Success Simplified Course Review

Why The Success Simplified Course Review?

review of success mindset courseA funny thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago, which led to me preparing this Success Simplified course review.

Regular readers may remember that I was over the moon with delight that I had qualified as “Ruby” in my main business, which meant I had made it onto the first career level. 

This isn't a post about that business. I just want to link my review and use of James's course to a real event in my business life and show how it helped me.

On the day I got my promotion I was elated because once any rank is attained you're never demoted and your team never leaves (after they've made their one-off qualifying purchase), so I will be receiving points and support bonuses every time sufficient world-wide sales are made.

the highs and lows of successBut then…. within just a couple of days of “highs” a funny “low” feeling set in and I felt a bit lost and drained after the excitement of it all.

Over the last year or so I've struck up quite a friendship with James McAllister after his interview post here.

We email each other about business and blogging matters, and sometimes the exchanges stray into discussions about “life” – and its ups and downs. So I mentioned my surprise at how I was feeling.

James remarked that what I was experiencing wasn't unusual, and said:

I can relate to losing motivation after a period like this, but it's important to remember that success perpetuates more success and this is the time when it's most important to keep accelerating. My success mindset course may help give you a little push to keep going.

Having enjoyed and benefited from James's courses in the past, I decided to give this course a try and see if it could lift me out of my silly mood.

Here are my findings….

How Is The “Success Simplified Course” Structured?

Let me say right away that this is a course about mindset, rather than about Internet Marketing techniques. Both are important, but I want to make sure you're aware of the distinction.

The course is split into 6 sections of videos, and there are 30 videos at the time of writing. From following James's courses in the past, I know he often makes changes to keep his material fresh, so this may change depending on when you're reading my review.

success simplified training on your mobile devicePersonally, video isn't my favorite medium for course delivery (I'm old-school and like making notes on a printed transcript lol), however James kept my attention through-out with short, no-fluff videos.

Don't be deceived by the length of the videos – all that's missing is hype! The training is on-target and James doesn't waste your (or his) time with waffle.

Of course, having video materials means you can revisit the course on your mobile device for a quick “refresher” in spare moments, and the bite-sized videos lend themselves particularly well to this.

James originally hosted the videos on the Udemy platform, but after they changed their T&Cs he moved his courses to be hosted on his own blog. I have no knowledge about hosting videos (other than YouTube) but I did wonder if the videos would “play well enough” from his own blog. However, no worries on that score, the videos played without distortion. 

I won't review each video – nor even reveal all the titles – instead I will explain how the course helped me through my rollercoaster phase, and more importantly how it can help you.

Here are my thoughts on each of the six sections.

Section 1 Introduction

The course starts by encouraging you to keep an open mind. If you're completely new to success training, you may be in for some (good) surprises – so stick with it. Some powerful ideas will follow, don't reject them just because they're new to you.

Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open. Success Simplified will open YOUR mind. Click To Tweet

Some of the concepts in the course may be familiar to those who have studied success training before (as I have), but there were plenty of new ideas I hadn't come across before.

In the introduction you're encouraged to really define what success means to you and what is the most important thing in your life. If you don't get this right from the outset, James points out a trap you may fall into.

Section 2 Where Are You Going?

This is about goal-setting, but with a BIG difference from any goal setting training I've come across before.

The section starts by considering the best way to judge your performance and points out the big mistake many people make when measuring their achievements. If you're making this mistake, James suggests what to do instead.

It was in this section that I realised what I had done wrong in setting my own goal, and one video in particular completely changed my thinking and got me motivated and back on track again.

While some success trainers don't countenance “not reaching your goal”, James has a different approach – and very valid reasons to back it up. He explains what to do with “failure” – how to reclassify it and move on from temporary failure to success.

cowboyhat-px_250It was while listening to this section that I was introduced to the expression “Big hat, no cattle” – love it.

I don't think it's a fault I see in myself, but I sometimes see it in others and learning to recognise it in others will boost my confidence and equip me to deal with it better.

Big hat, no cattle? Not when you take the Success Simplified course! Click To Tweet

While we're on a “wild west” theme, James discusses the difference between risk-taking and gambling, and how / when it's beneficial to turn one into the other.

Another video that I could really relate to explained what cats and children (and dogs, of course!) can teach us about success. It included a salutary warning of how parents may be unwittingly damaging their children's future chances of success. My sons have made their own choices in life, but I'll certainly keep this particular video in mind next time my grand-daughters visit. I suspect that with the future economic conditions they're going to need every ounce of entrepreneurial spirit and success training they can get.

Do you think success is something you can learn? Or do you feel you're a victim of the circumstances of your birth? James gives some great examples of why the latter is flawed thinking, with ways to change your mindset into one of “learning from previous failures” – treating them as “temporary failures”. My personal example of this is that learning what was wrong with my previous business ventures paved the way for finding a better business model for me.

In fact James goes further, and maintains that Failure is nothing more than a choice – I'll leave him to explain why when you take the course.

Section 3 Taking Action

We already know, I hope, that all the goal-setting and mindset development in the world are useless without action – and James tackles the action issue head on.

Find yourself procrastinating? You may be using the wrong motivator. Again, I think this was behind my “slump” of motivation. With my new income levels satisfying my financial goals, I now realize I needed to consider different ways to inspire and stretch myself.

A whole lot of mediocre is still mediocre, so become exceptional, with Success Simplified Click To Tweet

Do you sometimes struggle repeatedly to overcome an obstacle? I know I have done.

But now I know the difference between Power and Control. Do you?

And do you know which is the most important? Once you have understood this section of the course you will no longer waste time trying to change something you can't control, which will free you to direct your available resources more productively.

being exceptionalPart of the philosophy of being exceptional is “standing for something” and feeling strongly about it.  I know I need to work more on expressing strong opinions because I have a tendency to cave in under criticism. James's course has shown me the benefits of being criticized – just one is that it marks you out as being exceptional instead of average.

Of course the fact that you're reading an article about success training, instead of slumping in front of the TV, already sets you apart as exceptional. Remember you can also be exceptional in areas of your life other than business. So aiming to be an exceptionally good parent is another part of achieving a successful life, balanced in all the important areas.

Fear of criticism and “what people will think” has held me back in the past, and fear is the greatest motivator on the planet. James points out the difference between “good fear” and “bad fear”, suggesting a way to re-think fear and turn it into something good within yourself.

“Settling” into your comfort zone guarantees dissatisfaction because deep down you know you're not achieving your full potential. Steve Jobs had some very motivating opinions on this, as you'll hear in the course. It's important to step out of your comfort zone – and James has tips on doing this.

However – you need to be aware of the “Reality Principle” and avoid making decisions based on emotion.

Finally, what do you do when the “going gets tough”? James will tell you what NOT to do.

Section 4 Finding Happiness

Even without taking James's course we can all relate to the fact that money is NOT the solution to all problems. But looking more deeply at why this might be, James covers the difference between internal and external sources of happiness, with a quick tip to tell the difference between “feeling good” vs “being happy”.

dog-dog-with-dbJames feels that you are responsible for your happiness and it's not your job to make other adults happy. While I agree with this regarding casual acquaintances, I would not want to shake off the feeling of “debt” and love that I owe to my Dad, in his 90s, and Heaven help anyone who tries to stop me doing something to make my two sons happier – even though they're in their 30s.  So we may have to differ on that one:-)

Giving my Dad a happy holiday with the family last week gave us all pleasure, as does helping my sons out when I am able. It's getting complicated here, so everyone's own conscience and family dynamics will guide them.

Section 5 Tying It All Together

Achieving success (apart from lucky breaks) is usually hardest at the beginning, which is when people are most likely to give up if they don't get adequate training.

train-mf-webOnce the train is rolling, we're probably all aware that success can perpetuate more success – but it doesn't always happen. A mega-lottery winner one year may be back at their original financial status the next year.

The course explains why this can happen, and suggests  steps to ensure that you increase your success rather than let it all dissolve.

There are ways to benefit from your success, while still building on it and growing it.

One of these is to never stop learning new techniques – which is why I am continuing with the training courses I have mentioned in other blog posts – and why I am taking the Success Simplified course.

Section 6 Conclusion

James concludes his course with the statement that:

Success Isn’t An Achievement – It’s A Lifestyle! Learn how to live it with Success Simplified Click To Tweet

He also offers to take questions from his students, and from my own interactions with James I know you will get thoughtful and helpful responses.

I conclude this review by saying that I enjoyed James's course and found that it helped me uncover some blocks in my own mindset, so that I could move further along my chosen path.

If you have any questions for James please ask them in the comments , and I'm sure he'll give you answers.

Click here to find more about “Success Simplified”, or on the banner below. James is also looking for more affiliates to promote this and other courses. Information is available via the same links.


(Yes, it's an affiliate link, so if you buy from my link I earn a commission – at no extra cost to you. But I only use an affiliate link for products I have checked out and found valuable.)

James McAllisterCourse Author

James is a 19 year old blogger; the owner of HelpStartMySite.com. He started his first blog at the age of 11, and has since gone on to start several successful businesses and develop an impressive repertoire of courses. If you want to connect with James, find him on Facebook or contact him on his blog. 



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James McAllister - April 24, 2016

Hi Joy!

First of all I’ve got to say that I’m so glad you enjoyed the course and I am very appreciative of the fantastic review you’ve wrote here.

I love how you went through section by section and told us what you found valuable. I use all feedback I receive to make the course better for everyone so this really helps everyone out.

To clarify on section 4 – helping those close to you is something that makes YOU happy, so I would never ask you not to do that. 🙂 The problem arises when you begin sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of others. Even if you love that person, I believe it is detrimental to them because each person needs to learn how to keep their happiness under their own control or they will forever be reliant on other people, and that is not an enjoyable way to live.

Of course, every person on the planet wants to connect with others, be understood and appreciated, love and be loved. If helping others makes you happy, I am all for that. I know I find happiness from it too. But the moment it comes at the expense of your own happiness.. it’s time to start seeking out solutions.

That’s just the way I see it. 🙂

Anyway I again appreciate the review and I will certainly be here to answer any questions that pop up.

Thanks again Joy!

    Joy - April 25, 2016

    Hi James,

    Thanks for standing by to look out for questions.

    It was a great course – my only regret is that I didn’t come across something like this years ago (before you were born, actually) LOL.

    I have to come clean and say that there was a major career decision in my life that my much loved and very well-meaning Mum and Dad made for me when I left school. I went along with it “just because”.

    Had I done what I really wanted to do, my whole life would have been completely different. Who knows whether it would have been more successful, or less? But I have always regretted not following what was a huge career dream for me at the time.

    That said, the other career they chose for me instead – computer programming – was a great choice as I love that, and it’s been kind to me too. Maybe it WAS more suitable than what I wanted to do – but I’ll never know and it does bug me even now, years later.

    It’s just how it was in those days – but the good that came out of it was that when my sons chose very unconventional paths after uni I stood back and did what I could to help them.

    Soul-baring over for today – thanks for a great course, and I hope many people read it before they’re left with the regrets I still have.

    If you have a dream, follow it, and let James’s course guide you on the way 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Donna Merrill - April 25, 2016

Hi Joy and James,

I’ve known James for a long time. I was so impressed of how much of business and life itself at such a young age.

Leave it to you James to explain how success can be simplified. It can if we get rid of all the noise in our head and subconscious. We have to believe we can be successful in any endeavor we seek. It starts from within, no matter how much family and friends have told you it is impossible.

We need to step out of that box and walk our own road. I believe it starts out with “where are you going” Ahhh…such an important question to ask. We do need to be clear on what we want to do and make a plan. Then take action.

Sounds simple hugh? Not when you do the work, so I do believe this course will help the new and seasoned.

Thanks Joy and James,


    Joy - April 25, 2016

    Hi Donna,

    James never ceases to amaze me with his insight and wisdom. He’s packed so much learning into his life that it’s almost scary – in a nice way 🙂

    Yes, getting your head in the right place is so important and, however much you already “know it”, I think everyone can do with a “top-up” every now and again.

    I know in my head where I’m going – still working on getting it put down in writing!.

    Thanks for your visit,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    James McAllister - April 27, 2016

    Hi Donna!

    I believe that without the proper mindset, it doesn’t matter how much techincal know-how you have – you’ll never put it to use and make anything out of it. Likewise, with the proper mindset, you’ll eventually find out everything you need to know to succeed, even if it comes through a series of failures.

    If I were logical, I would’ve quit the whole blogging thing after several years of getting nowhere. But I knew in my heart that I could succeed and so I have. And I believe with the proper mindset, all of us can succeed in every area of life that is important to us. I think a complete, happy, successful life requires focus in all of the different areas so I’m happy to be able to provide such a complete resource for those individuals who crave success.

    Thanks Donna!

Shantanu Sinha - April 25, 2016

Hello Joy,

Great post 🙂

Good to know that you loved the course, many of us will get retired off in our middle ages.
But this is something which can help every body out there.
Now the time is of socialization. Everyone wants to reach beyond their limit and establish relationship
with other persons on the globe. The world we never dreamed off.

Thank you.
Keep Writing 🙂

Shantanu sinha

    Joy - April 25, 2016

    Hi Shantanu,

    My generation has been luckier than youngsters today and I certainly wouldn’t like to be starting out now, because I fear you’re right.

    My elder son has already been made redundant from a well-paid job that he studied hard to qualify for. Happily he has started his own business now, in a completely different field. Intelligence is never wasted, and he’s just applying it differently now.

    I hope all young (and not so young) people will see the writing on the wall and look for their own “plan B” – taking James’s course to encourage them.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    James McAllister - April 27, 2016

    Hi Shantanu!

    I’m a strong believer in freedom of material possessions and I actually have another course out on early retirement.

    However like anything that’s challenging in life, you’ve got to have the proper mindset to really be able to go after and acquire it. There’s a reason most people in life unfortunately do not reach the levels of success they desire – it’s not easy, and they don’t know how to do it.

    People interested in a success course are already more likely to achieve it anyway – with this course I hope to clear those blocks.

    Such is the beauty of the internet – I’m so happy I’m able to teach and help people from all around the world at any time of the day or night!

    Thanks Shantanu!

      Joy - April 27, 2016

      Hi James,

      Thanks for replying to all these comments – please prod me to review your course on early retirement in a few weeks.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

Edward Thorpe - April 25, 2016

Hi Joy,

Another honest and interesting review. I really appreciate the sparseness and clarity of your writing. Also liked how your related the review (and course content) with examples from your personal life – very effective.

Didn’t know James had this course out. I’ve been quite pleased with his other courses that I bought. (Thanks to your reviews 😉 Based on the past quality he delivered, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him again.

Good post, good review. Thanks and have a great week and enjoy even more success…

    Joy - April 25, 2016

    Hi Edward,

    I’m pleased you liked how I approached the review of Success Simplified. I had a different “treatment” in mind, and then changed tack at the last minute and thought it would be interesting to go the way I did.

    James’s course and ebooks have never disappointed and I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed your previous purchases (for which, thanks once again!)

    Have a great week, Joy – Blogging After Dark

    James McAllister - April 27, 2016

    Hey Edward, good to talk with you again!

    Out of all my courses I consider this one to be one of the most important. Without the proper mindset, it doesn’t really matter how much technical know-how you have – you’ll never make the most out of it.

    I want to help people make the most out of every opportunity that they create.

    So hey, if that sounds like you, you know where to reach me! 😉

    Here’s to your success!

    – James McAllister

Peter - April 25, 2016

I thought it was going to be a major borefest. It was surprisingly great. I learned a lot about marketing my business. I know that marketing is very pivotal in increasing your revenue and client base. It isn’t a long drawn out 150 chapter book. It was actually a pretty short and easy read. I recommend this book to anyone looking to help market their business.

    Joy - April 26, 2016

    Hi Peter,

    I think you’re mistaking this course for something else you might have bought. It’s not a book to be read, it’s videos.

    Just making clear to anyone who IS thinking of buying the course, that they will be getting videos, NOT a book to read.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    James McAllister - April 27, 2016

    Hi Peter!

    You’ve definitely got the wrong product. You haven’t taken this course, and it isn’t a book.

    I would however be interested in whatever book that is, as I may wish to read it myself!

ikechi - April 29, 2016

Hi Joy

Success is a mind thing so I absolutely agree with you. This seems to be an interesting course which looks at Success from the angle of the mindset.

I love the way you described the course and you made it so interesting and simple. Thank you for sharing and I will take a look at it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

    Joy - April 29, 2016

    Thanks Ikechi,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the review, and I’m sure you will be impressed with the course too.

    You have a good weekend too – it’s one of our UK holiday weekends, so I may even manage a little relaxing too.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    James McAllister - April 30, 2016

    Hi Ikechi!

    I believe that the mindset someone carries is one of the largest factors that will determine the overall level of success and happiness they achieve in life. This is true for all areas of success, be it personal success, professional success, so on and so forth.

    My goal is to provide a complete solution for those who want to get in this frame of mind and position themselves to set and achieve all of the goals they want in life.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through Joy’s review!

Kim Willis - May 3, 2016

Hi Joy (and James),

It’s great you have written a review on James’ course

People can learn the nuts and bolts of internet marketing and the like, yet never reach their full potential because of mental blockages.

This course will certainly help people pinpoint the problem areas. But it also offers practical strategies to help fix the problems.

You talked about fear and how it can be a limiting factor. We kind of become paralysed by our fears – inertia sets in and before we know it another year has passed and not much to show for it.

Of course, there are different types of fear – fear of the new, fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of criticism.

You are right – fear is the greatest motivator. In my country (Australia) and the USA, we see opportunistic politicians playing the fear card for all its worth. They do it because they know that people always respond to fear.

Thanks again for your excellent review, Joy, and thanks to James for bringing this valuable information to the marketplace.


    Joy - May 5, 2016

    Hi Kim,

    James always does good work, and he was extremely effective with this success mindset course.

    Interesting you should mention politicians and their use of fear tactics.

    In the UK (as of May 2016) we’re completely beset by political scare-mongering at the moment as the politicians from both camps of the “Stay in Europe” vs “Leave Europe” paint doom and gloom scenarios if we make the wrong decision. Which will be the successful outcome I’m no longer sure!

    Perhaps I’d better try re-watching the success course videos before I vote LOL.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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