Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Writer's Block?

Ideas for your next blog post just won't come? Or have you just plain run out of time?

Either one can happen! For me, I'm rarely short of knowing what to write about – but a big problem I have is being short of time. Especially over the past few weeks, with my family problems and pressure of work from my offline business.

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So, what to write about when you have writer's block?

Well, here are some ideas…

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

I'll admit that when I need a quick blog post, my number 1 blog post tip is to look for a great infographic, like the one below.

Readers seem to like them, and as long as they contain good quality information I like them too. (I'll even forgive the odd punctuation mistake like those I spotted in the one below. I still published the infographic because I liked the content. Sorry, I'm so pedantic LOL)

When I spot an informative infographic that I can republish I save it as a draft post to grab when I'm short of time.

Obviously, I can't be 100% lazy and for SEO purposes I still need to add some “words” to my post. So at the end, I'll add a few other blog post ideas I use, and some of my thoughts on the ideas presented below.

Courtesy Of: DHost.com

My Thoughts On The Above Blog Post Ideas

Overall, I love them, with just a couple of reservations, and there were some I'd never thought of doing. So watch this space.

  • Hmm, about How to x in x days/weeks/months. I think with those you have to be very wary of making extravagant claims. Although these seem prevalent in both the offline and online world, I personally dislike them and they may put me off. My opinion… use with caution.
  • Some of the roundup and quote posts I have seen have been so long I never managed to work my way through them. It's an honor to be invited to participate, but I do wonder who actually reads them right through. They must take forever to compile. I really admire the dedication of bloggers who produce those really BIG roundup posts.

Blog Posts That Worked For Me

Disclaimer… Not sure how to exactly define “worked”…. I didn't make a zillion dollars from them, but I enjoyed writing them, and / or they generated interest.

  • Learn From My Mistakes – Haha… I have several of these. Now you might wonder why I enjoy writing about my mistakes. Well, I hope that by reading them other people may avoid the same mistakes I made. Also, it's a good self-analysis tool so that I learn from my own mistakes, and “begin again more intelligently”.
  • Product Reviews – these take forever and a day to do properly – i.e. by looking at and testing the product. But, once they're done they can send sales way down the line. The other day I received a commission for a product I'd reviewed over a year ago!
  • Interviews – not done many of these, but my interview with James McAllister generated some excitement.
  • Website Reviews – I wrote about my good friend Edward Thorpe's (Mr Ed) website Far Side Of 55. My review is way out of date now, but I still love his website.

Other Blog Post Ideas

  1. As mentioned above, when short of time I produce an infographic post – like this one.
  2. Another quicky is to check out Ted Talks, publish one of their videos, and write about it. Although you can get rather bogged down listening to interesting talks!
  3. Rant posts! When something really annoys me I tend to put fingers to keyboard and “let it all come out”. Sometimes forgetting to tone it down before WordPress publishes it for me. Oops.

What's Your Favorite Blog Post Idea?

What have I missed? Please share / comment below.


Please share

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Ruth Bowers - April 10, 2017

Love that infographic. I noticed a few post ideas on there I hadn’t thought of. My favorite type of post is still the list post… I can create a list out of just about anything and they are really easy to write.

    Joy - April 12, 2017

    Thanks Ruth,

    Funnily enough it actually gave me the idea for next week’s post, and it’s already written and scheduled.

    Something I wouldn’t have thought of doing.

    Yes, list posts are both easy and useful.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Lea Bullen - April 11, 2017

Joy I completely agree with you. Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of quote posts and they tend to have way too many for me to get through. 50-100 quotes is just to much for me. Makes me wonder if people actually get anywhere near the bottom. I’m sure they try to cover a quote for everything but it just seems like a lot for one sitting.


    Joy - April 12, 2017

    Thanks Lea,

    I felt a bit guilty saying that, because I can only imagine how much work goes into those mega-round-up posts 🙁

    But I just don’t get through them either. I suppose I skim read, and if I see a post by someone I know / respect I’ll actually read it.

    Still I suppose they must work, or people wouldn’t keep doing them. I often think my own text-based posts are too long!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Grant Merriel - April 11, 2017

Hi Joy! That’a nice infographic you found.

I’m mostly a fan of how-to posts, not necessarily an ultimate guide since it takes ages to complete like the round up posts you mentioned. But I would like to try writing a round up post if there are no other priorities.

Interviews also work for us, but they are in the form of a podcast.

    Joy - April 12, 2017

    Hi Grant,

    Yes … how to posts – solving someone’s problem – are the best type of post. I guess a video would work well for these. (But I’m video-phobic LOL).

    Podcast interviews are a great idea too. Thanks 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Nishant - April 12, 2017

Hey Joy, Great infographics. Creating a detailed case study, or writing about a real life experience (whether it’s a success story or failure) will receive higher attention span than writing a general article. Pepper the articles, so that the excitement will linger with taste buds and last till the visitor interacts with a CTA.

    Joy - April 13, 2017

    Hi Nishant,

    I was only listening to a great coaching call the other day, from Donna Merrill, and she was echoing what you say about case studies and how the human brain loves a story.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Susan Velez - April 12, 2017

Hi Joy,

Love the infographic and it definitely does provide a lot of ideas for a new blog post. While I don’t seem to have issues coming up with new blog post ideas, I do see some that I haven’t written on the infographic.

In fact, I have yet to use an infographic on my blog.

Like you, I write a lot of posts that talk about my mistakes and how to overcome them. These seem to do very well. I think people like reading about other people’s mistakes in hopes of not making the same mistakes.

At first I didn’t want to write posts about my mistakes. However, I also think it is good to share mistakes with my readers so they won’t make the same ones.

I love writing how to posts, those seem to be my favorite. I can really dig and go into depth with those types of posts and I really enjoy writing them.

Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day 🙂


    Joy - April 13, 2017

    Hi Susan,

    Glad you like the infographic. I use them when I need to save time blogging – which is often 🙂

    Funnily enough the post after this one, by a guest author, will be inspired by an idea in the infographic.

    I think it’s good to write about our mistakes, because otherwise people can get discouraged because they assume that they’re the only blogger not making money – when in fact it’s probably pretty typical.

    I think a dose of truth is a good thing 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Amar kumar - April 12, 2017

Hey Joy,

This time I’ve found very informative Infographics on your website, every time you comes with some fresh ideology and that are very beneficial for blogger to enhance their learning. Income report post are always great for other blogger for inspirations. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy facts regarding topic.

With best wishes,

Amar kumar

    Joy - April 13, 2017

    Hi Amar,

    Glad you enjoyed the infographic about blog post ideas.

    Yes, I have seen many income report posts and know they can be very popular too.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Naveen Kumar - April 13, 2017

Hey Joy,
Greeting of the Day.
This is Naveen and it is my very first visit on your blog. I would love to say thanks to Enstine sir’s blog where from I found your blog.

I just go through this article and thought to leave my feedback here. You have designed this infographic very nicely and added lots of information. It is fully capable of generating great post ideas.

Thanks again and I will came back to read more posts on your blog.

With Regards,

    Joy - April 13, 2017

    Hi Naveen.

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me from Enstine’s blog and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    Kind of you say you like the infographic and I wish I could claim the credit for the development. However, it was reproduced with permission. However that makes it all the sweeter, as I get to share the ideas for blog posts without having had the hard work of creating it/ In return, the infographic creator gets wider exposure.

    I’m pleased you found your first visit to my blog helpful, and I look forward to seeing you again.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Sue Bride - April 16, 2017

I’d been stuck for ideas and hadn’t posted in quite a while, until this week. I ended up writing about why it was a mistake to not post for so long! Shame I didn’t see your post earlier for ideas but it will help me for my future posts. Thanks Joy

    Joy - April 17, 2017

    Hi Sue,

    I’d missed you, and glad to see you back.

    Yes, I even got a few “ideas for blog posts” from the post myself. So it was well worth doing, and pleased if it’s helped you too.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Sreejesh Suresh - April 22, 2017

Really wonderful post ideas. I normally use twitter and some forums for ideas. I also make sure to note down topics in Google keep whenever some new topics strike my mind. Your post/infographic gave me even more options to research for ideas.

    Joy - April 22, 2017

    Yes, those are good sources of inspiration too!

    I put my ideas straight into WordPress as draft posts – sometimes I get so inspired by just starting that I write the whole post in an afternoon, then I have one “in the bag” ready for next time 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Drake T. - May 23, 2017

Hi Joy,

For me, podcasts have always given me some ideas to write about. Sometimes, I also use Google Trends; I usually find something interesting there that’s also related to my niche. Besides, I am a fan of lists and product review, they’ve always worked for me.

I also liked that you shared your thoughts about the blog post ideas, especially the “how to”. I totally agree with you. When one writes a post on “How to x in x days/weeks/months”, they are basically making claims. They should be very cautious.

BTW, this is my first time commenting on your post, although I’ve been around for quite a while. I’m a fan!

    Joy - May 25, 2017

    Hi Drake,

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    I’ve certainly used Google Trends and Google Alerts for inspiration for blog posts in the pasts. Podcasts are a good idea for those who listen to them.

    Thanks for commenting, and I hope to see you here again.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Janice Wald|MostlyBlogging - June 12, 2017

Hi Joy,
Great article. I will be linking to your post this Sunday. I’ll be out of town on a family vacation, but I’m prescheduling.

    Joy - June 15, 2017

    Thanks Janice, really appreciate that 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Manoj - June 29, 2017

Hi Joy,

Excellent infographic. It guides us on how to free from the writer’s block and create some awesome evergreen contents. List and Ultimate Guide posts are beneficial to attract more readers and deliver results on a long-term basis.

Thanks for the share,

Take care,

    Joy - June 30, 2017

    Hi Manoj,

    I’m glad you found the blog post ideas infographic helpful. I’m not usually short of ideas, but I was pleased to find a few new ones on the list too.

    Thanks for your visit,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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