

Sorry, I don't have the answer to this – and if I did have, no doubt tomorrow there'd be another update beginning with “P” to change it all!

But it has encouraged me to see my post on page 1 of Google; and I'm hoping it is a good incentive and argument for those daily few minutes spent commenting on blogs we find interesting.


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Angela McCall - February 6, 2013

“Do you think it got on page 1 of Google because it attracted comments, or did it attract comments because it was on page 1?”

That is a good question. Which comes first the chicken or the egg? I’m not the SEO expert either and in fact, I’m still learning about this part. But, I’m so happy that your post on your health blog got to be on top of Google search. Knowing that “health” niche is the 2nd biggest of all the niches in the world. Before I started Health Matters blog I actually did a research on the word “HEALTH.” Found out in Google alone there were 400 billion people searching for this word alone. And the biggest one is “LOVE”…about 800 billion. So there you go!!! You’re doing the right thing.

Can you give me the link? I wanna read about it.

Joy Healey - February 6, 2013

Thanks Angela. Here it is.

Hope you see what I mean about the genuine reactions from other migraine sufferers!

Tim Bonner - February 6, 2013

Hey Joy

Congratulations on getting onto page 1 of Google.

I’m still learning everything when it comes to SEO and it seems advice changes daily about what to do.

I’m pretty sure that great content is what Google is looking for these days. So that’s a thumbs up for you.

I also think that they are interested in social interaction in general, so comments will definitely come into that too, particularly if relevant keywords are mentioned in them.

Joy Healey - February 7, 2013

Thanks Tim, I was very pleased with myself!

It’s so frustrating that the rules keep changing. I’d worked very hard on another of my sites and it, too, was on page 1. But after all these changes it just dropped off.

Just when you think you’re getting somewhere, there’s a whole new set of rules.

But, you’re right – good content is the one thing that must stay constant.

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