Are you achieving your online business goals?

If you’ve ever felt stuck in achieving your career dreams or financial goals, you’re certainly not alone—especially amid the current social and economic climate. While hitting roadblocks is normal, staying stuck in them for too long might be the cause of something internal rather than what’s happening in the world around you. 

If you’ve been in a rut that you just can’t shake, you might be experiencing what psychologist Carol Dweck calls a fixed mindset. The opposite of this is what she calls a growth mindset, and learning how to develop it for yourself can improve every aspect of your life—business and finances included. 

Having a fixed mindset involves believing that you’re limited by your inherent skills and abilities, and that room for growth is impossible to achieve. This mindset thwarts your ability to overcome the inevitable challenges that come up on the path to success, keeping you stuck and blocked off from realizing your full potential. 

A growth mindset, on the other hand, means believing any obstacle can be overcome with persistence and a steadfast determination to do what’s necessary to get where you want to go. Those with a growth mindset view challenges as opportunities for growth, acknowledging that their greatest limitation is simply whether or not they believe in themselves. 

Whether you harbor negative beliefs about your ability to launch your new business or how to increase your streams of income, adopting a growth mindset is a powerful way to start viewing your life from a different lens—one that will push you to reach goals you once thought impossible. 

The main tenets of a growth mindset are:

  • Living in abundance rather than scarcity
  • Adopting lifelong learning
  • Seeing challenges as opportunities
  • Practicing gratitude for where you are (while still acknowledging the gaps you want to bridge to reach your goals.)

CreditRepair created a helpful visual guide with practical examples that can help you shift from a fixed mindset to one of growth. Sometimes we get in our own way when going after our ambitions, but you’ll find more success once you recognize it and take action towards practicing a mindset that supports you and fuels your growth. 

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