Disable WordPress New User Notifications

best seo pluginI've been having a bit of a blitz on pruning my emails recently – it was all getting very silly, because most of the emails I receive, I don't actually read!

One such category of emails is the “New User” emails I get from Word Press.

I remember the first time I started getting them – I was really excited that I was finally getting traffic to my blog. It wasn't until quite a long time later that I realized that many of these “visitors” were spammers or search engine spiders rather than real human beings.

How To Stop New User Emails

The first thing I did to organize the new user notifications was mark them as read in my email reader, and just filter them away into a separate folder. I couldn't just delete them because some of the notifications include useful information that need my attention – such as notifications that comments have been held for moderation. For that reason I didn't want to disable them entirely. Neither did I want to send the notifications to a junk email address.

However the notification folder just kept growing and I started missing comments in the mass of New User messages. I have several blogs i various niches, if you're wondering how I could be so overwhelmed with New User notifications from this one little blog 🙂

It was obvious that I needed to just disable the New User Notifications altogether, while leaving “on” all the other messages. I thought that would be simple to do.

I looked in “Settings” but couldn't find a suitable flag, so I Googled the question. To my surprise the first few posts I found were complaining that there was no standard way to do this in WordPress. Then, happily, I found the blog post below:

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Disable New User Notification Emails plugin. Upon activation, the plugin simply disables new user notification emails in WordPress.

Credits: How to Disable New User Notifications in WordPressWPBeginner

The plugin was quick to install and did the trick, so now my in-box is much slimmer and that's another problem solved.

Please note – the solution above was for Membership sites, and Adrian Jock has come up with a much better solution below.

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Adrian Jock - June 7, 2014

Hi Joy,

1) First of all, New Subscriber and New User are two different terms. From the context, I think that the New Subscriber from the second paragraph is just a mistake and actually you’re referring to a New User.

2) On the other hand, the solution revealed in that article that you mentioned is for WordPress blogs that work like membership sites. For the other blogs, there’s a better solution.

3) I checked your wp-login page and I noticed that right now, due to the wrong settings, your blog works like a membership site. But actually it’s not a membership site. That’s why all New User notifications you got were from spambots.

4) Now here’s the solution I was referring to: go to Settings > General. There you’ll see the field Membership. Right now the box is checked and that’s why your login page has the link “Register” that is accessed by spambots. Uncheck the field Membership and the link Register will disappear. No one will be able to register and consequently you won’t get any further New User notification.

The more plugins you install, the slower your blog. You don’t need that plugin. Just change the settings 😉

    Joy Healey - June 8, 2014

    Hi Adrian,

    Yes, on point (1) you’re correct – I’ve changed my typing mistake now!

    Also thanks very much for pointing out the Membership option in Settings > General. I hadn’t realized it meant THAT type of Membership LOL.
    I’ve unticked it and removed the plugin, so hope that will now achieve the desired effect.

    Never stop learning in this game! Thanks for the tip.


Steven Lucas - July 27, 2014

Hi Joy,
This might be due to the theme you were using at the time as the options you and Adrian talk about don’t seem to be in mine. Despite that I will keep a good look out for these settings the next time I set up WP.

Thank you both for pointing out solutions to this little problem.


Steven Lucas

    Joy Healey - August 9, 2014

    Hi Steven, Thanks for suggesting that possibility. Themes can often result in unintended changes, which is why I don’t like changing too often.

    Sorry for the delay approving your comment, I was on holiday and with Internet costs at 50p a minute I decided to make a complete break.


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