Building A List


Building a list of customers and prospects is the most important part of any business. It can't be repeated often enough.  NOT building a list from “day 1” was the biggest mistake I made when starting my business online.

So while I am trying VERY hard (and mostly succeeding) to stay away from “Bright Shiny Objects” – I'm a sucker for ways to get new subscribers onto my list, and have presented a few of them to you before.

While these previous offerings are excellent (and I'm still using them) I've found a few problems with them:

Some try to convert you to their own business, or at least sell you something else

One of them was really, really good but SO complicated I kept “losing the plot”

For a while I was very enthusiastic about a service called “Paid To Build Your List”, which looked exceedingly good – because you could literally get paid money from people who joined your list.

Sadly I'm no longer promoting that service because the owner himself went off on rather a flight of fancy and started promoting his own advertising service, apparently leaving the list-building side of things to look after itself. In my opinion (and having tried it) the advertising service wasn't delivering as good value as the advertising service I already promote – so I have put Paid To Build Your List OFF my current list of recommendations – but hope the owner may come back to his roots!

In the end, I have reverted back to the tried and tested method of promoting a squeeze page that links to the industry standard auto-responder Aweber. You can read more about how I build my list here.


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  • Hi Joy,

    Thanks for sharing this breakdown. List building is a biggie. Get that skill down and you will prosper.



    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Ryan

      Thanks for dropping by and apologies for the delay in my replay – been “elsewhere”!

      NOT building a list from the outset of my online career has cost me dearly, so it’s my number one priority now.


  • Debasmita says:

    Hey Joy,
    Though I am not into Internet marketing yet, but I guess gaining knowledge never goes wasted.
    And reading article like this enlightens and even motivates people like me to indulge in marketing.
    And I believe that every important work should begin with building a list and so is the case with marketing too.
    Thanks for sharing the post.

    • Joy Healey says:

      Thanks Debasmita
      I’m glad you found it helpful. I lost such a lot of time and opportunity by NOT building my list that I want to be sure people who read this blog don’t make the same mistake.


  • Jason Power says:


    Great topic for any marketer to start getting the hang of, A list is important because it is your following or network.

  • Mark says:

    You’re so right about power list building 101 Joy!

    On or offline, you master that particular skill and it can literally be a gateway to so many other potential opportunities!

    Sorry to hear about the owner of that service going off on a tangent. May be he too momentarily got caught up in the dreaded “shiny object syndrome!”

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, list-building is essential.

      I’ve made some pretty big mistakes on my journey to get online, but not having a list was the biggest of them all. I just didn’t know, and I imagine there are many out there who don’t know either.

      Yes, I was sad about the other guy. Funnily enough he emailed me again tonight promoting something else, so he hasn’t gone back to his List Building – which is a shame!

      Enjoy the rest of your week,


  • Rachit says:

    Building is a list is damn important for a website’s success. Usually the bloggers tend to think that traffic is the center and everything else follows. But the list is usually in the center and every other aspects follows.

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