Unleashing the Power of Irresistible Short Reports

Here’s the Cheat Sheet of Short Report Ideas, following on from two earlier articles in which we covered 35 different types of reports you might want to create, along with numerous tips on how to use them to build your business.

Today we present the final 15 along with a cheat sheet of all 50 short report ideas. The next time you’re stumped for a topic, you can use the cheat sheet to help you brainstorm ideas.

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Here are the final 15 short report ideas


36: Benefit X and Benefit YCheat Sheet of Short Report Ideas Plus Final 15 1

This is the “how-to” format but with a twist, emphasizing two distinct benefits. While everyone else is giving one benefit in their titles, you’re giving two. Lose weight and feel great. Save time and money. More examples:

  • Shed Pounds and Boost Energy with This Revolutionary Fitness Routine
  • Have the Most Gorgeous Lawn in Your Neighborhood with Less Work
  • Save Time and Money by DIY Bathroom Remodeling
  • Ace the MCAT and Secure Your Spot in a Prestigious Medical Program
  • Double Your Salary and Get Your Dream Office Space

37: Science-Backed

If your topic is backed by science, then you can use it in your title to enhance your credibility.

A valuable starting point for your scientific investigation is Google Scholar. It serves as a searchable repository of numerous academic and scientific journals. While you might often encounter only the abstract (a summary) of the article, some journals might request payment for the full transcript. Nevertheless, before contemplating that, perform a search for the article’s title and author names. Occasionally, authors themselves host articles on their personal websites, such as university pages. Examples of science reports:

  • The Science of Safe and Swift Weight Loss
  • The Scientific Solution to Look a Decade Younger
  • Muscle Mastery: The Scientific Approach to Bodybuilding Excellence
  • Unraveling the Science of Becoming a Top-Notch Pool Player
  • The Science Behind Positive Thinking and Achieving Success and Happiness


38: Specific Money Amounts

Using an actual number is eye catching, and even more so when you place a pound, euro, or dollar sign in front of it. Instead of saying, “Enjoy a luxurious vacation on a budget,” provide specific and eye-catching figures like “Indulge in a Luxury Getaway for Just $50 a Day.” More examples:

  • How to Travel Europe on $50 a Day
  • How to Build a $5,270/mo Income through Self-Publishing
  • How to Slice $200 Off Your Monthly Grocery Expenses
  • How to Buy Your Dream Home for $125,000 or Less
  • How to Retire and Live Like a King on $3,000 a Month


39: Success Stories

Everyone loves a good success story because they want to believe that, “If this person can do it, then so can I.” These reports are inspirational and highly likely to be immediately devoured by your readers. You can share one success story or a multiple, showing the steps and strategies used to achieve success. Examples:

  • From Basement to Billionaire: 5 Inspiring Tech Startup Success Stories
  • From Rejection to Best Seller: 10 Real Life Author Success Stories
  • 5 Home Schooled Children Who Went on to Become World Leaders
  • Turning the Tide: A Success Story in Combating Climate Change
  • How a Homeless Man Became an Entrepreneurial Tycoon in 36 Months


40: #1 Secret

People love to learn secrets and what could be better than the #1 all time best secret?

  • Unlocking the #1 Secret to Financial Prosperity
  • The #1 Secret for Building Lasting Relationships
  • Finally Revealed: #1 Secret to Mastering Home Gardening
  • Discover the #1 Secret to Perfecting Your Golf Swing
  • The #1 Secret to Raising Confident, Successful Children


41: Kick Ass and Bad Ass

In certain niches these two terms can capture attention like little else. You’re saying that your report will take on any other report and kick its ever-living butt. Think of kids talking smack on a playground – adults never quite grow out of that mindset. Examples:

  • The Kick Ass Guide to Home Built Rocket Launchers
  • 12 Bad Ass Secrets to Winning Negotiations
  • 5 Kick Ass Marketing Moves to Make Right Now
  • Bad Ass Marketing Strategies for Explosive Growth
  • Kick Ass Fitness: Achieve Your Peak Performance


42: Extreme

This is another term that captures attention and conjures images of being super successful and able to do anything. Examples:

  • Extreme Sports Mastery: Pushing Your Limits to the Edge
  • Extreme Survival: Thriving in the Harshest Environments
  • Extreme Wealth: Strategies for Financial Domination
  • Extreme Fitness Revolution: Sculpting Your Body Beyond Belief
  • Extreme Leadership: Unleashing Your Inner Trailblazer
  • Extreme Creativity Unleashed: Ignite Your Artistic Genius


43: Bulletproof

Imagine something so tough and resilient that even bullets cannot touch it. This is the top of the top and the best of the best, and it grabs attention and gets read. Examples:

  • Bulletproof Finance: Secure Your Wealth for Life
  • Bulletproof Business Strategies: Thriving in Any Economy
  • Bulletproof Confidence: Conquer Your Fears and Doubts
  • Bulletproof Nutrition: Fuel Your Body for Peak Performance
  • Bulletproof Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Life


44: Best Practices

The term “best practices” appeals to professionals and those working within specialized fields. Examples:

  • “Mastering Best Practices in Financial Management: A Comprehensive Guide”
  • “The Best Practices for Effective Project Management Unveiled”
  • “Unlocking the Best Practices in Data Security for IT Experts”
  • “Best Practices in Healthcare: Elevating Patient Care to New Heights”
  • “Strategic Marketing: Implementing Best Practices for Business Growth”
  • “Legal Eagles: Navigating the Best Practices in Corporate Law


45: Hidden Truth

We all suspect there is more going on than we know about. Are we living in the Matrix? Is the truth hiding right there in plain sight? Is there more to a topic than the experts are telling us? Examples:

  • The Hidden Truth About Your Health: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You
  • The Hidden Truth of Artificial Intelligence: Can Machines Think?
  • Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Truths of Celebrity Lifestyles
  • Unmasking Government Secrets: The Hidden Truths of Espionage
  • Time-Traveling Socks? The Hidden Truth of Lost Footwear


46: Untold Story

People love a good story, and if it’s untold it’s all the better. What do you know that others don’t? What can you reveal that will capture their interest? Examples:

  • The Untold Story of a World War II Hero’s Daring Escape
  • Behind the Headlines: The Untold Story of a High-Profile Scandal
  • The Untold Story of Canine Heroes: Courage Beyond Imagination
  • From Rags to Riches: The Untold Story of a Self-Made Millionaire
  • The Untold Story of a Forbidden Love that Defied All Odds


47: Dark Secrets

We had the #1 secret, but now we’ve got the ‘dark’ secrets. This one might even be more appealing than the #1 secret since it has a hint of salacious scandal to it. Examples:

  • The Dark Secrets of Today’s Self-Made Millionaires
  • Inside the Dark Secrets of Cyber Espionage: A World of Hacking and Intrigue
  • The Dark Secrets of Corporate Espionage: High-Stakes Games and Hidden Agendas
  • Rags to Riches: The Dark Secrets of a Business Tycoon’s Rise to Power
  • The Dark Secrets of Conspiracy Theories: What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know
  • The Dark Secrets of Your Investment Manager: What He’s Hiding From You can Make You Broke


48: The Strategy

Wouldn’t you like to know the exact strategy to get the outcome you desire? So would your readers. Examples:

  • Cracking the Code: The Strategy for Mastering Online Marketing
  • Effective Leadership: The Strategy for Inspiring and Leading High-Performing Teams
  • Financial Freedom Blueprint: The Strategy to Retire Early and Live Life on Your Terms
  • The One SEO Strategy That Dominates Search Rankings
  • The Winning Negotiation Strategy: Get What You Want in Any Situation
  • The Social Media Strategy That Skyrockets Engagement and Brand Awareness


49: Strange and Bizarre

This one takes curiosity to the next level and walks a fine line between clickbait and being irresistible. If you think of combining two or three things that don’t seem to go together, or something that is incredibly sensational, you’ll get the idea. Be careful to deliver on what is promised. Examples:

  • Say These 3 Words While Holding a Common Kitchen Item to Melt Your Man’s Heart
  • How I Earned $50,496 with Just a Pen, a Napkin and a dime
  • Inside the Secret Society of Extreme Lawn Gnomes
  • How to Stop a Headache in 10 Seconds with This Terrible Tasting Treat
  • Dating Apps? Add This Item to Your Photo and Girls Will Fight to Go Out with You
  • Haunted Toilets? Exploring the Weirdest Paranormal Phenomena


50: Ultimate Guide

This is the one and only thing your reader needs to find their solution because it’s the ‘ultimate’ guide. After all, if you have the ultimate guide, what else you do need?

  • The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Profitable Online Business
  • The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Irresistible Social Media Marketing Campaigns”
  • The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the World on a Shoestring Budget
  • The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Home
  • The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Inner Creativity and Innovation
  • The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom for Young College Graduates


Cheat Sheet of  Short Report Ideas – All 50 of Them

1: Expert Interviews

2: Detailed List

3: Case Study

4: Resource Directory

5: How to Achieve a Goal

6: Step-by-Step Tutorial

7: Frequently Asked Questions

8: Idea Generators

9: The First Year

10: Niche Business

11: The Bridge

12: Shortcuts

13: Advanced Guide

14: Time Frame

15: Personal Profile

16: Planner

17: Problem / Solution

18: Current Events

19: Insights from Pop Culture

20: Money-Saving Strategies

21: Age-Specific Guides

22: Barriers and Mistakes

23: Busy Person’s Guide

24: Faster and Easier

25: Monetize Passions

26: The Proven Way

27: The Simple Way

28: Surprise and Curiosity

29: Survival Strategies

30: Top 10

31: Transforming the Familiar

32: Unlocking Professional Insights

33: Uplifting Tales of Triumph

34: Why You Can’t

35: X-Minute Guide Series

36: Benefit X and Benefit Y

37: Science-Backed

38: Specific Money Amounts

39: Success Stories

40: #1 Secret

41: Kick-Ass and Bad-Ass

42: Extreme

43: Bulletproof

44: Best Practices

45: Hidden Truth

46: Untold Story

47: Dark Secrets

48: The Strategy

49: Strange and Bizarre

50: The Ultimate Guide