I am house sitting in the posh Bayswater section of London for a few weeks currently.

Earlier this week I saw a $6.5 million Koenigsegg and a $4 million Bugatti on this city block.

The Bugatti is the featured image for this blog post.

A fair collection of billionaires live nearby in Kensington, including Roman Abramovich, Lakshmi Mittal and the Sultan of Brunei.

The ruling Al Thani family of Qatar has gobbled up prime London real estate at a dizzying pace, from Harrods to the Shard and quite a few sizeable investments in between. The Qatar Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund, tops out at roughly $480 billion. The fund is the 10th largest landowner in the UK and owns upwards of a staggering $12.5 billion in real estate here.

The Qatari do not exactly save up for a rainy day. Minus a handful of toy-like depreciation spends like ridiculously expensive hyper cars, this fund invests money like crazy to make money like bonkers.

The wealthiest family in the world frames most everything as a long term investment opportunity to create even more exponentially increasing wealth.

Do you frame your blog in at least somewhat similar fashion?

Do you think long term?

Maybe you and I do not have 480 billion clams to invest in offline real estate but we do have time, smart work and patience to invest in online real estate.

Do you view your blog as a business investment that can and will yield long haul, exponentially increasing returns?

Or do you attempt to make your blog an ATM?

If so…..how is that working out for you?

Blogging Is Not a Short Term Way to Pay the Bills

Unfortunately, most new bloggers see blogging as a quick, easy way to pay bills, not unlike working a job.

Struggles, failure and quitting follows because the only way to make money blogging is to slowly develop skills, boost exposure and gain credibility.

Overnight success is impossible with this business model, like all business models.

Blogging is a business investment dependent on your willingness to learn blogging, to practice blogging, to publish detailed content, to build strong relationships and to successfully monetize the cyber real estate.

Does that sound like a quick, easy process?

Blogging is not a quick way to pay bills. Get a job to pay bills. Or depend on your current job to pay bills.

Blogging is not a quick way to make big money. Head to the casino to play the game of chance if you aspire to make big money fast.

Blogging is a time, energy and work investment – requiring a small financial investment of buying your domain, hosting and premium theme – that pays off nicely over the long term.

Making Money through Your Blog Requires Ample Work and Time

Making money through blogging requires a hefty amount of work executed over a long period of time because it takes a while to get really good at this gig.

Bloggers need to learn much in order to blog intelligently.

Bloggers need to practice, to create content and to build connections for a while before monetizing their sites successfully.

Running a blog is identical to building a successful business offline except that the online world offers you the opportunity to scale a bit more quickly than its brick and mortar counterpart. However, “quickly” does not mean “quick”!

Both business models behave like investments, not 9-5 gigs that pay weekly paychecks based on work completed.

Most of us want a paycheck after working for 40 hours weekly because society conditioned us to largely think, feel and act like employees.

Blogging shocks most bloggers because the early inconsistent pay days occur after working generously, patiently and persistently for days, weeks, months then years.


Blogging is an investment requiring a heavy workload to gain skills, exposure and credibility enough to turn a profit.

But when the floodgates gradually open, all of the work completed over the years organically generates passive blogging traffic and income.

The work you did for free – for a long time – yields the passive paydays that slowly but surely find you over the long term.

Stop Panicking

Stop panicking to bail on a proven blogging system.

Bloggers sometimes quit just before experiencing their big breakthrough.

Pros resist the urge to panic and bail on a proven system.

Top bloggers see the blogging journey through even when things get a little bumpy.

Believe in yourself.

Trust the blogging process.

Patiently lay a rock solid foundation for your blog.

Success finds bloggers who frame their cyber real estate as an investment.