Repurposing Blog Content

Clearing Your “To-Do List”

mop-px-250Repurposing blog content is something I've been meaning to “get around to” for a long time.

Determined to finally learn Affiliate Marketing properly, I have been taking several training courses, and most of them recommend “Repurposing Blog Content”.

It makes complete sense.

I enjoy writing blog articles, but once they're written I've had a tendency just to move onto the next job without making the most of what I've spent a very long time producing!

Why? Honest answer, there was ONE stage very much outside my normal skill-set. (Solution below!)

I was keen to start applying this training, but……

Do you find that if you've got “things” nagging at your brain you can't get on with where you really want to focus your attention? Even if the nagging thought is not your top priority, it somehow won't let go.

A Real Life Example

20150817_Dogs2A real life example was the beautiful solid wood floor my son Matt laid for me, piece by piece a few years ago. It was a back-breaking job as it's quite a large area. When it was finished, it looked beautiful.

But after a few years of wear and tear from general traffic, grandchildren's toys, Bailey and Dog-dog it was looking a bit sorry for itself and in need of a proper “feed and polish”.

It's at least a three day upheaval: move the furniture out, two special washings, lay the polish, buff it up, then move all the furniture back. And the main stages needed an 8hr drying period in between. Even longer for the final polish.

So I kept putting it off because it wasn't a quick job – like, for instance, a blog post.

Finally the guilt overcame me – I buckled down to it, and I'm thrilled to have restored it to its former beauty. Can't wait for Matt to come and see it looking good again!

It's cleared my mind, and I'm loving the result. Win-win.

But what about online?

An Abandoned Niche

An Internet Marketing task that's been on my “to-do list” for a year or so was a remnant from my first venture into the world of online marketing.

repurposing blog postsI went to a “free” seminar and ended up buying a coaching package, because “Working 10 hours a week for 6 weeks, even a beginner can have their own product online and be making a big income”.

Subtext – when we coach you. LOL.

Well to cut a long and sad story short, I worked far longer than 10 hours a week, and for many more than 6 weeks.

But with no previous online experience, the learning curve was too steep for me as a beginner. (Despite 30+ years experience as a self-employed IT professional.)

I completed the coaching program and had a website and eBook to show for it. But being a bit of a perfectionist, by the time I was prepared to “sign them off” I'd lost the will to live.

That's when I (belatedly) realised the wretched thing needed promoting too.

Oh no! I'm outta here 🙁

As an aside, even the coaching program's top PPC man lost money when I insisted he set up a campaign for me, if it was SO easy!

By the time I abandoned the migraine “niche” (far too broad LOL), I had become fascinated by the whole topic of Internet Marketing and decided to put my efforts into learning affiliate marketing, rather than product creation.

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So What To Do With That eBook?

When my hosting came up for renewal, I took a dispassionate look at the sales I was making and decided to cut my losses.

But my eBook was sitting unloved on my hard disk, and it really did represent MANY hours of hard work.

So I applied one of the lessons of the training I have been taking: “Put your products where there is already an audience”.

natural-migraine-alternatives-ebookAnd where would that be?

Amazon's Kindle marketplace of course!

But again, I didn't know how to do it, and the idea was to free time to apply myself to things I AM good at and enjoy, rather than spend time learning how to promote an abandoned product.

Here it became a case of “It's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know”.

I knew, from a friend that the “goto person” for all things published is Monna Ellithorpe.

We struck a deal, and the whole job was off my plate and finished in a matter of days.

And, if you're interested in having your work published digitally or as a physical product, contact Monna. I highly recommend her services.

Product Creation vs Affiliate Marketing

By the end of this “online product creation” saga it had dawned on me:

  • The world wasn't beating a path to my door, as…
  • There were already excellent products written on the same topic…
  • Their creators would pay me a commission to promote them…
  • So I needn't go through the agony of product and website creation. (Hooray!)
  • If it was a flop, at least it was an inexpensive flop – in time AND money!
  • If it worked – I could just scale it up
  • It would take an AWFUL lot of $27 one-off product sales to keep me in the life-style I want…
  • So my business model must include an element of making repeat sales, and with much of the technical work done for me.

So I decided to revert to the Network Marketing business model, where I had made the highest and most consistent income of any online business. You can watch video about it here.


Repurposing Blog Content

Having re-published my updated eBook (to get it off my mind) I could start applying the rest of my affiliate marketing training. Specifically that about repurposing blog content. In fact that's what actually triggered the idea of re-purposing the eBook.

Applying the lesson of “Take your content to the traffic”, the point of repurposing blog content is to turn articles you want to promote into PowerPoint presentations / PDFs. Then you publish those on document sharing sites that are already getting high traffic.

magic-compAs PowerPoint and good design are not among my skill-set, it was “off to Fiverr” to find someone to work some magic for me!

I struck lucky with the first lady I used (Jen) and below is the presentation she made from my previous blog post about Retirement Solutions.

For “my” (haha) first attempt, I'm jolly pleased with it, though I say it myself.

If anyone wants to use it, download it etc, they can just click the arrow on the left to reveal sharing and embed information. Neat 🙂

There were some mistakes in my planning, rather than Jen's execution of the gig, but she was superbly patient with my inexperience and I learned a lot about the process.

I have already placed my next order!

Taking Your Content Where The Traffic Is

The other document sharing sites I have placed it at are:


I don't know what sort of traffic I'll generate by repurposing blog content on these sites. It will be interesting to find out.

Not an avalanche I know, but they'll be fresh eyeballs and highly targeted (probably searching for the specific topic). So that's a win-win from an almost free traffic generation strategy. (The Fiverr gig and a bit of time.)

Over To You

  • How do you repurpose your blog (and other) content?
  • Has it produced the results you were hoping for?
  • Can you recommend any other document sharing sites?
  • Any other tips for repurposing blog content? (Yes… video… I know… watch this space LOL)

I'd love to hear your ideas and experiences – please share in the comments below.

Please share

I left it too late to plan for a financially secure retirement. Don't make my mistake. Start building an extra income with a part-time (or full-time) business online. Think you don't have time? Can't afford the start-up cost? Can't meet sales targets? Contact me for free advice (no obligation) on the best fit for your circumstances.

Terry Henry - July 3, 2016

Hi Joy, Great article 🙂

Repurposing content is an excellent way to provide value to your audience in many different ways. I remember a few years ago taking a pretty popular blog post I had written and turning it into a quite successful lead magnet as a short report. It went on to generate quite few new email subscribers for me.

Right now I’m working a series of 8 blog post that will be repurposed into one of the primary lead magnets offered on my new blog. So, I guess you can say that I’m a true fan of repurposing blog content.

Thanks for sharing this topic because I believe a lot more bloggers can definitely benefit from this!

Terry Henry

    Joy - July 5, 2016

    Hi Terry,

    Glad you liked the article, and can endorse that the technique has worked for you.

    You’ve reminded me that I have a series of posts I planned to make into a lead magnet – then got side-tracked by PowerPoint presentations. So much to learn. I’ll get back to it. Now I’ve got the basics under my belt and made a start, it’s really a matter of buckling down “rinse and repeat”.

    Once done, it’s worth the effort to get new subscribers interested in a particular topic.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Kim Willis - July 6, 2016

Hi Joy

I’m glad you’ve featured this topic. It’s right up my alley

My attitude is that if you create a piece of content for one platform, why not create versions of it for other platforms? It’s about leveraging your time and the assets you already have in place.

A lot of people treat this topic in a linear fashion. They create a blog post then leverage it into a slide show for instance. But you can go the other way too. For instance, I’ve written long Facebook posts, then simply copy and pasted it into my blog, expanded on it a bit – and presto, another blog post.

I also sometimes record a video then write a blog post based on the video content.

Thanks for the heads up about those four sharing sites, too.

Thanks, Joy – love this topic


    Joy - July 6, 2016

    Hi Kim,

    Glad you liked the topic and think it’s a good strategy.

    It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now, but the last few months have just been so busy with family and my offline business that, while I was convinced of the strategy, I never got chance to follow up on the practical side of it. The how to.

    Actually, that’s a really good idea to “go the other way” and turn a Facebook post (or video) into a blog post! Thanks for a useful suggestion.

    Videos I’m building up to 🙂

    Now I’ve got a process (person!) in place for doing the Slideshares it will be easier next time!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Ravi Chahar - July 6, 2016

Hey Joy,

For a blog, there are many things to look up on. I like the idea of repurposing your blog. Trying a niche which can enhance the traffic is always the best decision.

Bloggers should provide something which has the power to attract the readers to their blog. the content which is worthy to spend few minutes to read.

An informative post.
Enjoy the week ahead.

    Joy - July 6, 2016

    Thanks Ravi,

    I’m pleased you found it helpful,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Enstine Muki - July 6, 2016

Hey Joy,
You just rekindled the flames I had in me to transform a series of 21 posts on my blog to an ebook.

I wrote these articles earlier on “How to create a blog that makes money!” and I think these can just build up into one nice ebook.

You are right about traffic being the number one thing online. If you have the most wonderful product and no one gets to know about it, what’s the use?

I think the approach of building traffic sources first will work better. You know it isn’t easy to get that targeted traffic especially if one solely depends on free method.

I have to work out a program now to get those posts re-purposed and thanks again for re-firing.

Let’s make blogging ‘Jealousable’

    Joy - July 6, 2016

    Hi Enstine,

    Glad to have given you an idea 🙂 It’s usually YOU giving me ideas.

    21 re-purposed posts – wow that’s going to be one valuable book about blogging.

    I’ve had a lot of things to try and change over the last few weeks, and I will probably be starting to look at paid traffic soon. But so many people kept telling me I really had to repurpose my content and finally I couldn’t put it off any longer. Next step – that I’ve 99% done – is to get it the PowerPoint file turned into a video – which was my ultimate purpose. Watch this space!

    Look forward to seeing that eBook 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Saurav Kumar Nayak - July 6, 2016

Hi Joy,

It was really an informative and interesting post.
As a writer we focus mostly on what we are writing i.e. – Content of your writing.
A lots of Research and effort we make before publishing it but it often many times that your writing is not appreciated as it deserves. This time most of writers became very frustrated and loose interest in it.
You have explained very new and interesting Rejunivating ideas for a post that can be done post publishing it.
Earlier I was not having the idea that how a post can be repurposed in 31 different ways.
The social media like Pinterest, LinkedIn, twitter, google+, facebook are really helpful to draw people’s attention.
Also your work can be stored in other format like e-Book, Resume, Podcast, Newsletter, Webinar, Guide, Newsletter and many more.

Thanks for sharing with us.

With regards,

    Joy - July 6, 2016

    Hi Saurav,

    Thanks for adding even more suggestions for repurposing blog posts. Most of the common social media networks I already use for getting more value from my posts, but you’ve added some other really helpful ones. The more places we share our content, the more likely it is that we can attract attention.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Donna Merrill - July 6, 2016

Hi Joy,

Oh my gosh…thank you so much for introducing me to Jen. I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to make a pretty power point presentation by re-purposing some of my blogs and emails I have written. I’ll get in touch with her. I love power point because it is so easy and quick to convey a message….and pretty too!

As for making your own product…The first time I did that I hired a coach to help and it costs a pretty penny to do that one on one coaching. But when I did, there it was all shiny and new. Now what do I do with it? AHA…another one on one coach to market. On and on I went, I had my down days but once I got everything into motion, things started shaking and moving.

I also like to sprinkle in affiliates that will be beneficial to others only because I’ve shopped around myself and cherry picked things that worked out for me too.

It is difficult, but things can be repurposed in so many ways.

Love the ideas you have shared and kudos to Monna!


    Joy - July 6, 2016

    Hi Donna,

    So glad to point you in the direction of Jen – she really worked hard for me.

    Just a little “heads-up”: I had a bit of a hiccup because I tried to edit the .ppt file that Jen sent me for one or two things I hadn’t done quite right (my misunderstandings not Jen’s). Turns out she and I were using different PowerPoint versions and fonts so it didn’t work for me to edit it myself.

    I was using the Open Office version at the time, although just yesterday I splashed out on MS-Office. Have still to experiment and see if we are now compatible – but I’ve done enough “techy” stuff for a few days. Real lesson is for me to be more careful in what I submit and get it right first time in future.

    From the high of achieving the SlideShare presentation, came the low of turning that into a video. But I think I’ve got that cracked now. So, soon, you should see a video from me. Note I say “from me” not “of me”!

    Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that bloggers we look up to (that’s you!) have also struggled and had highs and lows. I tend to imagine that everyone but me produces their products and marketing pieces with complete ease. Thanks for sharing that.

    Monna was a complete star. She just took all the pain away from me. Completely professional.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Peter Beckenham - July 7, 2016

Hello Joy,
It’s always such a plasure to visit with you and this topic about repurposing content is something high on my weekly activity plans.

By the way thanks for the link to Jen at Fiverr. I’ve been creating my own slideshare presentations but time is my porblem and I’d be delighted to be able to outsource this activity. Plus my PowerPoint skills are not all that fancy either if the truth be told.

I also create a video that either introduces the blog post or at least covers some aspects of the post. The traffic I get from YouTube using this approach is slowly increasing and at least its highly targeted.

In addition, I then strip out the audio from the video. Then using software called Audello, I upload it to my Podcast channel on itunes – and add links to that podcast into my blog posts.

One other repurposing activity is creating a PDF file from my blog posts using a product I purchased some time ago called “Designrr”- just add the link to my post and this software does the rest for me. However, I must add I have not made a lot of use of these PDF documents as yet.

Thanks as always for sharing your expertise Joy and thanks for the document links – will definitely check them out.

Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    Joy - July 7, 2016

    Hi Peter,

    Glad you liked the article – and thanks so much for adding on all those extra tips. I haven’t done anything with audio yet, so that’ll be one for me to look at soon. Yes, I think it’s a good idea to get software to do some of these things. I’m going to be using Movavi PowerPoint to Video converter in my next step – but I’ll write about that once I get a bit further on with it.

    Jen was a real find. It’s so long since I did any PowerPoint I’ve forgotten what little I did know, and even at my best I couldn’t ever produce content like Jen did. By the way – check out my “heads-up” in my reply to Donna. It caught me out first time round LOL. Just another of these many learning experiences.

    Thanks for adding such value to my post – everyone in this group is so helpful 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Arpit Roy - July 7, 2016

Hi Joy,

It was refreshing to visit your blog and read this very interesting post.

I feel that repurposing a blog post has become very important these days, since things keep changing around us and we need to adapt to the change. We generally keep updating the posts by adding relevant extras, however it is great to pick a few related post that you had published a while back, and come up with something totally new.

It can be an e-book, a video tutorial, a free giveaway for your readers etc.

Thanks for sharing this and you have a wonderful day ahead!

    Joy - July 8, 2016

    Hi Arpit,

    When we’ve done so much work creating blog posts, it’s really wasteful not to make the most of the many different ways to present them – and take them to where your audience may already be searching for information, as well as trying to bring traffic to your blog.

    As a part-time Internet Marketer I need to get as much value as possible out of everything I do.

    Combining certain old posts into an e-book is one of my next projects.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great weekend,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Chery Schmidt - July 8, 2016

Hello Joy! First off I have to congratulate you for reaching out to Monna and getting your first e-book published!! Great Job! I am so proud of you.

Next as for repurposing, I am not sure why I got out of this habit but when I first started blogging I would make a power point video for every blog post I wrote. I actually haven’t thought about this for years! HUM? I Love what you are up to!

Thank You so much for this inspiring post my friend!
Great Share
Chery :))

    Joy - July 8, 2016

    Hi Chery,

    Monna was a pleasure to work with for publishing my eBook. A really professional approach.

    Yes, I know…. I did quite a bit of re-purposing when I got started and then dropped out of the habit because I hadn’t really got a proper system for doing it well. But now I’ve found a way to do it without a lot of grief, I will do more.

    Great to see you here again – taking a quick break from enjoying the summer 🙂 Can’t keep away LOL!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Edward Thorpe - July 10, 2016

Hi Joy,

Timely post for me. Thanks.

I’ve been thinking about how to re-purpose some blog posts that’re evergreen and haven’t received the attention I’d hoped they would. Your experiences could help me get a handle on doing so.

Please tell me Fiverr Jen did all that work for 5 bux…

Just don’t know where you get the energy to accomplish the things you do!

Have a great week,

    Joy - July 11, 2016

    Hi Edward,

    I’m starting to feel better about all the people that say they “keep meaning to repurpose their blog posts” but don’t! There was me thinking everyone else was madly re-using them all. Video from PPT coming next!

    Jen was an absolute star. To be strictly correct, the first one cost more because I bought a gig-extra (another $5) for her to set up the sharing accounts for me – good deal because I didn’t know which ones to use. I also gave her another $5 for extra fast delivery. However, the second post I sent her (you send them as a Word Document) was just the $5 and was of equally good quality. I sent her a tip for that one because I managed to destro the file she sent back to me and she had to resurrect it for me! You haven’t seen that one yet – I’m having it updated to reflect my new “branding”.

    Look forward to seeing some of your blog posts re-purposed. If you use Jen, please tell her I recommended her.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

The Great Gordino - July 11, 2016

Hi Joy,
Ah yes, blog post repurposing is something missed by so many people!
I’ve been just as guilty of it myself!

For me there are severals ways I like to do it –
– Video. This is a great way to repurpose, and it helps build the authority of your brand too.
– Compiling content into books. Sometimes it only needs a little tweak to articles, with the addition of an intro and outro, and you have an ebook done!
– Selling the content. You can either write the content originally with a view to selling PLR to it, or you can go back and tweak it, to take out the personal angles, and you can then sell PLR to the aticles – this can be lucrative, in fact it can take over your original model if it takes off!

Great ideas in your post!

    Joy - July 11, 2016

    Hi Gordon,

    I’m “working on” video – that’s still new to me. Should be out in a few days.

    The eBook I’ve almost finished. Just fighting Word:-)

    I’d never thought about selling it as PLR. Interesting thought, but I think it probably would distract me too far away from my original model – and I’m determined to stay focussed!

    Glad I’m not the only one who isn’t as diligent about repurposing as I should be!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Igert - July 11, 2016

Hi Joy

Great looking blog.

Another very interesting post with a lot of golden nuggets. So much sweat and effort go into a blog post. Dressing it in a brand new jacket from time to time is a much better idea than just allowing it fade into the past.

Your post got me thinking. There are so many ways to repurpose – making an e-book, infographics or even a video series. Yep, you fired up my one working brain cell that was quickly falling asleep.

Thanks for mentioning the document sharing sites.

Great post.

    Joy - July 11, 2016

    Hi Igert,

    That’s another good idea – to repurpose into an infographic. Probably beyond my skill-set, but I’m sure I’d find someone who could do it for me on Fiverr.

    And a video series, too. I’d been mulling over a series of articles and thinking they were too long for one video, but a series is an excellent idea. So you’ve woken my brain cells up too.

    Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I’m almost “through” with a “tidy-up and rebrand” of it. Thanks too for visiting.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Priya - July 25, 2016

Nice informative article Joy 🙂

Nicky - August 10, 2016

Hi joy,
Your article makes my consider a lot about my blog. When I write the post, sometimes I think of my audiences and sometimes I forget about that, just want to write and keep pace with other competitors and so I have failed. Now I will put the work of “repurposing my blog content” this month and hopefully to attract more viewers. Thanks again for your ideas. 🙂

    Joy - August 12, 2016

    Hi Nicky,

    We’ve all forgotten to write for our audience in the past, so don’t worry too much about it and just move forward. I’m pleased you found my ideas helpful.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

      Nicky - August 18, 2016

      Hi Joy,
      Thank you for your encouragement! I have boosted my sites with some new audience-targeted post. Hopefully to drive more traffic 🙂

        Joy - August 18, 2016

        Hi Nicky,

        So pleased to have given you some ideas, and hope you’ll find more inspiration in other posts here.

        Joy – Blogging After Dark

Adrienne Z Milliga - August 22, 2016

Joy, I too am in the “need to re-purpose blog content but haven’t done it yet” club! Thank you for the specific examples of how you have done it with links for those you outsourced to help you. I have been looking for someone to help me with my e-book design. Thanks for link for Monna. ~Adrienne

    Joy - August 24, 2016

    Good luck with re-purposing your blog content.

    Hope you’ll find the freelancers I used as helpful as I did.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Atish Ranjan - August 27, 2016

Hello Joy,

Repurposing is great. When I started blogging, I was not having that much knowledge and importance about long detailed content. Thus, I had been posting a lot of small articles, not even 300 words.

But, now as I know the value of the content, I started to repurpose my older blog posts. I at least repurpose 3-4 blog posts every month. And, it’s going in natural flow along with new content.

Thanks for your thoughts on this and ideas as well.

Enjoy the weekends ahead.

    Joy - August 28, 2016

    Hi Atish,

    Yes, it’s a good idea to repurpose old, shorter blog posts.

    Especially as our knowledge is now so much more and we can extend the usefulness of earlier posts, bring them up to date, and get rid of “weaker” posts on our blogs. My very first post on was quite embarrassing 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Adrian Jock - October 14, 2016

Hi Joy,

Shame on me. Repurposing my blog content is on my to do list since … I don’t remember very well.

Some years ago I transformed an article series into a report and I sold it. But after that, I never did it again. Not because I wasn’t happy with the result but because I simply didn’t have time or I preferred to use the new ideas that were sitting and waiting in my head for writing new articles 🙂

Some day I guess that I’ll have to repurpose my content though.

    Joy - October 15, 2016

    Hi Adrian,

    I do my re-purposing in fits and starts I’m afraid – because I have a list of new topics in my WP drafts, and I enjoy producing more new content.

    Not long ago I repurposed a series of blog posts into a free ebook and added some more material. In fact I’ve done it a couple of times. I also did the videos – because “everyone” was telling me I needed to do videos. I’d love to say they brought a flood of new traffic, but it was more like a trickle LOL. Still at least it’s a new skill I learned.

    No doubt I’ll do some more repurposing when I have time, but I much prefer generating new content.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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