Blogging can drive you mad sometimes. You and I are human. We feel angry about failing through blogging. But succeeding – and largely enjoying the ride – forces you to see blogging in a different light. Versus angering over failure you see blogging as a mirror. How?

Blogging reflects back to you the attention and energy commitment to give to blogging.

Blogging reflects truth back to you. Attention is time. Energy is emotions. Generous (emotions) bloggers who give 1000 to 2000 to 5000 hours to blogging (attention) experience success mirrored back to them. Traffic and money flow to bloggers who generously put in time to experience that reflection. Logically, simple to see. Emotionally, uncomfortable to own. Think; anyone knows you work generously before succeeding. But fears you NEED TO face, feel and release during this generous working journey feel highly unpleasant to feel, intimately. Who enjoys feeling as if you wasted 4 years of life as a worthless, despicable bum? No one. But such fears may be triggered as you work generously for years.

Plus, you need to keep giving attention-time to blogging while wading through these unpleasant feeling emotions. Plus, you need to ferret out, feel and release these fears, to vibe predominantly from generosity, love, detachment and trust. Uncomfortable? Hell yeah. Impossible? Hell no. You can and will do this. I can see it. Anybody can take this journey and succeed. Really. But you need to see blogging as a mirror reflecting back to you the truthful attention and energy commitment you gave-give to blogging.

Stop being mad at blogging. Blogging is neutral, impersonal and disinterested in you. Blogging is not sentient. Blogging is inanimate. Blogging does not care about your anger any more than a steel cup cares about your anger any more than the asphalt on the street cares about your anger. Feel the anger-madness blogging triggers IN YOU. See blogging in the light of truth. Blogging mirrors back to you what you give to blogging from attention-energy perspectives. Time plus predominant feelings = blogging success.


What a blessing, eh? Now, instead of blaming blogging for anger and failure you see yourself in the light of truth through blogging. I cannot recall the last time I got angry or upset at blogging because why would I be fool enough to delude myself from the truth? I get a chance to look in the mirror daily. I feel grateful for the opportunity. Even if it stings a little bit I always see where and how I can be more generous, less resistant, more accepting and more trusting for our liberation from illusion, so we can free everybody from fear and struggle, to feel love and success.

RyanBiddulph Overcome Obstacles of failing through blogging

Blogging helps you see yourself without deceit. Blogging allows you to see self without lies. Blogging helps you see yourself as you really are. Blogging helps you observe your mind as it really is. Does that sound so bad? Sounds liberating to me.

Be good to blogging for years. Blogging becomes good to you. But results in profits and traffic terms never manifest instantly. Lags exist. Long lags exist between service and receiving because we need to get clear, develop skills, increase exposure and develop credibility to drive sweet traffic and to boost blogging profits. Attention, folks! Devote 100, then 1,000, then 10,000 hours to blogging to really tap into the prospering, freeing mirror effect. But if you do not like what you see, you know who to look to, to make energetic and commitment changes.


On this blogging journey, shifting from madness to mirror, you need to face, own, and dissolve obstacles to succeed. How? Buy my eBook:

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