I intended to cover this topic on Joy's blog today. A thought to address bloggers scared on the blogging sidelines danced around in my noggin. But I seemed a bit sidetracked with promoting some old blog posts on Blogging From Paradise. Of course, in its own dazzling but simple style, the universe goaded me to promote this post 1 split second after I logged in to this blog:

Should You Wait?

Do you see what I mean?

One quantum field exists. You and I seem to see separation, division and private thoughts but we are all one living presence. Why wait for a perfect blog launch when we are all connected in imperfect conditions amid a perfect flow of events for our collective growth?

Digging less deep, pondering this idea alerts you to fears triggered concerning making your blog perfect before the launch. I shared one old blog post 20 minutes ago. Sharing the classic post goaded me to cover this topic. For some reason, after my blog redesign, any Amazon eBook embed within my blog posts – but not at the end of posts – pulls text to it. Since my formatting seems a wee bit off the blog posts appear to be far from perfect on the formatting front. But I still share each less-perfect post because I cannot edit 2500 posts during my human lifetime, nor do I fear imperfection since all is both imperfect and perfect.

All is imperfect because human ego clings to limits. Most think through the ego. But all is perfect because all unfolds at the perfect place, in the perfect time. The universe knows only precision.

Hugging each idea goads you to write and publish your first post now to launch your blog. In truth, fearing an imperfect blog launch is simply the fear of criticism, rejection, failure and wasting your time, all rolled into one. Bloggers fear some thing, and, fearing that some thing, choose not to blog. If you do not launch a blog you are not blogging. I know many alleged bloggers who do not blog for fear of not delivering a perfect blog. But no one succeeds on the sidelines because readers only see bloggers who decide to play the game.

Every blog is as it is. Some blogs appear to be funky. Other blogs appear to be clean. Some appear to sport incomplete coding. Others look seemingly more professional. At day's end, either you face individual fears to launch a blog or you resist individual fears to not launch a blog. All hinges on your mind. All depends on your decision.

All pro bloggers I know launched fast and learned on the fly. I had no idea how to blog back in 2007 as a beginner but launched and learned. Aha! LAUNCH AND LEARN.

Dwell on this idea. Preparing some does lessen your learning curve but most bloggers fail from a fear of looking imperfect, not by launching an unpolished, rough around the edges, blog. The reason: the world wants bright lights.

Observe how scared 7 billion people appear to be. Watch 10 seconds of the news; do you see what I mean? Bloggers who launch rough and ready blogs conquered a fear. Conquering fear makes you stand out in a sea of largely scared minds. Knowing this, humanity will be far more receptive to a slightly more fearless person than someone sitting scared on the blogging sidelines. Plus, no one knows about the blogger sitting on the cyber sidelines because they run a cyber diary! How can anyone know of you and your blog if you refuse to launch the blog?!

Launch the thing already. Go live. Be with your ego-induced blogging imperfections. Launch and learn. Fix things on the run. Pros become comfortable with launching, learning and gaining blogging street smarts. No one is perfect but everything unfolds perfectly for your greatest freedom, growth and fulfillment. Meditate on this idea for just a few moments to launch your blog now.