With an unusual few spare minutes the other night I was browsing online and bumped into the videos of the late, great Jim Rohn and they were too good not to share, so I hope you'll enjoy a coffee as I bring you some of his best over the next few days. This first is about getting rich by changing your fortunes – by changing yourself.

Despite the appearance of CDs in the middle of the video there is nothing for sale here, so just relax and enjoy his unique style of teaching.

Jim's hypothesis is that “Getting Rich Is Easy” – there are just 3 things you need, and it's the third one that's what many of us, including me, have been missing up to now.

I really recommend that you watch the whole video – it's only just over 10 minutes and well worth your time. His delivery is so entertaining.

However, if you're really short of time, in the story he relates, Jim's fortunes changed when he found a teacher and realized that for the desired improvement in his life, HE (Jim) had to change – not the economy, nor his family, nor the government, but Jim himself.

Or me, or you, if we're looking for an improvement in our lives.

Getting Rich Is Easy? Tell Me More!

The “easy” part comes from finding something “easy” – where that's defined as finding something that you can DO easily – but the trick is to then work hard at it.

Do it every day, day in day out. For you and I that might be blogging, or creating videos, or podcasts.

But the real lesson of the video, and where most people go wrong, is that

  • What is easy TO DO every day
  • Is also easy NOT TO DO

So everyone can start off blogging for a few days, or even weeks. But it's EASY to neglect the easy things you can do and easier to let them slip, and that's the difference between success and failure.

To take a simple analogy of health:

  • It's easy to take a 15 minute walk every day to improve your health
  • But it's easier NOT to take that walk

Neglecting to do the easy things regularly enough is why most people fail to have what they want out of life: health, wealth, whatever.

How Will YOU Change Your Fortunes?

I have changed my “Struggle on and do-it-yourself” approach to being willing to take shortcuts by paying for training with people who can teach me the skills I need to learn.

What are you willing to change, so that you can change your fortunes and start getting rich?