fired-up_webI was very sad today (at the time of original production of this post November 2013) because someone unsubscribed from my list.

It wasn't so much that she had “gone”, but I felt that I had let her down by not providing what she wanted from me.

The comment she left me was: “This takes too much time and money and isn't for beginners”.

My first instinct (which I actually did) was to email her to apologize for not meeting her needs, and I attached some completely free training that I'd already got lined up as my next newsletter. I was quite dejected.

Then I changed my thinking.

  • I had produced a survey for my readers asking: “How Can I Help You?” By process of elimination I am fairly certain she hadn't filled it in to ask for what she wanted.
  • If she has learned, by reading my posts, that she doesn't have a big enough desire to commit herself to building an online business, I've probably done her a huge favor by saving her time and money. So long as she doesn't follow the “bright shiny object” trail….
  • Everyone was a beginner at some time. I don't think any one of us started out online infused with a free drip-feed of Internet Marketing knowledge. We learned it the hard way, bit by bit!

My take-away lesson from this post is that not everyone is suited to starting an online business and working from home.

If they're not prepared to accept that there's no such thing as a free lunch, and hard work and learning are required, it's best they learn the truth sooner rather than later, instead of pursuing the impossible dream of instant riches.

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Update July 2018:

I learned from this lady's comment, and found some great training that beginners can follow. Click here (affiliate link).

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When Someone Unsubscribes From Your List

Returning to my dilemma of the lady who left my list, and what I could have done better.

The people who DID fill in my survey ranged from Complete Beginner to Advanced.

So I'm learning that it's actually quite tough to meet everyone's needs. I'd be really interested in comments from people more experienced than I am:

  • What you did when someone unsubscribed from your list
  • How you pitch the level of your newsletters.

Please share your comments at the bottom of this post.