Writer's Block?

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post 1

Ideas for your next blog post just won't come? Or have you just plain run out of time?

Either one can happen! For me, I'm rarely short of knowing what to write about – but a big problem I have is being short of time. Especially over the past few weeks, with my family problems and pressure of work from my offline business.

If you really struggle finding time, or dislike writing, you may consider outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant.

So, what to write about when you have writer's block?

Well, here are some ideas…

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

I'll admit that when I need a quick blog post, my number 1 blog post tip is to look for a great infographic.

Readers seem to like them, and as long as they contain good quality information I like them too.

When I spot an informative infographic that I can republish I save it as a draft post to grab when I'm short of time.

Obviously, I can't be 100% lazy and for SEO purposes I still need to add some “words” to my post. So at the end, I'll add a few other blog post ideas I use, and some of my thoughts on the ideas presented below.

Courtesy Of: DHost.com (original source no longer online)

My Thoughts On The Above Blog Post Ideas

Overall, I love them, with just a couple of reservations, and there were some I'd never thought of doing. So watch this space.

  • Hmm, about How to x in x days/weeks/months. I think with those you have to be very wary of making extravagant claims. Although these seem prevalent in both the offline and online world, I personally dislike them and they may put me off. My opinion… use with caution.
  • Some of the roundup and quote posts I have seen have been so long I never managed to work my way through them. It's an honor to be invited to participate, but I do wonder who actually reads them right through. They must take forever to compile. I really admire the dedication of bloggers who produce those really BIG roundup posts.

Blog Posts That Worked For Me

Disclaimer… Not sure how to exactly define “worked”…. I didn't make a zillion dollars from them, but I enjoyed writing them, and / or they generated interest.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post 2

  • Learn From My Mistakes – Haha… I have several of these. Now you might wonder why I enjoy writing about my mistakes. Well, I hope that by reading them other people may avoid the same mistakes I made. Also, it's a good self-analysis tool so that I learn from my own mistakes, and “begin again more intelligently”.
  • Product Reviews – these take forever and a day to do properly – i.e. by looking at and testing the product. But, once they're done they can send sales way down the line. The other day I received a commission for a product I'd reviewed over a year ago!
  • Interviews – not done many of these, but my interview with James McAllister generated some excitement.
  • Website Reviews – I wrote about my good friend Edward Thorpe's (Mr Ed) website Far Side Of 55. Sadly Mr Ed is no longer online.

Other Blog Post Ideas

  1. As mentioned above, when short of time I produce an infographic post – like this one.
  2. Another quicky is to check out Ted Talks, publish one of their videos, and write about it. Although you can get rather bogged down listening to interesting talks!
  3. Rant posts! When something really annoys me I tend to put fingers to keyboard and “let it all come out”. Sometimes forgetting to tone it down before WordPress publishes it for me. Oops.