Thanks To My Comment Authors In May 2015

Oh my goodness what a week I have had. After a pleasant afternoon out on Saturday just over a week ago I got home to find that my sites on Hostgator had been hacked yet again.

Goodbye Hostgator

Two sites had completely disappeared, and on closer examination of my account, various rubbish had been inserted promoting all kinds of goods for sale! The backup I had been paying for was in such a mess that I couldn't see how to recover it. I tried to get help but the support replies were so slow and incomprehensible that I just gave up. Hostgator are adamant that this is my fault for having out-of-date blogs.

Hello! They were not out of date, I keep well up-to-date with plugins and WP updates. Besides which, I have three health blogs on a different account that MIGHT be a little out of date, but they've not been hacked – ever! This is the second time in 2015 that my Hostgator account has been so badly compromised.

Last time I lost two blogs completely. They weren't making me any money, so I was going to let them go next time the domain came up for renewal – but that should have been MY decision, not one thrust on me by some hacker.

After that I had intended to move hosting company for quite a while but with all my personal and offline business turmoil I've delayed (because I feared it would be chaotic). But two major hackings in six month is two too many, so this time I've voted with my feet and am transferring my sites to SiteGround.

Hosting With SiteGround

Web HostingIt's too early to form any conclusions about SiteGround, except to say that their support is blisteringly fast – which I have really needed over this transition period!

I'll no doubt write up my thoughts when I've had time to “settle in”.

My non-WordPress sites loaded up really easily from the manual backups on my own machine, but my WP blogs were in such a mess that I paid to have them transferred because I don't know enough about WP backups to risk it myself.


Hostica Hosting Survives!

My original health blogs are hosted with Hostica, and have been there for years. When I need support they are unfailingly helpful. So – if it's not broken don't fix it. The health blogs will stay with Hostica.

Transfer To SiteGround Completed

My transfer exercise has taken a lot less time to write about than to implement. It has just shown me how little I know about the “workings” behind my blog.

If YOU don't know either, please make sure that at the very least you have backups and a rudimentary knowledge of how to recover from them. So, here I am – hopefully on my newly hosted account, and my first post is to thank my comment authors for their visits in May 2015.

My Posts in May Were:

Thanks to all readers who took time to comment on these and other posts. My apologies if I'm a little slow getting back to your sites. Hoping for a better June!

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Joy Healey

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Harleena Singh - June 3, 2015

Hi Joy,

Happy June! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, here we start a new month yet again, though it’s going to be pretty hot for us this time of the year as Summer is catching up here.

Thanks for the mention, and glad to have made it here, whenever one could of course. Sorry to hear about your experiences with Hostgator – we used it for quite a while and didn’t have issues with it, till the resource issue came up, when we switched to SiteGround, and there’s been no looking back – so far all good! Hope it all works for you too.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

    Joy Healey - June 4, 2015

    Hi Harleena,

    Oooh – lucky you being hot. I’ve still got my central heating on, and so have several of my friends. Not good at all!

    After the initial worry of the move – and when best to time it – everything seems to be settling down now, and I’m just getting familiar with all the extra facilities they offer.

    It’s good to hear that you’re with SiteGround and happy too. That’s reassuring.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Donna Merrill - June 3, 2015

Hi Joy,

What a terrible experience with Hostgator! The second time in one year? Bye Bye!

I do have one blog with Hostgator, but the rest are with managed hosting. I cannot deal with working on the back end of my blog.

It is like having a car and fixing it yourself instead of going to the mechanic.

I did change almost 2 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Now when something goes wrong…like too many bots trying to attack my blog, I get a text message from my hosting company telling me what is going on and how they fixed it. Phew…. I would have lost my blog a few times in the past year.

When something goes wrong, and goes wrong again, it is time to move on!

Hope all is straightened out.


    Joy Healey - June 4, 2015

    Hi Donna,

    Hardly dare say it… but I think the switch is now complete. It’s been a little scary because I don’t “do” technical stuff but the support desk have been very patient with me – and such FAST support.

    I got one blog moved free as part of the package, which left two others to move myself. Well – I’m sure there are people for whom this is a breeze. I’m not one of them! Also my site was in a mess on the old hosting.

    I fiddled about trying to move it for longer than I care to admit to, then I was beating myself up to my son Matt and he said “Mum, just pay them to do it for you”. So I did, went to bed, and it was all done by the next morning. Only regret was that I didn’t do that sooner. You’re right – to me it’s the equivalent of trying to fix my car myself.

    Yes, I should have made this move earlier in the year, but to be honest – at the time – I didn’t know where to move to and hadn’t found SiteGround. They’ve been worth waiting for!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Rachit - June 3, 2015

Amazing,,, look who’s on the top ! Its me… It feels good to be part of your blog.

    Joy Healey - June 4, 2015

    Haha – I had a feeling it would be ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for all your interesting comments, you’ve added a lot of value with your visits.


Adrienne - June 4, 2015

Hey Joy,

I’m SO sorry your sites were hacked not once but twice.

I know at times it can be our fault for not having all the security measures in place. Even with those some can still seem to make their way through but for the most part they don’t bother with little sites like ours. As I had mentioned to you though, I was with my last hosting company and they were hacked not my individual blog but it affected mine as it did everyone’s. That’s not cool but I did keep my own backups and had to reinstall it to get me back up and running. Never a fun process though.

I had actually researched and spoken with SiteGround but I needed a VPS service and they were a little too pricey for me. Had I just needed shared hosting I would have gone with them. I really wanted to, their sales department was wonderful and spent an hour on the phone with me helping me determine which package I really needed. I think you made a wise decision.

I’ve heard of GVO but not Hostica so thanks for sharing those two with us.

Good to make the list again and thanks for that my friend. I sure hope June goes a lot smoother for you Joy and I’m sure with all of that behind you now it most definitely will.

Take care and enjoy what’s left of this week.


    Joy Healey - June 5, 2015

    Hi Adrienne,

    Well, I should have moved as soon as it happened the first time – but with all that was going on….. It IS frustrating though, because I get emails from Wordfence to warn me when plugins need updating and I always do it right away.

    Never mind, as you say, it’s behind me now and SiteGround seems to be going well for me. I’ve just switched on my free https thingy too ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’ll be rich next week (LOL – if only!!)

    It’s reassuring that you had also investigated SiteGround and been impressed. I really wanted to find a hosting company I could recommend to other people, and until I found SiteGround that was a problem. Shared hosting is fine for me at the moment, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    My Dad is coming down to stay for a week tomorrow (his birthday is on Sunday) so – with all the family visits we have lined up for him – it’s going to be a hectic few days. He’s “up and down”, but that’s only to be expected.

    I hope you’re feeling better to, as I know you’ve had some tough times recently.

    Better days for us both in June I hope! Joy

Jackson Nwachukwu - June 4, 2015

Hi Joy,

Better late than never right? I am so glad to see my name published among your May commenters. Though I made just one comment, but I am looking at reading more of your posts and dropping more comments this month.

By the way, I enjoyed reading this article “Using Fiverr for graphics” I never knew one can get a free graphic design at fiverr. Tried it out on one of my small projects and also shard with friends who might have the need for logo design.

Thanks for sharing these wealth of knowledge Joy. Really appreciate!

Do have a wonderful week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚


    Joy Healey - June 5, 2015

    Hi Jackson,

    Always a pleasure to welcome you here – I know how busy you are, so whenever you can make it over, it’s appreciated.

    Glad you found the fiverr tip helpful – I think the freeby would apply to anything, not just graphic design, but that was my only interest at the time.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

Nanda Rahmanius - June 4, 2015

Hi Joy,

Aah, sadly, I can not see my name on you list. I will try hard to catch up soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Same with you, I also experienced difficulties in blogging and it caused me to not be able to respond back to the person who commented on my blog. I felt guilty at them, but I will do my best. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for sharing.
I wish the best of luck to you in this June! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Joy Healey - June 5, 2015

    Hi Nanda

    No worries – it’s so hard to keep up with all the great posts out there! As you say, we can only do our best.

    Good luck to you for June too, and have a good weekend.


Sachin Saini - June 5, 2015

Hi Joy

its nice post
Thanks for sharing
good job

    Joy Healey - June 8, 2015

    Hi Sachin

    Glad you found my post useful. Thanks for your visit.


Joan Harrington - June 6, 2015

Hello Joy,
I am so sorry to hear about your sites getting hacked and I know how frustrating that can be to lose your blogs and the work that you put into them. Also happy that you finally found a place to host your blog now and are happy…..that is all that matters for us bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoyed your post and as this is my first time here, I have to tell you that I really love your blog!! Tons of great value here!!

    Joy Healey - June 8, 2015

    Hi Joan

    Welcome to my blog, and I’m glad you found some helpful information here.

    Happily I recovered my blogs from backups, and I’m now happily established with SiteGround hosting, but it was trouble I rally didn’t need.


Shobha Ponnappa - June 6, 2015

Hey Joy,

Sorry to hear about your loss due to hostgator – they are generally good, but I do see a lot of hacking complaints. Do keep us updated about siteground. Always good to know about alternatives – just in case.

I see so many known faces in your commentators list, good to see another month of active commenting at your end.

    Joy Healey - June 8, 2015

    Hi Shobha

    I know many people speak well of Hostgator, indeed I did initially, but now that I have moved my hosting to SiteGround, I am much happier.

    Welcome to my blog, and I hope to see you here again soon.


Rachit - June 6, 2015

A surprise is waiting for you at my blog.

    Joy Healey - June 8, 2015

    Hi Rachit

    What a great surprise – thanks so much for that! It’s really helpful.


Chioma Anozie - June 7, 2015

Hi Joy,

I am thrilled to have made it into your list. I am sad however that I only had one comment. Will definitely be more active on your blog this month; Learning from you is a joy and I do enjoy how you manage to turn complex stuff into something so simple and easy to understand.

I really look forward to interacting and engaging more with you. DO have a wonderful week ahead, Joy.

    Joy Healey - June 8, 2015

    Hi Chioma,

    Well I have only recently found your very interesting and helpful website – so in the months to come I’m sure we will stay more connected now that we have found each other:-)


Erika Mohssen-Beyk - June 7, 2015

Hi Joy ,
sorry to hear about your trouble .
I too would not know very good to handle this
and I am happy to have somebody who can do this for me.
Good you got all set again and can continue .
Thank you for the story ,I hope it will not happen to
anybody else .

    Joy Healey - June 8, 2015

    Hi Erika,

    Although there are some bloggers who are very good with all the technical “stuff”, I think many of us want to write because we enjoy writing – but hate the technical parts, and the time taken and the frustration caused. I’m more than happy to let SiteGround’s support handle this for me, and their support response is very fast. What is annoying (with other companies) is when you put in a support call and then wait ages to get a response.

    I hope this story will help others avoid the problems I experienced. Joy

Kathryn Maclean - June 14, 2015

Hello That was pretty terrible about your site with Hostgator. Getting hacked is no picnic. I had a bad experience with a top hosting company and now make sure I have up to date plugins for backup and security for each and every site. I like Go Daddy better than any other and at a great price.
First time visit to your site Joy. Lots of interesting things. Visiting from PAC. All the best to you with your new hosting.

    Joy Healey - June 14, 2015

    Hi Kathryn,

    Welcome to my blog and it’s been good to connect on PAC. Hope it will be the first of many interactions.

    Yes, I was realy upset about my hosting experiences with Hostgator. Things seem to have settled down nicely with SiteGround.

    Have a great week, Joy

Arbaz Khan - June 19, 2015

Hey Joy,
Sorry to hear that your website got hacked. It happened to me too about a year back, and it was hosted with Hostgator, but I didn’t face any troubles because I talked with the customer support staff and they restored my website within a few hours.

However, keeping backup is a good idea rather than getting your website deleted.

    Joy Healey - June 21, 2015

    Hi Arbaz

    I’m glad you had a good response from Hostgator’s technical support. Perhaps I should have talked to them instead of relying on the oh-so-slow ticketing system. They gave me the impression that it was my fault the site had been hacked (although I had kept WordPress up-to-date, used security plugins etc) and although I had the paid backup solution Codeguard it had been implemented so badly I couldn’t work out which databases etc to restore. In the end I just decided to cut my losses and closed down several blogs that were just “ticking along” rather than stress about recovering them only to have them hacked again.

    Good to hear they helped you. Perhaps I’m not technical enough for all this! Joy

Chery Schmidt - June 19, 2015

Hello Joy, Wowsy hacked not just once but twice, I would have done the same thing BYE! I would never have thought this about Hostgator, HUM What do I know? I use GDI for my domain and hosting, the whole package and I get paid to use it..

Sorry to hear about your troubles and I do hope that things are going better for you.
Have a Great weekend ahead.
Chery :))

    Joy Healey - June 21, 2015

    Hi Chery, Hostgator was fine for me for several years, just over the last 18 months I’ve had more problems than I could handle. Glad GDI is working well for you, I know it’s been around a long time and haven’t heard anything negative about it. Even better that it makes you an income ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, I now have blog problems to add to everything else – I tried to comment on your blog and hope I managed it. Apologies if not!

    Family arriving shortly, so it WILL be a great weekend. You too.


Enstine Muki - June 20, 2015

Hey Joy,
What happened? You didn’t use the MyCommentAuthors mail function to send us alert.
I didn’t even get any ‘new post’ alert from your blog so I decided to come check out if all is well ๐Ÿ˜‰

BTW, I’m here now (though late)

Thanks for sharing your experiences with hostgator. Sometimes, I wonder why some people get really bad experiences with them. I have been with them since 2008 and it’s been a great experience.

However, as you found out on my blog, Siteground is proving to be my next choice. I will be so excited to read about your experience with them in the near future.

Meanwhile, do have an awesome weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Joy Healey - June 21, 2015

    Hi Enstine,

    Glad to see you here, and thanks for taking the time to check if all was OK – that’s odd though, because I THOUGHT I sent an alert the MyCommentAuthors mail function. Perhaps I did something wrong having changed hosting. I’ll watch more carefully next time, it may just have been a “senior moment”.

    As per our emails – and as may be obvious to readers – things are definitely NOT OK on my blog. I have a glitch that I can’t figure out, even after deactivating all plugins. I’m hoping the theme developer can help – waiting for a reply.

    Well Hostgator must be fine for some people, and I must admit I used them for years too and was very happy with them. Just perhaps the last 18 months or so I seem to have had nothing but trouble.

    Anyway, my move to SiteGround, although still early days, seems to have been a good one. I’d been wondering where to go to after Hostgator but when I saw your recommendation I knew you would have checked them out thoroughly, so thanks for the tip.

    Glad to see you on my site again – since I deactivated Akismet I am beset with spam, so good to see a friendly face ๐Ÿ™‚

    You have a great weekend too. Joy

Adeel Sami - June 26, 2015

Hello Joy,

Though I am new at your blog but I know you since long from other blogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

Coming to the post, I can understand how bad HostGator has turned into. Some really bad experiences with them from outages to worst support.. We too have moved out all of the companies websites from them.

I also came across with something about SiteGround (not my personal experience but the review from someone about this hosting provider) but I hope that it will run okay for you. If you want, I can share that post with you.

I wish you best of luck with all the recent transitions and the problem you’re facing on your blog may get settled in good.

See me often!

~ Adeel

    Joy Healey - June 28, 2015

    Hi Adeel,

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    Interesting how many other people have had bad experiences with their hosting. I have to say I was completely happy with them for a long time, but then they were taken over and things started to fall apart so I, along with many others, voted with my feet.

    I think I know of the review you mentioned, and it’s as a result of that review that I moved.

    Thanks for your good wishes, I’m hoping for a peaceful time blogging with no more crises (after my most recent one – LOL)


Philip Verghese Ariel - June 28, 2015

Hi Joy,
So sad to hear about your experience with Hostgator
Glad to note that the problem is fixed totally with SiteGround
Thanks for this alert!
Happy to be here after some time.
Will come again to check more. ๐Ÿ™‚
May you have a great week ahead
~ Philip

    Joy Healey - June 28, 2015

    Hi Philip,

    Good to see you here again.

    My Hostgator experience was not good, and several of my blogs were so badly hacked I couldn’t get them back (other than paying for them to be fixed). As they were only making me coppers I decided to cut my losses and kill them off. Probably a good job as I didn’t have time to promote them.

    Yes, SiteGround is proving to be the best hosting company I have used so far – with excellent support.


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