Ryan Biddulph, Blogging from Paradise[no_toc]Today I am delighted to welcome Ryan Biddulph back to my blog as a guest author – appropriately enough with 4 tips to place guest posts.

As an aside, it seems hardly credible that at one time Ryan was hesitant about guest posting – because when I first invited him to be a guest author on my blog, I was probably even more anxious whether he would accept. But here he is for a second great post.

Here's what Ryan has to say about guest posting ….

4 Tips To Place Guest Posts

Guest posting feels intimidating at first.

Over 1,000 guest posts ago I recall second guessing myself left and right after submitting my first guest posts. I believed I’d be rejected every time.

Even if I placed a guest post I felt readers would criticize my work.

Sitting with those fears made the difference in my guest blogging career. I weathered those storms to become a clear, confident writer.

Follow these tips to place guest posts.

1: Write 1000 Words Daily for Practice

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document to get clear on your writing skills.

Most bloggers never submit guest posts because they feel they aren’t good writers. Then again; most bloggers rarely practice writing so they aren’t skilled, clear, confident writers.

Practice writing. Improve your skills. Get clear and confident enough to submit guest posts to top blogs.

I regularly guest post on most top blogging tips blogs but only after writing millions of words during my practice sessions as well as while writing posts for my blog and guest posts.

2: Build Bonds with Bloggers

Promote bloggers on social media sites.

Feature bloggers on your blog.

Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche.

Virtually all guest posts I have placed came through invites.

I have pitched 2-4 bloggers during my 10 year career. All other opportunities flowed to me from buddies who I have helped over months or years.

Beats pitching, right?

Most bloggers guest post foolishly, trying to convince strangers of their skills through blind pitches. I allow friends to invite me to guest post and gobble up those opportunities.

This is why most bloggers celebrate 5 or 10 or 50 guest posts placed when I have placed almost 500 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone and well over 1000 guest posts online, collectively.

Help bloggers without asking for anything in return.

If you commit 100% to tip #1 your writing skills will inspire your friends to invite you to guest post on their blogs.

3: Guest Post Your Best Stuff

I do my best job each time I guest post.

tips to place guest posts

Although my tone differs from my posts on Blogging From Paradise – my brand voice differs from virtually all places where I guest post – I try to match the brand voice where I guest post and intend to do a fabulous job every time to inspire readerships.

If you do a great job, bloggers will invite you to guest post again.

Simple, concept, right?

Do your best to land repeat guesties and to bond more powerfully with fellow bloggers.

Avoid the silly approach of being a blogging one night stand, publishing one low quality guest post for a stranger then falling off of their radar screen for good.

Build bonds through guest posting. Publish your best stuff. Gain more invites to guest post.

4: Do Not Allow Rejection to Dissuade You

Early during my blogging career a few bloggers rejected my guest post requests.

I did take each non match personally because I didn’t work on my mindset much during those days.

After some serious meditation, deep introspection and by flat out diving into my blogging and life fears I eventually saw all relationships as either a match or non match.

I ceased taking rejection personally until the truth revealed itself; in a Universe of abundance, rejection does not exist. Either 2 parties are a match, or do not match. Either way, no big deal.

If you try to pitch someone who either ignores or explicitly rejects your request, the non match suggests nothing of your writing abilities.

I recall a few bloggers who didn’t vibe with my writing style. No worries.

I know I can write. My writing style just wasn’t a match with their blog and brand. No biggie.

I rarely if ever doubt my writing ability which helped me land guest posts on sites like Positively Positive, with its 2.5 million Facebook Fans, 80,000 subscriber list and celebrity guest posting roster including the likes of Seth Godin, Deepak Chopra, Gary Vaynerchuk and Ryan Biddulph (OK; not yet ;).

Your Turn

Are you successfully placing guest posts?

What tips can you add to this list?

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