Blogging is interesting.

Blogging teaches you about yourself more than anything. Either you attach to blogging business from fear. Or you detach from blogging business from love.

I get lost in the process, not the outcomes. I love helping people. Giving my energy mainly to helping people ensures I largely detach from blogging business. By this, I mean being relatively detached from prospective – or current – clients and customers, which fosters my peace of mind while expanding my presence online.

Doing this requires fear-diving. Nobody enjoys feeling attachments to people and money. Feeling each emotion feels unpleasant. But no other way exists for conquering the fear and for detaching from folks because blogging is an energy game more than anything else.

I only became almost completely invested in the blogging process – not in outcomes – by facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling my attachments. I used to flip out after checking my emails daily. Not enough business, because I was totally attached to email, clients and customers.

But sitting with fears detached me from my email, prospective clients and prospective customers. Letting go business focused me on helping people generously. Helping people generously increased my:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility
  • business

Few bloggers succeed because few bloggers take this route. Most cling to people as the source of their business. Plus most blog from the skewed, Western, customer-service focused approach of bending over backwards to win business from a prospective client and/or customer. This is a huge mistake.

Fear attaches you to people as the source of your business. Clearing fear reveals; your mindset-energy serves as the source of your business. Business flows THROUGH humans but FROM your energy. Or for non-atheists, business flows from something far bigger and all-encompassing than any of us can understand.

Keeping things focused solely on the blogging process, your generous service, trust and vibe determines your blogging business. Human beings are channels through which business flows but never attach to channels, because people are fickle creatures, prone to changing their mind. Plus you want to focus on the source of wealth, not the channels of wealth.

I love throwing myself into the process of blogging by guest posting as much as humanly possible. Raising the bar regularly keeps me fully invested in helping people for free to increase my business. But since I give my energy mainly to the process I care little of outcomes. Caring little of outcomes detaches me from prospective clients and customers.

I gratefully appreciate all prospective clients and customers but do not attach to them. I picture myself receiving these people from an energy of abundance but after quoting my rates I completely release every person. Either they pay and we do business or I wish them the best.

I never barter. I never bargain. I give my energy to helping people freely and leave things at that. Get so busy helping people freely that you have no time to attach to current or prospective clients. Render generous service to current clients but be calm, cool and detached about it. Release prospective clients after quoting your rates. Guaranteed, getting lost in the process of helping people builds a rock solid foundation for your blogging business.

7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning BlogDetach from business. Be grateful for opportunities but detached from any single person. Business is just business. See the nature of business; a by-product of helping people generously. Helping people generously increases your skills, exposure and credibility. Be this generous servant for years.

Increasing blogging business success follows.


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