What Is Content Repurposing

content-marketing-pxbContent Repurposing, quite simply, is using content you've produced once before – again!

When, like me, you're a part-time online marketer you need all the help you can get with building a brand and spreading your presence wider.

Reusing existing content is something I have “dabbled in” previously, but not taken full advantage of.

Here are a couple of articles describing what I have done in the past.

Repurposing an eBook for Kindle

Reuse a blog post as a video

The infographic below gives Content Repurposing 101 – well actually it is way beyond 101. But, I had to come up with an article title!

Content Repurposing – Why and How?

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Content Revamp vs Content Repurpose – be sure you know the differences between them and why you would choose one over the other
  • Main reason for Content Repurposing – most people will re-use their existing content to reach leads in different stages of their online journey. Also those who are on different platforms from those you normally frequent.
  • Benefits of Reusing Existing Content – increased efficiency, save time from creating new content, ability to expand or amend your ideas, cross promotion, to extend the longevity of your content, to improve SEO and your authority
  • What Content to Repurpose – choose evergreen information and /or topics that attracted a lot of interest when you first published them. Check first whether you need to update them slightly since they were originally published; and to make sure they are general enough for a wider audience than you originally produced them for.
  • How to Repurpose your Content – you can use parts of blog posts on different social media platforms. Perhaps take a series of your blog articles and turn them into an ebook (paid or a free lead magnet). I have taken ebooks and added them to Kindle. I have turned blog posts into videos and slide presentations.  Braver folk than I could read their blog posts and turn them into videos, podcasts, blabs etc. With enough skill (or a professional, in my case) you can turn textual content into an infographic like the one below.

Results of My Content Repurposing

I checked out the results of some of my previous content repurposing endeavors and while I can't tell you I've been deluged with new visitors, my videos and slideshares have generated a few views.

Maybe about 500 in total – but, hey paying for 500 sets of targeted eyes on my work would normally cost more than the few Fiverr gigs it took for me to get them done.

Enough of the overview – here's an infographic showing….

Content Repurposing in a Nutshell

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Infographic reproduced with permission (see below).

Content Repurposing in a Nutshell (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded, with permission, from CJG Digital Marketing

Your Experiences With Content Repurposing Please

As ever, please comment below with your own experiences of Content Repurposing.