Today's guest author post and infographic come from : Philip Lew

Philip is CEO of XBOSoft, a software QA and testing company. Lew, who founded the company in 2006, oversees strategy, operations and business development. He’s a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, technology consultant and software QA thought leader.

How To Test A Mobile App

If you’re retired but feel the itch to get back into the game, starting your own business can offer a great opportunity to do things your way.

However, a lot may have changed since the last time you dealt with customers. For example, one of the biggest changes over the last decade has been the rise of mobile applications as a means of connecting with consumers.

Because of their convenience and 24/7 availability, many people would rather buy through their smartphones or tablets than in person or over the phone. Although ease of use is a major reason why apps are so popular, it also can be a double-edged sword for any company that is underprepared to implement one.

That’s because users expect apps to work perfectly every time they use them. If not, they will lose patience almost immediately and find one that delivers. This means you must be sure your mobile app will do the job if you have any hope of turning your new venture into a success.

The only way to ensure your app will work smoothly is to rigorously test it. You have to push your software to its limits and find any bugs or flaws that could become problems for users. This includes checking for spelling mistakes and readability as well as the app’s response speed and potential conflicts with other applications.

If you’re getting back into business after retirement, you need to know how to make technology work for you. The accompanying checklist tells you everything you need to know about testing a mobile app for optimal performance.

How to test a mobile app
Mobile App Testing Checklist created by XBOSoft

A Baby-Boomer's Thoughts On Mobile Apps

Thanks to Philip for that useful infographic. Just adding my own thoughts as one who wasn't brought up in the age of mobile apps…..

He's right, of course, many clients do expect to use an app nowadays. So while you may not have thought of it initially, if you're starting a retirement business be sure to consider how you can incorporate an app into it.

Although I'm a bit of a technophobe with phones and prefer my desktop or laptop, even I have to concede that there are some apps on my phone that I wouldn't be without.

BUT… I have very little patience with them, so if they don't prove useful quickly they're soon consigned to the bin.

My impatience is probably made worse by the fact that by profession I have been a computer programmer for more years than I am prepared to admit to. As a solopreneur I do my own software testing so I have to be rigorous testing software for my clients. It's for my own good as if my testing was sloppy, clients would keep requesting fault fixes and ultimately stop using me.

With my professional business background I become very irritated on seeing poorly designed and ill-tested software on any platform. Mobile apps are no exception to this.

Likewise – multiple spelling and grammar mistakes, to me, indicate a sloppy approach to – well everything!

Testing A Mobile App

Initially when contemplating publishing this article I expected testing a mobile app to be very similar to the testing I do in my own business (export documentation and accounting software). My own testing takes longer than writing the code. However, on reviewing the mobile app testing checklist above I concede that it's far more complicated than I imagined!

With so many potential pitfalls, this should be something you take expert advice on rather than “wing it”. A third-party will almost always find problems the developer was “too close to see”.

A Mobile App For Your Retirement Business

When you develop a mobile app for your retirement business, or if you already have one, to improve its usefulness and success rate, be sure you test it thoroughly according to the list above.

To benefit from professional help with your mobile app, don't contact me…. contact Philip at I'm sure he'll be able to point you in the right direction!