Thanks To My Comment Authors In June 2015

i'm commenting a little late this month I'm afraid, because it's been a very busy month with visits from family and their dogs. So blogging-wise I have been very quiet.

  • Regular readers may remember my post about Dog-Dog, who had come to stay, and quotes about dogs – when the house was so full of people and animals that I couldn't think of anything else!
  • The only other post I managed was about the disaster that befell my blog, and how I was rescued by SiteGround support. Trying to fix that glitch took me so long that I just didn't have time for anything else blog-related.

Oops – on My Mailing

Very sorry if you've found your way to my blog because I was thanking you for commenting in June, when you didn't. It's late, I've had a bad month, and instead of selecting June, I selefcted January. Sorry – but good to see you back here again!

Non-Blog Activities

BaileySadly the next dog-related incident of June was that poor Bailey, my other son's 7 year-old black lab-cross was attacked while he was staying with me overnight.

I was walking Bailey a week last Wenesday evening when he was attacked by two dogs not being properly controlled by their owner.

I had Dog-dog with me too, but a friend was looking after Dog-dog, so we only had one dog each, luckily. I think they realised that Dog-dog would outrun them easily so the picked on Bailey instead.

The two attacking dogs were off the lead. Bailey was on a lead and didn't even woof to attract attention. We weren't walking towards them. It wasn't a dog fight, it was an unprovoked attack by dogs that ran the length of the park to get to him.

I managed to grab the collar of one of them and hold him back while letting go of Bailey's lead so that he could run to my friend who he knows very well.

I fell and hurt myself trying to hold one dog off Bailey (yes, I know I shouldn't have done it …. but Mother instinct kicked in and I saw red). I'm not in the first flush of youth so this hasn't done me a lot of good and I was hurt and shaking for a few days. In fact I'm still sore and feeling sorry for myself.

Huge thanks to a totally unconnected young man who ran over to help us by holding one dog off us while the owner got to his dogs and finally put them on their leads – only after my friend yelled at him to do so.

I don't know the breed of the attacking dogs – it all happened so fast I can't really remember and we just wanted to get out of there. My friend looked online and thinks they looked like cross bull mastiff / pit bull.

Bailey was very shaken and quiet, but we couldn't see any broken skin, so just kept a very close eye on him. In the morning when Matt and Elke came to collect him he yelped in pain when they played with him, so he obviously wasn't well. They took him home and sadly 36 hours after the attack discovered that he was bleeding.

There was obviously a hidden puncture wound that he'd probably licked open because there was no visible blood on Wednesday or Thursday. Bailey was taken to the vet as soon as we realized he was more than bruised and shaken, and he should be fine again soon.

He has a nasty puncture wound in his chest, bruising and a puss pocket that will need antibiotics and draining over the next week or two. Poor little guy was traumatised and almost a week later still very scared on his walks. Luckily he doesn't live near Harrow so he's walking in a completely different location.

My Mission!

Once he was safely back from the vet and I knew he was going to be OK my worry turned into anger. I went back to the park as the owner said he'd dropped his phone and I thought if I found it that would help track him and his dogs down.

While there I noticed some ladies with dogs and went to warn them too. No need! They could describe exactly what happened to Bailey and I, because it had happened to a friend of theirs and his dog was far more badly injured than Bailey. That attack had been reported to the police. I also reported my attack to the police  but while sympathetic, they couldn't do much about it because it was “dog on dog”. Let's hope the next report isn't of “dog on toddler”.

I've had several other attempts at getting someone to control this owner and his dogs, but getting nowhere fast. My next stop will be the local council.

People may think I'm making a lot of fuss about this, but i could have had my two grand-daughters with me instead of the dogs, and who knows what could have happened if these dogs were on the loose.

Thanks to My Comment Authors in June 2015

 So, after a month of dogs and family it's surprising that anyone had any comments to make. But they did…..

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Mary Sloane - July 3, 2015

Poor Bailey!

So sad that there are still stupid bad dog owners out there. And of course they have bad dogs!

Glad to hear Bailey recovered!

Good article and hopefully your July will go better than June!

    Joy - July 3, 2015

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, I blame the owner. I’ve been catching up with a few others who have had their dogs attacked too and I got away quite lightly.

    Poor Bailey is such a sweetie, I hope he’ll remember to associate me with cuddles rather than that last walk I took him on.

    July is a new month 🙂 Hope yours will be good too.


Rachit - July 3, 2015

Look who is on the top again 🙂 ….

    Joy - July 4, 2015

    By a long way 🙂

    Thanks for your support.


Miriam Slozberg - July 4, 2015

Sorry to hear about Bailey but happy that the recovery went ok, and yes there are so many bad dog owners out there. These people should be tested before being allowed to own a dog!!

    Joy - July 4, 2015

    Hi Miriam

    Bailey got away lightly from what I’ve heard from other owners.

    What infuriates me is that the police are aware of this owner and his dogs yet are still ignoring my requests for help.

    Have a good weekend, Joy

Adeel Sami - July 4, 2015

Hello Joy,

Oh my goodness…. poor Bailey…

The police would must have looked further into it as those dogs who attacked might attack someone next. This is dreadful to know that attack was this severe and poor Bailey went though this situation.

Good to know he’s doing great now.

May this never happen to anyone, amen.

And I am glad to be making my name up on the list in last month. I will be interacting more. 🙂

See me often!

~ Adeel

    Joy - July 4, 2015

    Hi Adeel

    Well surprisingly enough the police seem unable to do anything because the attack was dog-on-dog and no human was hurt. (Apart from me when I fell over trying to pull one dog off Bailey – but that doesn’t seem to matter.)

    What is most annoying is that these dogs are repeat offenders and the police know where the owner lives and he has been warned before.

    I am very sad that I no longer feel confident to walk Bailey in the lovely park at the end of my road.

    Good to see you back again, Joy

Joan Harrington - July 5, 2015

Hi Joy,

Oh no poor Bailey but it seems it all worked out 🙂

Great post!

    Joy - July 5, 2015

    Hi Joan,

    Bailey is much better now, thanks for your visit and good wishes,

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

Kathryn Maclean - July 5, 2015

Joy so sorry to hear that story about poor Bailey.
I don’t know what I would do in that situation. We
have an old dog who is 14 and if that happened to
him it would be been much worst for him.

I hope you both find walkies fun again soon.

    Joy - July 8, 2015

    Hi Kathryn,

    Well I hope you never have to find out – but my guess is that if it happened to your dog – just as with me, logic went out of the window and I was fighting for his life.

    He’s walking happily with his Mum and Dad again, but I don’t see him very often. Hope he’ll have forgotten when I see him next. Joy

Yasin Rishad - July 9, 2015

Hi Joy,

Glad to see the list of who is top commentor of this month. Will wait to see who will be the of this month.

Kind Regards
Yasin Rishad

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