Real Life Networking

I think this must be two weeks posting in one – as it seems a while since I wrote here, but for the best of reasons. I have been extremely busy with paid work that had a deadline to be met. So diverting onto that has meant that there hasn't been an awful lot to write about here.

I managed a short “holding” post on my main business blog, but even that brings me onto a discussion point, about frequency of posting to that main blog (in the complementary health market-place).

Networking With Real People

I had set myself a goal to post once a week, and (until last week's blip) that was fine. However, last weekend my complementary therapists' group had a meeting. Real people talking to each other in a room!! What do you think about that? Scary LOL.

The main speaker was the regional co-ordinator, giving us help and advice on marketing our businesses. She is also a practitioner and is fully booked with a waiting list, so it stands to reason that she knows what she's doing.

I asked her how often she updated her blog (to be sent as a post to people on her “list”) and she advised me that she finds once a month to be quite sufficient for her blog, and to supplement that with a newsletter once a month too. This would mean that my clients and prospects would hear from me twice a month and she suggested that was on the high side for my market-place!

Obviously that's probably different in the Internet Marketing field  in which many readers of this blog operate, but I'm feeling it may also work better for me “the person” to reduce my blog posting, especially over the next couple of months when I have a serious glut of “paid work” to do.

I need to balance that against the fact that I have MANY topics I want to write about, so I'm planning to cut down my health blog from weekly to fortnightly and use the spare time generated to send a monthly newsletter.

I've been in total personal melt-down this last week with the pressure of getting the first stage of my paid work out on time, and something has to give.

Auto-responder Problems

Part of my stress has been caused by problems with my auto-responder – not in my “good books” at all this month. I have had three separate and increasingly tight-lipped exchanges with their support desk about three different problems I experienced using particular features of this auto-responder and not one of them has been resolved to my satisfaction.

It would only serve to increase my stress levels again to attempt to go through the details of the problems, so I won't. But what really irritated me (each time!) was their failure to read my support requests properly, delaying the final “lack of answer” by a day as they came back to me for information already in my questions.

Most infuriating of all was their apparent assumption that I was an idiot and just setting up my first campaign.  I spent a large part of my career on a software support desk and as a software tester, so, if I can blow my own trumpet, I'm pretty good at putting together an explanation / diagnosis of software problems.

I'm actually so angry about the last two weeks of wasted time and energy that I wondered whether to cut my losses and change to another supplier. However, it has taken me an enormous amount of time to get my web-forms and auto-responder messages set up, so I imagine I shall have to take a deep breath and just accept what I believe has been poor service and work within the limitations and bugs that I have identified.

While it might give me a temporary satisfaction to vote with my feet, I suspect it would set me back a few weeks to start the learning curve with a new supplier. That time will be better spent adding new content to the blog, auto-responder, and working on increasing my traffic.

Let me move onto happier things!

The Fanpage Challenge

The FanPage challenge has seen me cross the 200 mark over these last few days, so – at the time of writing I have 206 fans on my Minerals For The Body page. I'm really delighted with this, and with the relationships made for finding and sharing relevant content.

One of the other benefits of the challenge has been that I have been learning about the Logo Creator software to create my own images – something I'd never mastered in the past. This week I took the plunge, bought the product and I recommend it to you (affiliate banner below).

Halfpage 468x60

I had a little blip installing the add-on I purchased with the main package, but in contrast with my Auto-responder support people, I got an out-of-hours reply from Logo Creator, my problem was fixed within minutes, and the image you see at the top of this post is my first attempt (ever!) at creating my own image. It had to be done in a rush (for other commitments) so it probably doesn't measure up to standards of many people, but it's my first-born baby and I'm proud of it 🙂

The Bench!

Regular readers of this blog will no doubt have been on the edge of their seats (benches!) to see if I finished painting my garden bench.

So – here it is, in all its glory. Not being a DIY person at all, t took me more hours than I dare think about, but it's another project I'm pleased with. Sorry it's still on cardboard, it was too heavy to move by myself. I had to wait for help. But rain was threatening and I wanted to take the picture before the heavens opened.

Please share

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Tim Bonner - May 19, 2013

Hi Joy

Sounds like you’ve been a busy bee.

Sorry to hear about your autoresponder problems. You just don’t need that on top of all the other work you’ve got on! I hope you get things sorted out to your satisfaction.

Fantastic that you passed the 200 mark on your Fanpage Challenge!

Have a relaxing weekend.

    Joy Healey - May 22, 2013

    Hi Tim

    yes, kept very busy, but happily I DID have a good weekend as I went to stay with my Mum and Dad for her birthday.

    Hope you had a good one too.


Angela McCall - May 23, 2013

Hi Joy,

Congrats on creating your baby on Logo Creator. Is this the same as Photoshop? If you don’t know Photoshop, it is the most application used by both novice and professional.

Also, I wasn’t so sure if I was getting your Newsletter announcement either. I don’t remember receiving this post in my email and so I signed up again to subscribe to your email. Sorry to hear about this “autoresponder.” This is an extra stress you don’t need. AWeber is really a pretty good program that is very RELIABLE. If you’re not fond of technical stuff like me, you will LOVE AWeber. And so I think I’ll use them for awhile.

As far as “Fan Page Challenge” is concerned, I’m pretty satisfied with the way this turned out for me also. I finally reached over 200 LIKES. I think facebook is the HARDEST to gain likes or followers. Coz in Twitter I have manage to increase 100 followers in 24-hours. In Linkedin I manage to increase 500+ connections in 3-7 days!! But facebook is such a dud. But thanks to Sue, what a brilliant lady!! Thanks for telling me to join her group. I think I’ll stay awhile.

Soooooo…about posting on your blog once a month…WOW!!!! Don’t you think this is too long to wait for everyone? I thought you have dropped on the face of the earth, I haven’t heard from you in ages!!! LOL…guess now I know. Oh well, do whatever you need to do. I’m pretty sure that your reader have a lot of catching up to do and once a month post is prolly more than enough for others. But for me, I am still trying to post (at least) once a week. I thought that was pretty scarce but guess the once a month thingy is prolly MORE scarce and slower. Whatever works for you, it’s fine with me.

Um, it’s very late here. I’ll talk to you more later and have a great weekend.


    Joy Healey - May 23, 2013

    Hi Angela

    I only know “of” Photoshop, and know it as a “professional” tool – which to my mind means “expensive and hard” LOL. I don’t actually know if they’re the same – I’d assumed Photoshop was for photos, whereas Logo Creator is for “other images” – which of course could include photos. Getting out of my depth already!

    In case I’ve made it too confusing: on my health blog I’ll post once a fortnight, and on the alternative week I’ll post on this blog. So that’s one blog post a week, plus one newsletter per month to the health clients (who may not be subscribed to the blog). The once a month was what the marketing lady recommended – and she’s fully booked with a waiting list!

    The health blog posts take a lot of time researching and while the weekly posting was helpful to boost the content on there, I think my time now would be spent trying to get targeted traffic to that site now I’ve got more content on there.

    This blog is more for keeping in touch with like minded bloggers – such as yourself. Completely different approach to the health blog where people probably don’t even know they’re looking for my service. Finding those people is what I need to focus on.

    Sorry if I seemed as if I’d dropped off the earth. Reason is that I’ve been really busy with paying clients – which has to come first, as they’re regulars. Have also spent some time away with my family. I suppose I’ve been concentrating on the list of blogs in Sue’s other (Social Media Spiderweb) group, which has taken some keeping up with!

    I’m glad I introduced you to FB challenge if it’s helped. Certainly helped me. Yes I find FB tough too!

    Catch up soon, Joy


Wendy Bottrell - May 23, 2013

Sounds like you are making solid decisions for your business. Congrats for that achievment! Face to face networking is very powerful and I think today with so much online work it can be even more powerful. Awesome work and glad we have had the chance to connect through the FB Challenge~ Best Regards, Wendy

    Joy Healey - May 29, 2013

    Hi Wendy

    I’m satisfied in my own mind that it’s best for me to make these cut-backs. I think that otherwise the quality of my (health) posts would suffer. As YOU will know, it takes a long time to research each post.

    The FB challenge has been great, and I hope to stay in contact with many people I’ve “met”. Including you, of course!

Bonnie Gean - May 27, 2013

So sorry to hear that you’re biting the bit for time. Autoresponder problems are never pretty and I spit on providers that think it’s okay to “string us” along.

I hope you get your problems fixed pronto!

The bench looks great!

Let me know how you do with switching to once a month blog posting and a monthly newsletter.

    Joy Healey - May 29, 2013

    Hi Bonnie

    Although I’m struggling for time, it’s for the best of (business) reasons – paid work in the “day job”, plus spending time with family, which matters even more.

    Will keep you posted on the monthly newsletter results – that will keep me accountable to actually DO it. (Note to self – add to my “to-do list”!)

    Pleased with the bench – all I need now is for the rain to stop and the sun to come out so that it’s dry enough to actually sit on it!

Matt Morgan - June 1, 2013

Hey Joy, How are you doing?

Sorry to hear about your bad experience but sometimes life throws a bad experience at you so that you can take an alternative path in life. This can be in health, business, marketing etc.

Even though you have been busy, one way to see it that you are progressing. Mini progressions all add up to the big progression. Have regular breaks, go for walks, and relax too.

TIPS for Meetups With People

1. Dress and present yourself well for meet ups, as presentation gives your visual image to the attendees and potential connections.

2. Produce some business cards from a local business card shop, so that you can hand them out when you make connections. (These can be your name, company, and website url). They can then place them in your wallet.

3. Stay in touch with your connections, friends that you have made, and after the event follow them up via email/ messenger etc.

Otherwise Joy, I hope you are fine.

Matt Morgan.

    Joy Healey - June 10, 2013

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for your encouraging words and helpful networking tips.

    Sorry for the long delay in replying, but I’ve not been well on top of everything else!

    Not a serious illness, just a really grotty cold, but it knocked me for six and I’m still only managing to work a few hours a day.

    Hope to back on form sometime soon.


shahalam khan - July 27, 2013

Nice post, and so sorry to hear about your auto-responder problem, hope the provider will fix it, thanks for sharing.

    Joy Healey - July 30, 2013

    It’s never easy! I seem to be facing one techncal problem after another.

    Thanks for dropping by.

Tasleem Khan - June 11, 2015

Hi Joy,

You have been really busy!! Hope you don’t cut down pot on this blog, because I love reading it and hearing from you 🙂

Sorry to hear about the problems you had with your auto-responder. Remember to take time to de-stress, possibly on the Bench 🙂 It looks lovely!

    Joy - June 13, 2015

    Hi Tasleem,

    After all my family problems of the last six months I’m cutting down a LITTLE bit, partyly for self-preservation and partly because I want to devote extra time to family.

    So I will be taking your advice and taking some time to de-stress (actually on the sofa now with my “grand-dog”) but fear not, I’ll still be here as often as I can. Too much has gone into this blog to abandon it!!

    Have a good weekend, Joy

Risby - October 22, 2017

Now on to business, I want to start a online store, not too big, I’m only 15. But I do have enough money per month, so it won’t be a problem. But my question is, which platform is better for me to use, Shopify of Wix? Since Wix is cheaper and they have the option to integrate Shopify I was thinking Wix, but Shopify has things that Wix doesn’t have. Can you help me out?

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