Producing Online Newsletters

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You can't be in Internet Marketing for five minutes before you hear the phrase “The money is in the list”, because you can produce on-line newsletters to send targeted information to your prospects or existing clients.

In fact, the only people who are irritated by that phrase is – wait for it – the people who don't have a list! The people who DO have a list of satisfied clients just KNOW it's true.

Avoid my big mistake – which was to try and maintain my list of buyers manually, thinking I'd automate it “when the list was big enough”. From bitter experience of trying to do just that, I have been convinced (by doing it and making SALES) that maintaining a list works – and it's never too late, or too early, to start building your list. Like – today!

Of course it can be a challenge to learn so many skills at once. If you have tried, and found it hard (as I did) to produce online newsletters and follow-up messages that were attractively formatted for modern graphic based email clients, a new feature of the GetResponse auto-responder is just what you've been looking for.

Click the banner/link to grab a free trial below. (By the way, if you already have a list elsewhere, they adopt a very pragmatic approach to moving your contacts from a previous supplier, so don't let that deter you from taking the trial.)

I'm sure you'll be as delighted with it as I am!

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