Have you ever thought about this question? Have you asked this question? Have you answered this question? What is your core blogging intent? Why do you blog? Why do you help people through your blog?

 Give thought to these answers. Gain clarity with your blogging campaign. Most bloggers have no idea why they blog. Fewer carry a core blogging intent. Even fewer carry this intent for thousands of hours. But this select crowd becomes professional bloggers while everybody else remains amateur. I blog to help people retire to a life of travel through blogging. That is my core blogging content. But I also blog to circle the globe. I often visualize myself living in places like Fiji, Bali or Costa Rica for months at a time. That's why I do what I do. The concept is simple to understand but uncomfortable to honor. Why? Getting clear forces you to face your fears.

Drill Down to Fear

 Bloggers usually blog to make money online. Why? Fear drives them to make money online because they fear running out of money. Or bloggers fear working a job depressing the heck out of them. Blogging seems like an easy way out. Good luck becoming successful if your core blogging intent drips with fear. Fear-based drivers bring fear-based results. Blogging with fear leads to struggle, failure and quitting. But shifting your intent creates a seemingly miraculous change with your blogging campaign. Unfortunately, shifting requires you to face fears fuelling your blogging intent.

 I had to get clear of money fears in order to maintain my current day freeing intent. Feeling those fears felt unpleasant. Who enjoys the feeling of losing all of their money? No one. But exploring these fears cleared the energies. Exploring the fears also helped me see fear is an illusion. Clearing the illusion allowed me to blog for purer reasons. I enjoy freeing myself. I enjoy freeing people who want to come along for the ride. I blog for these reasons. This is my core blogging intent.

Your Blogging Intent

 Face fears fuelling your current online campaign. Feel the energies. Release these energies. Adopt a new blogging intent. Do what you do online to have fun helping people and to live your wildest dreams. Life is short. Never play small. Play big. Changing your blogging intent to something fun and freeing inspires you to be the person who lives those dreams. Imagine being generous, patient, persistent and trusting. All of these elements form the foundation for a successful blogging campaign. But you need to hold that freeing intent to adopt these elements and to embody these qualities. 

Your intent colors every thought, feeling and action you take. Think about that for a second.  Pause. Take a deep breath. Knowing this, it's imperative to change your blogging intent from fear to freedom. Making this change alters your blogging campaign dramatically.  Shift from self service to service. Change your intent to change your life. Not only does success find you but you will enjoy the ride. Peace of mind reigns supreme the moment you change your core blogging intent. I know you're up to it.

 But as always, being honest is the first step to shifting your intent. Nobody succeeds until they see themselves in the light of truth. Own your fears. Own why you blog. Most people blog from a fear of money loss. Others blog from a low self-worth, wishing to gain popularity through the online medium. Own these low energy drivers. Feel the fear fuelling these intents. Make the change. Make the shift toward freedom to change your blogging career forever.Blogging intent and mindset of successful blogger,

Honor lag time between your intent shift and the manifestation of results. Blogging with a pure, freeing intent in mind breeds patience in you. Nothing happens overnight. Blogging is not get rich quick. Blogging for fun and freedom remind you of these truths and helps you embody these energies.


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