An essential tool for generating leads for your business is a Funnel Builder.

If you are building any type of a business online, you’re probably always looking for a lower cost way to generate leads for your business. But if your Funnel Builder costs $97 a month…. well, when you're starting out, that's a big chunk of your profits.

But help is at hand because I can offer you a free funnel builder. Open your free funnel builder account here

Why Do You Need a Funnel Builder?

No leads = no business.

It only takes a few weeks online before you become aware that lead generation is one of the most important activities that needs to happen on a daily basis for your email list to grow.

The process is sometimes described as a Conversion Funnel.

It's important because hardly anyone buys from you the first time they see your offer. They need to ‘get to know you' better. Establish ‘Know Like and Trust' is the term many use.

What that means in practice is develop a relationship and establish credibility as someone worth listening to and buying from. Of course these days Internet Marketing is such a multi-faceted topic that no-one can know everything, so if you're a solopreneur, like I am, that can be just showing that you have access to a support team if things go wrong.

Part-time Online Business

I make no bones about the fact that my online business is part-time. It's supposed to be a retirement business. How can it be part-time if I'm on call to provide support 24/7.

Little anecdote: The reason I stopped developing websites is that I once got a frantic call at 1AM from a lovely client whose site had gone down. Happily I wasn't hosting it, so I was able to suggest she contact her hosting provider, but had it been a WordPress problem with the site I'd set up for her, it would have been a very different matter!

OK, I guess I could have persuaded her to wait until the morning, but what if I'd been on holiday, or sick in hospital even, she'd have been unimpressed.

So I need good support from every tool and service I recommend to my clients.

I Also Need Simple In Everything I Do

Especially lead generation and funnel building.

Now there are literally endless ways to generate leads online.

Some cost money and some don’t, some are faster than others, some stand the test of time, some generate higher quality leads than others… they are all different. Lead generation is definitely not a one-size-fits-all game.

Certain strategies work better for some, and other strategies work better for others. Which strategy you choose is really a matter of personal preference.

But they should all ‘funnel' into your preferred auto-responder, so that you can contact your ‘leads' regularly, establishing that relationship and credibility.

Gifts For Lead Generation

content marketing for lead generationOne powerful way to generate leads for your business is through giving away a valuable gift. Such as this valuable suite of online business tools.

Creating valuable content for your audience is also a great way to nurture the leads you do generate to create a deeper relationship with them and establish yourself as someone who has access to up-to-date training, and can pass it onto their followers. I do this on my blog here. Sadly it costs me money for hosting, which I have always accepted as a necessary evil.

But the free business tools I mentioned above let you start THREE websites – which can be blogs.

I make no secret of the fact that I prefer blogging to Facebook marketing, because once my blog is ‘out there' someone may find it any time in the future. Social media content always seems more transitory to me – and relies on the rules of each particular social media platform. At least my blog is my own!

This ties into my previous article about preferring blogging to Facebook marketing.

Complete Online Marketing Newbie?

Click here for free training to get you started (and earning) in online marketing – which includes Facebook marketing training. If you visit your free account regularly you'll find there are regular training sessions to attend.

But even that training will tell you you need a funnel builder.

Why I Bought A Funnel BuilderLower Cost Way To Generate Leads

I tried for a long time to survive without a funnel builder because they were expensive (the market leader was at least $97 a month).

And they were complicated.

But happily I came across a free solution, link below.

To clarify, the tools are free up to quite an incredible level of complexity – far beyond what a beginner will need.

Stay free as long as you like, or upgrade when your business needs to,

Open your free account here.

More Reasons For Buying A Funnel Builder

Like it or not being able to generate leads for your business with a lead capture page, is a skill expected of any online marketer these days.

For instance, before I found the free tools above, I bought a training course on Google Adwords – the very first module said, casually, “Now build your lead capture page” – and I got NO further. The training looks good, but I was completely stumped by setting up the first stage. So I've got a half finished funnel, a course I've paid for, and I can't use – purely because I used up so much time trying to setup a capture page that I gave up in disgust. How frustrating!

More common reasons why you need a funnel builder….

  • For some network marketing companies, if  you're promoting the same page as everyone else, it gets ‘stale' – you need to stand out from the crowd. Also you need leads on YOUR list, not just theirs!
  • Affiliate marketers should never send a prospect direct to the product sales page – collect their contact details into your auto-responder first, so that you can follow-up with them.
  • My email provider has been beating me up and telling me I need to use a ‘proper' funnel builder for some of the affiliate programs I'm promoting.
  • Likewise some solo ad providers have blamed my poor lead capture pages for poor conversions.

Yes, there are SO many reasons….

But no way was I going to pay the $97 per month which was the price of ClickFunnels that was usually recommended to me!

I mean, I only need a handful of pages – most of the training courses I promote have done for you pages and funnels. It's just a few affiliate marketing products that have no capture page. After all – it's not in their interest to give ME the lead; they want it themselves.

So I needed….

A Lower Cost Way To Generate Leads For Your Business

The funnel builder I now use is free, AND it has a generous affiliate program.

The amazing saving on the price of ClickFunnels, the market leader, and the generous commission (if anyone upgrades) is another bonus.

You only need to upgrade when your business exceeds all that's on offer in the free package.