Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to leverage your presence online.

Affiliate marketers intent on boosting sales search for ways to grow business exponentially.

Reaching a highly targeted, ever-expanding audience forms the foundation for a thriving affiliate marketing business.

Guest blogging expands your reach in front of a highly targeted audience like few other online practices.

For example, after publishing a recent guest post here, Joy told me that she emailed the post to her list. I gained exposure not only through her blog but in front of her large, loyal, targeted email list.

I currently only sell my Blogging From Paradise products but you get the picture; whether you sell affiliate products or your own this is one of the best ways to be seen by a large, loyal community of potential readers and customers.

What Is the Secret to Guest Blogging?

Building strong relationships with bloggers is the way to gain invites to guest post.

Joy invited me to guest blog a while back based on the friendship we built.

We became friends by helping each other.

I promoted her blog posts and commented genuinely on her blog. She promoted Blogging From Paradise posts and commented genuinely on my blog.

Help flowed organically. Neither of us demanded or even expected anything from one another. We both simply helped each other and cut loose the strings of expectation. From there, we have continued to collaborate to help amplify each other’s success.

What About the Idea of Affiliate Marketing Competition?

Affiliate marketers may fear guest blogging because fellow bloggers in their niche sell the same affiliate offerings.

However, since we live in a universe of abundance, unlimited choice and free will, there is literally endless supply for everyone.

Some readers will buy affiliate products or services from guest bloggers while others buy from the blogger who hosts the guest blogger. Resonance, trust, credibility and various other factors influence buying decisions.

This is why clinging to fears in your mind regarding the illusory idea of competition makes no sense; how can anyone “take your sales” or “go against you” in an abundant universe of unlimited choice, free will and various buying preferences?

How can you know the different thoughts and emotions flowing through someone’s mind before the individual buys something? Even the most sophisticated market research can't predict unlimited free will, resonance and pure potential in a universe of abundance.

Guest Blogging Is Free Marketing

Guest blogging does not cost you a penny.

Paid marketing methods for affiliate marketers yield great success sometimes but put a dent in your wallet and never yield genuinely organic sales because you need to pay money to make sales and the payment becomes steeper to widen the sales window over days, weeks, months then years.

An optimized, evergreen guest post placed on a high traffic, targeted blog potentially yields exponentially increasing sales over the long haul because unlike paid marketing methods, it actually gains greater exposure as time elapses.

This type of guest post is the gift that keeps on giving.

Optimized, evergreen guest posts gain greater steam with time because of the evergreen nature of these timeless pieces of content.

For example, I Googled “underdog syndrome” to see my LinkedIn article on page 1 pointing to one of my guest posts on Positively Positive.

I published this guest post in May of 2019.

Nearly 4 years to the day, this evergreen content draws people to my blogging eBooks and blogging courses.

Of course, the LinkedIn article ranks on page 1 based on the juice of an external link pointing to a blog with an 80,000 subscriber email list, at that time.

Convincing with Content Versus Persuading Only with Ad Copy

Writing powerful, persuasive ad copy boosts affiliate marketing sales.

But consider the idea of turning a prospect into a customer with your free, detailed, thorough guest posts.

Teaching someone for free is sometimes the best way to sell something for pay.

In-depth guest posts can do all of the convincing, persuading and influencing for you, around the clock, 24-7, 365.

Tighten up your copy game, by all means.

As you do, start guest blogging to maximize affiliate sales through a purely organic, detached method.

Begin Guest Blogging

Begin guest blogging.

Share helpful content to solve reader’s problems.

Build friendships with bloggers in your niche.

Valuable guest posts convince targeted readers to become affiliate marketing customers by boosting your credibility in their eyes.

Gain invites to guest post and boost affiliate sales by publishing detailed, problem-solving content on respected blogs from your niche.

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