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Building a list of customers and prospects is the most important part of any business. It can’t be repeated often enough.  NOT building a list from “day 1″ was the biggest mistake I made when starting my business online.

So while I am trying VERY hard (and mostly succeeding) to stay away from “Bright Shiny Objects” – I’m a sucker for ways to get new subscribers onto my list, and have presented a few of them to you before.

While these previous offerings are excellent (and I’m still using them) I’ve found a few problems with them:

Some try to convert you to their own business, or at least sell you something else

One of them was really, really good but SO complicated I kept “losing the plot”

For a while I was very enthusiastic about a service called “Paid To Build Your List”, which looked exceedingly good – because you could literally get paid money from people who joined your list.

Sadly I’m no longer promoting that service because the owner himself went off on rather a flight of fancy and started promoting his own advertising service, apparently leaving the list-building side of things to look after itself. In my opinion (and having tried it) the advertising service wasn’t delivering as good value as the advertising service I already promote – so I have put Paid To Build Your List OFF my current list of recommendations – but hope the owner may come back to his roots!

What methods have you found most effective for building a list? Please share your experiences.

PS The advertising service I promote, which has also been earning me an income for months now, is The Online Ad Network.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Joy,

    Thanks for sharing this breakdown. List building is a biggie. Get that skill down and you will prosper.



  2. Debasmita

    Hey Joy,
    Though I am not into Internet marketing yet, but I guess gaining knowledge never goes wasted.
    And reading article like this enlightens and even motivates people like me to indulge in marketing.
    And I believe that every important work should begin with building a list and so is the case with marketing too.
    Thanks for sharing the post.
    Debasmita recently posted…Java Tutorial: Arithmetic OperatorsMy Profile

  3. Jason Power


    Great topic for any marketer to start getting the hang of, A list is important because it is your following or network.
    Jason Power recently posted…What Makes Successful Entrepreneurs Different from the RestMy Profile

  4. Mark

    You’re so right about power list building 101 Joy!

    On or offline, you master that particular skill and it can literally be a gateway to so many other potential opportunities!

    Sorry to hear about the owner of that service going off on a tangent. May be he too momentarily got caught up in the dreaded “shiny object syndrome!”
    Mark recently posted…Isn’t It A Shame That Kmart Isn’t Really Into Creative Sales Ideas?My Profile

    • Joy Healey

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, list-building is essential.

      I’ve made some pretty big mistakes on my journey to get online, but not having a list was the biggest of them all. I just didn’t know, and I imagine there are many out there who don’t know either.

      Yes, I was sad about the other guy. Funnily enough he emailed me again tonight promoting something else, so he hasn’t gone back to his List Building – which is a shame!

      Enjoy the rest of your week,

      Joy Healey recently posted…Fake Bloggers NamedMy Profile

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