Earlier this year I deleted 100 plus posts from Blogging From Paradise.

Site speed issues preceded the purge.

Initially, my developer located a caching issue. He fixed it but I instantly realized how these 100 plus posts behaved like dead weight on my blog. None ranked. None drew much traffic. A few attracted scant visitors from time to time, if that.

After deleting each post I decided to leverage the stuffing out of what I had published in the past and would publish going forward.

Mindlessly publishing more blog content does little unless you distribute the content powerfully.

More blog content is typically not the answer.

Leveraging content to be seen in front of highly targeted eyes at a level of scale usually is the answer.

Creating Versus Leveraging

Creating detailed content builds your credibility.

But if no one sees the content how can you be credible?

People need to actually see, read and process your posts to collaborate with you via time spent onsite, social shares, blog comments, purchases or hires.

Publish long-form, targeted content. Position yourself to gain trust.

But leverage your blog to the hilt in order to actually gain trust, to boost credibility and to drive blog traffic and blogging business through your blog.

Creating is important but leveraging puts you over the top.

Do You Need More Blog Posts Or a Better Distribution System?

I figured out recently how content has never really been an issue on Blogging From Paradise.

Getting the content seen by a highly-targeted, exponentially increasing audience has been an issue on and off with my blog.

Certainly I’ve gained some pub over the years.

However, I never quite synergized offsite commenting and guest blogging with aggressively promoting each new blog post across a broad range of online channels.

Content makes blogs go but leveraging allows bloggers to actually experience increasing worldly success.

What's I'm saying is this: if you only build it they won't come.

Building it and distributing it in front of the right eyes forms a successful blogging career.

A famous billionaire once noted how many people have genuinely beneficial ideas but no distribution plan in place. He speaks a great truth. World changing ideas almost always go unnoticed because the mind generating the genius never gives the idea massive exposure through a carefully executed distribution plan.

Another iconic entrepreneur mentioned how a brilliant singer who he’s known for years remains unknown in the shadows for always turning down opportunities for massive publicity. The icon repeatedly offered the immensely talented singer a featured spot in the NY Times via his connections but the scared entertainer refuses to market his talents at a level of scale.

Fellow humans determine your level of success. If you do not distribute your blog, products and services effectively to a large group of people who want your offering you will struggle, fail and quit blogging.

Before You Write Your Next Post Ask Yourself This

Do you really need more content?

Or do you need to heavily leverage the content you already published?

How can you blast old blog posts to a massive group of human beings across a broad range of online channels?

How can you leverage each old blog post to be seen at a level of scale?

Think Big

Think big in leveraging terms.

Market posts across a wide range of channels to think big.

For example, after publishing a blog post I:

  • email my list
  • share the post on Twitter and schedule the post for the following 2 days
  • share the post on my Facebook Page and schedule the post for the following 2 days
  • share the post on LinkedIn
  • Pin the post to a volume of blogging tips themed Pinterest Boards
  • share the post on MeWe
  • share the post on YouTube as a text update
  • share the post on Scoop.it
  • share the post on Flipboard
  • write a 2 paragraph intro and link to the post via a Medium article, LinkedIn article, Quora article, Reddit article and Tumblr article
  • record a 15 second video fleshing out a key point made in the post and share it to Tik Tok, YouTube as a short, Twitter, Facebook as a Reel, blogging tips Facebook Communities as a Reel and blogging tips LinkedIn Communities
  • broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook to discuss a point from the blog post

I sometimes broadcast a Twitter Space and record and publish a podcast based on new posts.

Thinking big in leveraging terms means targeting but going wide.

As an internet marketer, going wide by promoting blog content through a targeted but broad range of channels amplifies your presence.

Cast the net wide but in the right spots for your ideal customers.

Never Rely Solely on Your Email List

Think abundantly.

Emailing your list promotes your affiliate marketing success.

But billions of human beings who did not subscribe to your list await.

Think big by being seen where they are.

You likely do not need to publish another 10 blog posts.

You probably do not need to promote 5 more affiliate products.

But you almost always need to scale more effectively by creating and connecting through a broader range of channels to leave no stones unturned.

Leaving No Stones Unturned

As a rule, abundant-minded bloggers lose the fear of wasting their time in terms of leveraging their content.

I've heard of pros who spend hours promoting a single blog post across a dizzying array of channels.

Thinking big means leaving the comfy confines of your familiar email list to work a high volume of promotional channels.

Showing up in many spots takes time, effort and patience but gradually being seen in these spots through your sheer persistence creates the illusion of being all over the place.

Being all over the place boosts your blog traffic and affiliate sales quite nicely over the long haul.


Work with what you already have.

Publish new content from time to time to keep readers current.

But keep drawing in new readers and acquiring new customers by leveraging your blog posts to the hilt with a powerful distribution strategy.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay