This week I've been making a visit to my Dad and he doesn't want to see me sitting on the computer or phone day after day!

So the night before I was due to visit him, I had to sit down to come up with a quick post for the weekend.

With only hours to pack AND write my next blog post, I was delighted to find an infographic on the PayPal payment success story in my inbox as a suggested article.

Using PayPal – My Own History

Before presenting the infographic I'll just add my own thoughts and experiences of using PayPal.

When I had my very first website, many years ago, I sold an ebook and a service. Initially I took payments by cheque that were sent to me in the post, sometimes from overseas in which case the currency differences caused problems and excluded some customers completely. As you can imagine taking cheque payments was a tedious procedure and many excited customers probably lost their enthusiasm on the trip to the post box.

So it was a real delight for me to discover the simplicity with which I could become respectable by accepting PayPal payment. I remember feeling so proud when I managed to add my first “Payment by PayPal” button to my HTML coded website. (No mamby-pamby WordPress “back in the day”!)

At first customers were a little dubious and I had to make soothing noises sometimes, and still offer to accept cheques – but before too long PayPal payment became an accepted and trusted way to do business online.

So I'm grateful to PayPal for helping my own modest business expansion. No doubt many other small businesses feel the same.
PayPal payment

PayPal – A Trusted Brand

Just as being able to take PayPal payment gave ME online respectability, when I see another company that will accept PayPal payment, I can be pretty confident that they're “good guys” and have been checked out, because of the PayPal acceptable use policy.

Being able to make a PayPal payment has increased competition online and made it easy for me, as a customer, to deal with small businesses, and made purchases from a wider number of suppliers.

Who Can't Use PayPal?

You'll see below that PayPal isn't available in certain countries, which must be very difficult for the many legitimate marketers in those countries. That's probably just one of many reasons why BitCoin trading is on the rise.

There's a whole list of products and services that PayPal won't accept, and their stance, in general, seems completely reasonable.

However as a network marketer, it's a little disappointing to me that network marketing is an area that they “don't like”, because it appears to be tarring the respectable companies in the MLM industry with the same brush as Ponzi and “get-rich” schemes. In fairness, I guess it's sometimes not obvious which is which, so they err on the side of caution.

That aside, I am grateful for the ease with which I can both accept and make PayPal payments. Using PayPal has transformed the ability of small businesses such as myself to take payments alongside the big guys.

PayPal Disputes

Some people have had PayPal disputes that caused them huge problems. I can only share my (very few) examples of handling a PayPal dispute. Once as a supplier (see the story on the previous link), and a few times as a customer.

All the cases were resolved in my favour, so you can imagine that I take a fairly rose-spectacled view of PayPal dispute handling. However, other people may not have been as lucky as I was to have resolved the situation. If so, I completely understand, because I remember how terrified I was of being unable to use the PayPal payment procedure when my customer raised her dispute.

Anyway – enough of me and over to my guest author, Raj Vardhman. Thanks for his research and for presenting the fascinating story below.

Here for your enjoyment is …..

The PayPal Payment Success Story

PayPal Payment Success Story

Thanks to the author: RAJ VARDHMAN

Raj Vardhman comes from India. He is a casino expert and an ardent supporter of responsible gambling and good casino practices, which is why he likes PayPal so much. The PayPal e-wallet collaborates only with the most reliable companies. In his free time Raj enjoys rock climbing and quality lager beer.

Did You Enjoy The PayPal Success Story?

I hope you found that infographic as entertaining and interesting as I did.

When you looked at the PayPal success story with the benefit of hindsight you probably smiled to see that in 1999 PayPal was voted one of the year's worst business ideas. That comment probably ranks with the decision of Dick Rowe, the man who turned down the Beatles!

What was your favourite snippet or experience of the PayPal payment success story?