The internet connection in my hotel room is not too hot.

I opened a Word document to blog with what I have.

I have Word and a laptop. Versus complaining about poor internet connections I chose to write content offline. I will upload the content online if the connection improves tonight. Or I will upload the content tomorrow in the condo where we will be. Complaining gets you nowhere. No one succeeds by complaining about circumstances not to your liking. Blog with what you have. Anyone with a laptop can open Word – or a Word-like program – to write and save 1, 2 or 10 blog posts. But most bloggers do not blog with what they have because complaining or making excuses feels easier, more comfortable and pleasing to the ego.

I could complain about the poor connection at this hotel but how does complaining help me or you? Complaining wastes energy better spent doing stuff that helps me and you. Blog with what you have. Use whatever you have to accelerate your blogging success. Minus the necessary tools of having an internet connection, laptop and domain and hosting – along with Word – you have everything you would never need to eventually go pro.

Bloggers bemoan not having fancy tools, eye-popping themes or blogging teams to spread their word. But like every blogger who succeeds all you need to do is blog with what you have. Any human being can invest $100 to $200 for a domain and hosting each year. Any human being can invest a couple hundred bucks in a decent laptop. Any human being can spend a little dough to buy Word, for writing in offline situations. Anyone can invest a few bucks in an internet connection for each month.

Since anyone can do these things as basic blogging requirements any blogger can succeed by blogging with what they have; aka, these few things. Blog with what you have right now. Every pro blogger did simple things with basic tools for a long time to eventually go pro. Few pro bloggers used anything more than their self-hosted WordPress blog and an internet connection to go pro because professional blogging is sticking to the basics for many 1000’s of hours.

Lost bloggers seek out special tools, apps and strategies to succeed because bloggers who do not follow successful, professional blogger advice believe complex approaches lead to stunning success. Any professional tells you the opposite: doing simple things for 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours leads to a professional blogging career. But scared, impatient bloggers panic and bail on doing simple things after 100, 500 or 1000 hours to do complex, stupid things. Complex, stupid things lead to failure eventually. Doing simple things from a generous energy for a long time allows you to become a professional blogger.

how to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months Or LessStop making excuses as to what you do not have. Be grateful for what you do have. I feel grateful to have a new laptop, Word and a comfortable hotel room nestled into a sweet little resort area in New England. Feeling good about what I have inspires me to create something helpful for you. Do you see how that works? Versus feeling as if I am missing out I feel more abundant, whole and complete. Embody this energy to become a prospering blogger. Use whatever tools you have to become a successful blogger.


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