Early during my blogging career I spotted a few online and offline dream stealers. Friends, family and strangers tried to steal my dream by telling me why blogging was a bad idea, why I would fail and why returning to my 9-5 job would be the safe, wise choice. I later discovered how we see the world as we see ourselves. Most humans see themselves as failures, living in survival mode. Naturally, since these folks with poor self-images scramble to work jobs just to pay bills, the best advice they can offer is to work a job solely to pay bills.

Starting a blogging business would be a dangerous, risky venture to these folks because the stink of fear rots their minds. Rotting, festering minds see loss, risk, danger and poverty. Why would you follow advice from a human being suffering from stink mind? Why would you base your dreams on their illusory horrors? We live in unlimited abundance, not limited scarcity. Would you deem it wise to trust someone who lives life according to avoiding their fears? How is that working out for these people? Do you want to live a similar existence?

Have compassion for dream stealers; they usually know not what they do. But leave these people in the dust. Or leave their dream stealing advice in the dust. My mom once told me I would always be an office worker. She offered such advice during my fledgling blogging days. Hey; she can only give what she had. She had only been an employee. What advice could she offer me? I left her blogging-business-professional advice in the dust but of course, still loved the woman. I did not take her fears, low self-esteem and employee mindset personally because she projected her fears onto me. But I did let go her fear-flawed life advice in the area of business.

Who do you need to let go? Who tries to steal your dreams? Release scared advice from loving family members. Talk anything other than business, blogging or your dreams. As for strangers or casual buddies, let these people go, for good. Look at these folks in the rear view window. Never let fear into your blogging dream-building campaign.

Surround yourself solely with loving, caring, highly successful pro bloggers who build their campaigns on concepts like being generous, compassionate, abundant and trusting in self and in the blogging process. Learn from people who live their dreams how to live your dreams. Follow people who achieved what you intend to achieve. Hang with dream-supporters, not dream stealers. Learn from pros how to become a pro blogger yourself.

Blogging Dream StealersBlogging feels scary sometimes but gets easier if you network only with uplifting, loving, caring bloggers who see possibility, promise and potential in you. I learned how to succeed by following successful bloggers. I lived my blogging dreams by learning how to live your dreams from bloggers who live their dream lives. Makes sense, right? But before following highly successful, compassionate bloggers I had to kick the dream stealers – or dream stealing advice – to the cyber curve.

Do it. Liberate yourself. People can only give what they have. Someone who feels terrified to live their dreams can only teach you how following your dreams is risky, dangerous and reckless. Never allow their fears to determine your choices. Never allow their pain to create imagined problems in your life. 

Hang with compassionate, generous, uplifting blogging pros. Learn from the best how to be your best as you progress toward your dream life by being a professional blogger.


Do you need to kick dream stealers out of your life?

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