The terms real and fake seem to be tossed around quite a bit in the blogging world.

But drilling down into each concept reveals whether you go pro or struggle online.

Real bloggers emit a:

  • genuine
  • authentic
  • honest
  • truthful
  • heartfelt
  • compassionate

blogging message. I honestly circle the globe as a pro blogger. I share ample selfies to share this truth with you but more importantly, to inspire you to live your dreams through blogging. I also honestly explain the amount of physical blogging work and inner mindset training the pro blogging journey requires. I share my dream but also share what it takes to live the blogging dream. Dream-worthy lives require dream worthy efforts. Becoming a professional blogger is no joke!

Being honest, truthful and genuine lays the foundation for a professional blogging campaign.

Pro bloggers gain:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

by generously creating, by genuinely connecting and by freely monetizing their blogs from an honest, authentic, truthful energy.

But on the flip side of things, FAKE bloggers struggle, fail and eventually quit because being fake reveals that you blog from a predominant energy of fear.

Observe this acronym:





Fake bloggers convey false appearances. False appearances kill any chances at boosting your earnings to ever-increasing profits sustaining your professional blogging career. Conveying false appearances simply means that you lie or that you hide the truth. Both indicate fear in your mind calling the shots.

Obnoxious lies include renting a sports car for selfie snaps to suggest you own the sports car through your pro blogger earnings, claiming you paid the $100,000 to buy the sports car when you only paid a few hundred bucks to rent it for the day. This is false evidence. This is a lie. Eventually, the truth will reveal itself, you will lose your credibility and your blogging career will end.

Less absurd but equally dishonest lies involve making claims you did not personally achieve, without clearly crediting the individual who actually achieved the claim. Imagine writing a blog post titled:

“How to Make 6 Figures Blogging in a Single Year”

but you never personally made 6 figures blogging in a single year. This is called a lie because you are attempting to teach people something you did not personally achieve. You can only give what you have. This dishonest strategy is no different than someone who never picked up a basketball writing a blog post titled:

“How to Become a Professional Basketball Player in the NBA”

Did you become a professional basketball player in the NBA? If not, you are lying, creating a false (untrue) appearance (illusion) that either immediately or eventually kills your earnings because you quickly or slowly lose credibility, and gaining credibility is the only way to become a thriving, happy, peaceful professional blogger who experiences exponentially increasing success.

The Less Details the Better

Be an honest, genuine blogger by doing two things:

  • remove all numbers-focused outcome claims from blog post titles until you actually achieve the feats yourself
  • give credit to bloggers who taught you these ideas to keep your credibility intact; until you achieve these feats yourself

Imagine being a new blogger.Gain-the-trust-of-your-blogging-audience

Title a blog post:

“How to Increase Blog Traffic from a Newbie Perspective”

Immediately lead off the blog post honestly expressing how you only have zero or a few visitors as a newbie blogger – keeping your credibility – but explain how you learned these traffic tips from successful blogger Joy Healey, link to her blog, and emit a genuine, authentic energy as a credible new blogger. Joy will love the link love. You will be honest. Be real. Be genuine. Lay the foundation for a thriving, freeing, professional blogging campaign. Tell the truth. Never FAKE it because lying to people always leads to eventual failure and quitting.


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