Avoiding Distractions From Your Online Business

I know I'm a sucker for distractions from my online business – but what on earth has a ballet dancer got to do with it?

Well, quite simply, when I was considering a focus for my post, I was reminded of a dancing technique called “spotting” that dancers use to maintain control of their balance and direction of travel.

I turned to Wikipedia for a better explanation and found the following:

The goal of spotting is to attain a constant orientation of the dancer's head and eyes, to the extent possible, in order to enhance the dancer's control and prevent dizziness.

So – no – I haven't started a website about dancing. I'm just using this as an illustration of how I sometimes feel I am spinning out of control, and hoping to find a solution!

Types of Distractions

Family – Of late I have had urgent family distractions, and those just have to take top priority.

Technical – I'm sure everyone else gets them, but I just seem to sink deeper and deeper into the mire with these. I was happily blogging away and someone very kindly warned me that my site was showing up as having malware on it, which obviously needs fixing urgently. (Update July 2016: These technical problems escalated until they were taking so much time, and causing me so much stress that it was worth my while to pay for Managed WordPress Hosting with Pressidium. Too expensive? NOT when I compare it to the time I was wasting trying to fix matters that were beyond my competence.)

Quick Jobs – I showed someone some pictures and they asked me to zip them up and email them. Five minute job? Oh no… not for me.

  • I had upgraded Winzip earlier in the week – but now it's telling me I am not upgraded
  • I used another free program and now my email program tells me the zip is too big to send. It's NOT, it's just 79kb after zipping
  • I tried to login to my webmail to see if my mailbox was full (that's another problem I have to fight some time) and I can't even do that, so email technical guy and wait….

The “Day Job” – My blogging is a part-time venture, and “the day job” pays the bills of living to a comfortable standard. So it has to come first, and boy has it taken up some time of late – which is good news in one way, but not good for my blogging business! Don't even get me started….

Lack of Control – I had a little online business pootling away merrily, but it relied on one supplier, who suddenly said I could no longer trade worldwide. This was lack of foresight on my part left me high and and took a long while to “fix”.

magic-compNew Things To Learn – I have much to learn on this blogging journey, and I keep coming across things I need to learn about. I'm not talking about fast income made by applying some magic 5-click formula. In my blogging community I have found so many great mentors (too many to mention for fear of missing someone out) I trust and want to follow that I am finally cured of chasing “Bright Shiny Objects”. But there is so much I'm eager to learn I hardly know where to start!

The Ballerina?

In trying to focus on my intended direction of travel I find my eyes continually pointing in one direction but I need to bring them back to my intended direction.

It's not just ballerinas who spin! Cars sometimes have spinning wheels, and that means they are going nowhere. They may be sinking in quicksand as I sometimes feel I am sinking in problems and/or information. This can be more commonly known as ‘information overload’ or ‘paralysis by analysis’.

The Dangers Of Free Information

It's tempting, when starting an online business to garner as much free information as possible – but you will quickly find that “free” comes with the price tag of your email address and a series of emails coming afterwards with the specific aim of distracting my attention elsewhere.

I'm learning now to be very selective about who gets my email address. I know who I want to follow, and I can either follow them on RSS feeds or on my blogging community – or I just go find their blogs!

Another danger of “free information” is that I maybe won't value it as much as a course I have paid for.

Just like the ballerina we need to direct and maintain our focus, to avoid spinning out of control and to keep traveling in the correct direction.

The Danger of Loss of Focus

Focus is one of those ‘by-words’ that people just take for granted that they understand. They (and I) believe they are focused because they commit to sit down at their computer and ‘do’ business for X number of hours.

Then distractions such as my list above occur and I go deeper and deeper into the quicksand trying to fix them.

With some distractions, although you think you are “working hard” you might actually be wasting your time because you are not focused on your end goal; the worst part is if you succumb too often to that type of activity you will start to spin your wheels.

But obviously some of these problem are so urgent that they need solving immediately. If my site is showing malware and my emails are not “going” I can be blogging away to my heart's content but to what purpose?

At the end of some days I feel I have worked “hard” but only at fire-fighting. From this post you will probably gather that today has been one of those days. At the rate I am going I will probably end it with more problems than I started with. (Although hopefully at least I will have one finished article!)

How To Decide Which Tasks To Focus On

The great author Stephen Covey developed a method of classifying tasks in a quadrant according to Urgency and Importance. If you're not familiar with it, Google it.

Try Stephen Covey's method when you are deciding how to prioritize your tasks and decide what you should focus on next.

How to Focus When Starting an Online Business

I won't turn this into an article on Goal Setting, because you'll find plenty of those on-line, just be sure you HAVE a goal – and most important of all, know WHY you are starting your online business.

You will probably first of all come up with a long-term goal. But you'll quickly find you need to set short-term goals, because personally I find that to focus on long-term goals allows me too much scope to “stray” into the realms of “possibilities”.

  • To stay focused on my short-term Goals I keep Google Calendar permanently opencalendar in my Browser (in fact it's my default start page). I have tasks assigned to each day, and if a task hasn't been finished by the end of the day, I move it onto the next day. Pop-up reminders make sure I don't miss something important.
  • For medium-term goals, make lists and commit to doing at least one thing on the list regularly (say once a week). Stick with it until you thoroughly explore it as a possibility.
  • I have distinct “email” slots in the day, but for the rest of the time I try to ignore my email through the day – glancing over only the email that is from known senders. For instance if I saw an urgent message from a Day Job client, that needs to be checked. (Note the word ‘glance’ here – don’t get involved!) Your email in-box looks like a war zone, right? So make folders or labels for each program or product. Just shuffle the emails into the appropriate folders or projects.
  • Use the Facebook “Save” feature to set to one side articles you want to follow up
  • Take the phone off the hook, or if that's too drastic screen calls with an answerphone. I have found that if people are prepared to leave a message it's probably important – otherwise the call is for THEIR purposes. Usually to sell me something.
  • If you work from home, make sure that friends and family understand that you being at home isn't open season for long chats and cuppas through the day. They wouldn't do it if you were working for an employer. Set their expectations politely.
  • Shut down Social Media windows / Skype it's just too tempting to pop over and look at the next joke or interesting article. It's not best practice if you have the time to do it “properly”, but I automate much of my Social Media posting. Again I allocate myself a slot in the day when I am allowed to “Like” cats and dogs and share articles that might be useful on my pages. I've written elsewhere about Automating my Social Media.
  • Set timers – allocate yourself a set period of time to do a job and set an alarm on RescueTimeyour phone to stop at that point. You'll probably have to go back and refine what you did, but with practice you'll get used to working to a deadline.
  • Use some of the free Time Recording software available online. You'll probably scare yourself to death as you see how your time dribbles away. I tried a few, but the one I like best is Rescue Time. I use the free version. There IS a paid version, but the free version was perfectly fine for me.

Your Best Tips To Focus On Your Business

Over to you now, please!

  • Do you find it hard to focus on your business?
  • What distractions do you find hardest to cope with?
  • And finally, please share your own best tips for focusing and avoiding distractions from your online business goals.


Please share

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Mi Muba - November 29, 2014

Hi Joy

A lovely post on an important topic.

Most of the distractions directly affect our productivity and also dump our motivation. So we need to know all the precautions as you mentioned in the post to avoid their harmful effects.

Yes many of them are quite natural because we can’t do anything in vacuum without any thoughts other than the chore which we are doing. So the best way is to manage them skilfully.

A few distractions are quite sweet also. Like my kids come into my working room before a few minutes of lunch break and I love to see their haste to take me to the lounge to take the lunch.

Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful post.

    Joy Healey - December 1, 2014

    Hello again Mi,

    You make a good point that some distractions can be sweet – like a few minutes with the kids in lunch break. Working in an office that would be hard to achieve.

    Yes, it’s the ones that affect productivity that drive me nuts. It was so funny (or infuriating LOL) that even writing that post generated a batch of technical distractions.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Joy

Edward Thorpe - November 30, 2014

Hi Joy,

What a super article. Well written, informative and perceptive.

Oh, and it was focused..!

Most of us have dealt with the distractions you mention. You’re smart to know the ones needing attention asap. (I’m student of Covey, too)

Personally, I’m too old to not do pretty much what I wanna do, when I wanna. So my distractions are by choice.

    Joy Healey - December 1, 2014

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for your kind words – and relieved I stayed focused. Because I KNOW distractions are a weak point of mine.

    I really enjoyed Stephen Covey’s books. You can read them again and still find something you’d forgotten first time round.

    Good point about being free to choose what you want to do. In some instances I am – like looking after my parents when they needed me, and choosing my own hours. But the technical stuff I’d avoid whenever possible!

    That’s something to aim for – an on-tap technical person 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by.


Harleena Singh - November 30, 2014

Hi Joy,

Lovely post indeed and the one most of us can relate to, being bloggers and working from home, so we DO sail in the same boat 🙂

Yes, focusing on things that need to be done and require your immediate attention is SO important, because there are so many distractions that can easily sweep you away! I loved the ballerina example you gave and we certainly need to direct and maintain our focus, to avoid going out of control – though for most it’s really tough!

Speaking of myself, I do limit my time on the social networking sites, which does take most of the time I think because as the number of fans and followers increase, so do their expectations and their messages, seeking help and guidance, or they seek your attention and would tag you endlessly. One can try as much as time permits to help others, but more than that, one just cannot, and closing all such tabs is the key I would say.

This was the major reason I started with the blog community and forum at my blog, to have a place for people, where they come and share, learn, and help each other and it’s good it’s working in that direction as well.

I loved the ways you mentioned how to stay focused, and I am sure everyone would learn a lot from those too. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    Joy Healey - December 1, 2014

    Hi Harleena,

    I’m glad you found the post and tips helpful. At least I know I’m not the only one trying to juggle everything!

    Your blog community is a great idea – so many bloggers can help others, and it’s good to spread the load.

    Thanks for adding the extra tip about closing tabs. I am DREADFUL for having loads of tabs open. Then Firefox gives up on me, and when I get the “reopen these tabs?” box, it’s always embarrassing to see how many I have – including duplicates!

    I had a good weekend thanks, and hope you did too.


Nate - December 1, 2014

Hi Joy,

Superb article! As bloggers this is truly something many fall prey to. I feel your pain and I think many of us do and especially so as a new blogger.

Many do this part time and you are so right in that the day job takes priority. Then there is family and other personal commitments, not to mention the huge learning curve that must take place in blogging.

One thing that has worked for my is finding a mentor that can keep you focused. Someone who has been there and done that and know about the distractions, the shiny objects, and all of the other challenges we face both personally and professionally.

I like your point about the dangers of free information. I was just listening to a training from Carol Amato the other day and it focused on cleaning out our email and unsubscribing to some of our lists. We should only have a handful of lists that we are subscribed to and anything less than that is truly a distraction.

I love your idea about Google Calendars and I need to work on setting something similar up tomorrow. I use Rescue Time as well and love it. Thanks for the awesome share!

    Joy Healey - December 3, 2014

    Hello Nate

    Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you understand.

    Yes, I do have a mentor, and it’s helpful to have someone to check-in with, and stay on target.

    Cleaning my email has been good for me too. I KNOW that many of the email lists I get onto are ones I haven’t subscribed to. It’s very annoying.

    I hope you got the Google Calendar set up 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Donald - December 1, 2014

Hi, Joy, I totally agree. Blogging is such a juggling act where everything is essential. It seems every article you read is about something else you can’t afford to skip.

Thanks for the tips, I think I’ll start with Rescue Time… or I’ll at least at it to my list.

    Joy Healey - December 2, 2014

    Hi Donald,

    There’s so much to learn – and I do enjoy the learning (but not the technical problems).

    I hope you get on well with Rescue Time – it will be an eye-opener to start with, but persevere!

    Good luck, Joy

Navneet Teotia - December 1, 2014

Hi Joy

Really amazing article there

“With some distractions, although you think you are “working hard” you might actually be wasting your time because you are not focused on your end goal”.

This was the part I could personally relate to the most. I am always dodging some distraction specially the one about too much information.

I love to read and learn. So whenever I am researching for a blog post I get overwhelmed with the information out there and just get lost there for a long time reading. Technically I am researching for my blog post but actually I am just surfing internet. lol.

I use a lot of tools and techniques to counter this. Like notes app, snowflaking the topic,etc.

    Joy Healey - December 3, 2014

    Hi Navneet

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for including some more ideas for tools and techniques to avoid wasting time.

    OK – someone had to be brave enough to admit it, so thanks….. sometimes when we call it “researching, we are really just surfing!” 🙂

    Thanks for your thoughts, Joy

ikechi - December 1, 2014

Hi Joy

I can see that you poured your heart into this post. You must certainly hit a nerve on an interesting issue which bothers every blogger online.

It isn’t easy being focused, there really are a lot of distractions especially for part-time bloggers. I like the tips to stay focused. These tips are definitely going to make one focused if followed.

Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Thumbs up and have a wonderful week.

    Joy Healey - December 2, 2014

    Hi Ikechi,

    Diversions and distractions are very close to me heart I’m afraid!

    Yes, it’s bad for us part-timers… but that’s an incentive to keep plugging away so we can get to full-time bloggers 🙂

    Thanks for coming to comment, Joy

Adrienne - December 4, 2014

Hey Joy,

I would think that if you’re blogging part-time then finding the time would be the main issue. Now if you also have problems with staying focused on the tasks at hand then I’m not sure how anyone can get anything done. Heck, I work this full-time and sometimes I can’t get everything done.

Not that I’m perfect by any means but I’ve always been a very organized person. My Mom says it comes from her and probably it does to an extent but I don’t think she’s as organized as I am.

I have a pretty high work ethic so when my mind is focused on something you can’t really pull me away. I keep my email open all the time but I never keep anything else open. Especially social media sites so I’m never distracted with those.

Working from home I do have my neighbors that love to interrupt me no matter how many times I’ve politely told them not to. My Mom does her best to not disturb me but every once in awhile something will happen that she needs me right away and she’s definitely coming first.

I haven’t had the new shiny object syndrome in a very long time so I stay pretty much in line with what I have on my daily tasks list.

Emergencies are always going to arise from time to time and they can’t be helped like your family health issues. That’s just part of life right!

Sounds like you’re doing the best you can and I love your suggestions for those that really need it. I’ve used some of those myself and I still use a timer.

Great share Joy and I hope you’re doing okay this month and the family too. They are in my prayers my friend.

Enjoy your week.


    Joy Healey - December 4, 2014

    Hi Adrienne,

    It was lack of time that really cured me of the Bright Shiny Objects – I have so many good strategies lined up now – and ones that are starting to work.

    You know, when I look back at my very beginnings of blogging, that was actually a Bright Shiny Object. You know the sort of thing…. put up a rubbish blog and make a million. LOL

    Then, in my “rubbish blog” venture I started seeing proper blogs, common sense kicked in, and I decided to learn to do it properly.

    When I really get “into” something I also don’t want to stop – which is why many of my emails and comments have times well into the small hours of the morning. I was trained for long hours in Mum and Dad’s shop, where I worked from being very small. As soon as I could count to twelve, my job was counting the pennies from the stamp machine. (That dates me, for UK readers!)

    I try asking the family to wait for me to ring THEM, so I can do it in a work break, rather than having my “flow” broken. Obviously that’s all gone by the wayside at the moment, but we’re getting there – thanks for your continued prayers and good wishes.

    December is going to be a hectic month for us all – so all the more reasons for minimizing distractions.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Jan Kearney - December 4, 2014

“Quick jobs” are my enemy – I always seem to under-estimate the time things will take. Perhaps I type too slow? I know I am an expert at breaking things too!
I actually set a timer a few times, a post or email that should take around 30 mins and I discovered myself still there nearly 2 hours later – a lot of it was “distraction” going to find an image, or a link/fact to back up whatever I was talking about, going too indepth…

I do try to focus more:
My email gets opened lunchtime and just after tea unless I am expecting info from a client. Social – the alarm is on 30 mins morning, twitter chat hours twice per week and 30 mins evening and I don’t obsess if I haven’t posted. I use Buffer when I see something useful around the web that I want to share.
I read online daily – over lunch, while cooking tea, evenings and try to fit my commenting in those times too.

Thanks for the tips – I know I need to classify more and work on things that are important rather than what I enjoy but not as important (I know, bad, bad, bad – if I was my client I’d be giving myself “the look”!)

Have a fab weekend 🙂

    Joy Healey - December 5, 2014

    Hi Jan,

    I can so relate to the “quick jobs” issue. I wanted to put a new widget on my blog last night. I knew where the link was to go and where the image was to go, but would the PC co-operate? NO! Half an hour. When you say about typing slowly, the PC was like treacle. It just wouldn’t keep up with me. Painful. In the end I gave up and went to write Christmas cards….. which reminds me of the 10 minute job earlier in the week printing out the labels via Excel. Hmmm, moved to Open Office earlier this year and that wouldn’t use the template I’d set up. Off to the Avery website to grab a new one for my “in stock” labels. Can you believe it didn’t fit! Two hours later I ended up with labels that mostly hit the space. Seriously I could have written the envelopes faster.

    Oh yes, and I’m a software wrecker too. How is it that any application I buy/use works for everyone else who uses it – but not for me? (And probably you…!) In a previous career I earned decent money testing software – deliberately wrecking it before users get the chance – but I promise I don’t try to wreck things these days. They just crumble as soon as I start typing LOL.

    Buffer is great for “trapping” content as you see it, and saves me a lot of time.

    Had to smile at you giving your clients “the look” 🙂

    Have a great weekend. Joy

Fabrizio - December 4, 2014

Hi Joy, first time on your blog, thanks for stopping by mine earlier and leaving a comment, truly appreciated. I love the light-hearted humour you present in your writing, it’s genuinely authentic whilst being informative, I admire it 🙂

Hmm that’s quite a few distractions, but I can totally relate to them being a full-time work at home dad of two under the ages of 3. My kids take take up 99.9% of my time lol, 0.01% of my other time is devoted to building my blogging business, OK maybe that’s just over exaggerating a little bit, but it does feel like that at times.

However I’m with you on Family matters comes first, always. Sorry to hear about your Malware problem, glad it’s all sorted, I always freak out when someone tells me there’s something wrong with my site, I go into panic mode and instantly start thinking there’s no solution, even before I’ve addressed the problem, I’ve always been like that lol.

My partner works full-time so when she comes home in the evening she takes over the kids, and I get 5 hours of solid work time. I usually lock myself away in my office and don’t get distracted. Once a week I’ll also escape to my local coffee shop for a few hours.

The hardest distractions for me is being online, Facebook and Twitter and emails going off and everything else with it. When I’m writing I usually gather all the information I need then I switch the world off, that simply means turn off Wi-Fi for me lol.

I use Google Calendar and more recently started to make better use of Evernote. Both these wonderful tools have helped me to become more organised and focused on getting more done and completing my daily goals.

Anyway thanks for a great post Joy, and the lovely tips at the end, will come in useful. One thing I will try is setting a timer by some of the tasks that I do as they seem to take much longer than I plan to spend on them lol.

Enjoy the rest of the week Joy, take care =)

    Joy Healey - December 5, 2014

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    Gosh – trying to work with two under 3-year-olds must be tough. My two sons were under 3 both at the same time so I really know what it’s like. I couldn’t do a thing! It’s great that you’ve got such a sensible arrangement with your partner.

    The malware problem got sorted in the end but I know what you mean about problems like that – they throw me into a complete flap. I feel I’ve tried very hard with installing this and that plugin and STILL I get hit. I just wish these people would find a productive use for their dubious “talents”. I can’t even think what they expect to get out of hacking my little site! But then my mind doesn’t work like that!

    Thanks for your kind words and look forward to keeping in touch 🙂

    Have a great weekend. Joy

Angela McCall - December 9, 2014

Hi Joy,

I guess my biggest distraction is social media and email that keeps popping on my top window. I really need to discipline myself to IGNORE these and really get down on my project. I hate checking my emails…there’s always TONS of useless email and no matter how I unsubscribe to some emails, somehow some of these people manage to find me. UGH.

And like you, my OFFLINE clients comes first than the BLOGGING per se. I just don’t have any luck finding client online. So I rely more on the offline clients more than anything else.

Anyway, all of these tips are pretty good. I guess I need to DOUBLE FOCUS on my Business online. Get my Udemy course going. Get my ebook going.

Will talk more later. Have a nice week!


    Joy Healey - December 9, 2014

    Hi Angela

    Great to see you back on my blog – and me back on yours!! The family distractions have spread me rather thinly of late 🙁

    I think my biggest problem is having too many things on the go at once and never being able to finally put something to bed. Often because I’m waiting for someone to reply to a question.

    Today waiting for two off-line clients to reply to questions, and I find it so hard to focus on anything else when I’m waiting for them to get back, because I know I have to respond to them first.

    Now I am formulating a theory about that useless email…. so watch this space and I’ll probably be writing about it “soon”.

    Have a great and productive week. Joy

Andrea - December 10, 2014


Excellent piece! I’m glad you pointed out what the most common distractions are…some people don’t even realize that they are being distracted! Sometimes we have the mentality that “I have to check social media because it is work related” but if we fall to this way of thinking all to often, it messes up our rhythm and we get nowhere!

I’m also right there with you on computer problems…they so often interrupt important work and are VERY time consuming! I feel it is important to get regular maintenance on your computer, just like you would your vehicle! Although it often gets overlooked until it’s “too late,” having a professional update it from time to time is priceless!

Your ideas for productivity are invaluable. I use a variation of most of them for the best use of my time (I use Outlook rather than Google) but the effort is the same. I am also a firm believer in not “running” to check your email every chance you get. Although you should respond to important messages as quickly as possible, it can really eat away at your day so scheduled time slots is a great idea!

I will definitely have to check out Rescue Time, thank you for the tip! Keep up the great content, it’s a pleasure to read!



    Joy Healey - December 10, 2014

    Hi Andrea

    That’s a very good idea about having scheduled maintenance on your computer, like you would on your car. I must admit I have tended to be of the “If it’s not broken don’t fix it” school of thought. Because of what I do for my “day job” my computer is pretty complicated. My son set a lot of it up for me, and holds me to ransom every so often when everything falls apart LOL.

    I even stopped my cleaner from coming into my office because whenever she’d cleaned, she seemed to have disconnected something.

    Email & Social can be big drains, because – as you say – you “think” it’s work, but there are mixtures in there!

    Hope you enjoy Rescue Time – if it doesn’t scare the life out of you, how you’re spending your time. (I’m sure you’re far more disciplined than I am.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

David - December 11, 2014

Hi Joy,

I like the ballerina story, what a great intro.

For me at the moment, social media is the biggest distraction. Its so easy to get sucked in to a story and then a link to a web page, and so on. I’ve started to just add/save favourite headlines and come back later (or not at all sometimes).

Email, I’ve never found too bad – I can quite easily look at that in blocks.

I have recently purged a load of subscriptions because off information overload – now I’m focussing on just a few key people.

– David

    Joy Healey - December 11, 2014

    Hi David,

    Glad you liked the ballerina 🙂

    I agree – social media is the most time-consuming and sometimes I end up with a browser full of open tabs just waiting for me to come back – and then the other day I KNEW I’d seen something I wanted, but couldn’t find it again. However, as you suggest, I’m now tucking all these links away safely.

    I’ve purged a ton of email subscriptions too, so that’s pruned it down better. It helps to have found a few contacts I can trust!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Ryan Biddulph - December 14, 2014

I just wrote a chapter of my next eBook Joy – #11 😉 – focusing on a typical day of mine in paradise. I said, my readers may be deeply disappointed for my days in the tropics, in exotic locales, are filled with a few simple actions, repeated daily. This is how I avoid distraction. I: write 6,000 words daily, comment on authority blogs, and do some social media chatting as well as social sharing. That’s it. Oh yeah, I pop in and out of email too but I don’t do that daily. Usually every 2 days.

Goodness knows the time sap I was vulnerable to – the stuff you chatted about above – when I popped in and out of email, or of my twitter or FB accounts. I still do hop on twitter a few times but it’s for minutes, and it’s only to respond to updates with a THANK YOU, and also, to RT a few folks. Always to keep my stream humming, and helping, and for nothing more. Turn off social, turn off everything else save a few basic things that you do: comment, create posts, etc…..and you’ll find distractions vanish for where your attention goes, grows, and when you move your attention towards completing urgent, business-building activities, you’ll engage in these for most of the day….until you have a few human moments, LOL!

Thanks Joy, powerful post here!


    Joy Healey - December 15, 2014

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for those very wise words “Where your attention goes, grows”. I will remember them.

    I know I try to keep too many balls spinning – of necessity at the moment, because I have an offline business that’s undergoing some big changes right now, to release more time for me longer term.

    So, it’s all hands on deck at the moment, with a view to an easier time when these changes are finished as it will still preserve a fairly passive income for me! There’s one more big push until about the end of February and I will start to see the pay-back with reduced stress and involvement.

    An example of your saying, actually, because my attention has to go that way for the next few weeks, because it’s currently my largest source of income.

    Once that’s settled down, I will focus on my online business and grow that.

    I have learned the hard way that I need to “clear my non-profitable distractions” and in recent months I have been much more brutal about ditching things that were distracting me but not paying their way.

    I’m a stubborn soul, so I WILL get to my own version of paradise – albeit probably still in Harrow!

    Thanks for the encouragement. 6,000 words a day is a great goal for me to aim for!


Andrew - January 6, 2015

Hi Joy,

Great post.

Quickly, regarding your thoughts on free information. I agree.

It’s unfortunate that people don’t value something, no matter how great it is, that’s free as much as they’ll value something they had to pay for.
But I found, on quite a few occasions, the paid product is no where as good as the free one. Which begs the question. Is free information really worth giving away?

Some people say yes it is, and I agree, but if you’re giving away something that’s really good that’s free. You better make sure your paid information is 100 times better.

Lastly, focus is an important thing. To stay focused I write down my goals and keep a list, and also have sticky notes up to remind me. It’s old school but it works well. lol.

    Joy Healey - January 7, 2015

    Hi Andrew,

    You’re right that the paid info needs to be far better, and yes I can think of one or two providers where their paid info wasn’t as good as the free – and how that made me feel about them. Hmmm.

    Sometimes I look at my Aweber stats and notice that people haven’t even collected the free information. If I’m honest there have been times when I’ve done the same. The Internet – while wonderful in so many ways – has had an unintended side-effect (for me at least) of giving me the attention-span of a gnat. (Apologies to all gnats out there.)

    Funnily enough I’ve just stuck a post-it note with an intention up on the cupboard door – so yes, I’m all for old-school tips.

    Thanks for your visit.


Arkads - January 16, 2015

Yes Joy, you said it so true, “Free is actually costly”, I have recently taken up writing a blog and experienced most of them till now as you narrated in your post and you have also showed a way to be aware of them and keep them away… thankx for the post…

    Joy Healey - January 17, 2015

    Hi Arkads,

    It’s good to write about these distractions every so often to remind myself what to avoid!

    Have a great weekend. Joy

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