jigsaw200Why don't people make money online when all the “gurus” say how easy it is? Or rather, why don't MOST people make money online?

I'm sure there's a load of people shouting their mouths off about making money when I suspect they're not.

However, there are others who I genuinely believe ARE quietly doing “very nicely thankyou”. So I still believe it's possible.

In that case what's going wrong?

What's the missing piece of the puzzle?

Why don't people make money online?

Well – reason number one that people are not making easy money online is that the gurus are lying! It is NOT easy. If it were easy, don't you think everyone would be doing it?

My sponsor in a previous company told me “It's simple, but not easy”.

Simple Formula For Success

bracelet-smallerHe wouldn't claim copyright – it's a general marketing principle…..

Find customers with a problem and find a good product that solves that problem, then put the two together. Rinse and repeat.

As an aside, that particular company actually did themselves out of a good business because they solved the problem once and for all.

I'm STILL happily wearing the same wrist-band I bought from them fifteen years ago. And I suspect most of my customers are! Problem solved. There's a picture of it – I still wear it every day, and it fixed the problem I bought it for (RSI).

So amend that formula to “find a repeatable product” 🙂 The health market is a good example.

Reason number two is probably having an unrealistic / poorly-defined goal, and reason number three is lack of consistency / lack of hard work.

I can't stop “gurus” lying, and I can't stop people falling for it. Goodness knows I've fallen for lies and hype myself enough times.

But the rest of this article is, obliquely, about both those other reasons.

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Waking Up Rich

I don't normally like those Facebook live videos so popular now. I don't have the time. I'm busy working! If I have time to watch a video it's more likely to be cats, puppies, Les Brown or TED Talks rather than someone's home-spun philosophy to “brand” themselves.

I already have “my” bloggers / marketers who I follow, and I can barely find enough time to follow them, rather than finding anyone else to follow!

However, there are a few people I know that consistently deliver value and if their video is of a decent (i.e. short!) length, I listen.

I wish I could remember who it was, but one guy spoke about “Waking up rich”.

Let's call him Paul. (If it was another person whose videos I listen to, and you're reading this, please let me know and I'll happily give you credit.)

“Paul” defined waking up rich as waking up with “More money than bills on a month to month basis”.

obstacles250Add to that waking up healthy and with people who care for you. The latter two more important than the financial definition.

Thank goodness I am in that situation. I appreciate my family and health, I work hard and I live within my means, albeit very comfortably.

Do you wake up rich, according to Paul's financial definition?  I hope so. If not, that could be one reason why you're looking into Internet Marketing.

But how many are prepared for the hard work that this needs?

Why Start An Online Business?

My goals are time freedom and security for my old age. No doubt that sounds “boring” to the youngsters among my readers, but trust me, old age comes sooner than you expect. Ill-health can also strike at any time, unexpectedly and cruelly, so I'm making hay while the sun still shines.

Your reasons for wanting to start an online business might be very different, and that's OK too. This article still applies.

On his video “Paul”, a very successful online business person, explained how he asked many people what they wanted out of “home business”.

spade-px_250Most cited a four or five-figure a month earning goal – and I imagine that was probably outside their (current) skill level to attain. (I don't think Paul was brutal enough to say that – but I'm a Yorkshire lass, calling a spade a spade!)

When Paul asked what they wanted to spend it on, they didn't really know. It was just a figure they'd plucked out of the air.

Whether or not he asked what they were doing on a daily basis to attain their goal, I'm not sure. But I bet that very few would honestly be able to give a good answer.

Are You Prepared For Hard Work?

I've found in life that “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. Hard work was drummed into me as a child by my Mum and Dad.

Mum_n_DadMum sadly passed away eighteen months ago aged 92. In her last months she was cared for by a live-in carer, and died in her own home, with my Dad at her side, which was her dearest wish.

At 97, my Dad is still living in comfort in his own home, with the same resident carer. A resident carer is not cheap, but Mum and Dad worked hard to be able to afford it and they deserve it.

What some may consider as a luxury is still funded by the fruits of their labour all those years ago.

Self-employed labour that is. No safety nets. Just regular hard graft.

As a newsagent / “seafront” shopkeeper, every day my Dad worked 12 (yes 12 minimum, 15 in summer) hours with just Christmas Day and Good Friday off. I only remember him taking ONE holiday with us when we were children. His unswerving goal was financial security for the family.

Everyday they worked their plan consistently, and in their later years enjoyed the rewards.  They probably didn't even consider that they were preparing for their retirement – but it turns out they were!

They could have cashed out earlier, but always played it safe – and lucky they did with the current economic state of the world! Had they lived the high life that they could have afforded at the time, they would probably have run out of money before they ran out of years.

Hard Work Builds Successful People

It's not just in online business where hard work pays off. Watch this short video about successful people.

Why would starting an online business be any different?


teamsuccessbanner500So many people claim they want success, but give up so easily.

A couple of weeks ago ten of us set up / joined a Facebook group dedicated to promoting two affiliate marketing programs we were in, with a minimum entry level of $25 (plus $5 admin fee) and the requirement that we all promote it for an hour a day in one of several ways clearly set out, with training – and something for everyone.

There were banners provided for those who like social media marketing, trainings and suggestions for other ways to market the programs and the team.

One of the programs even had a $500 discount at the time.

What could go wrong?

One Week On….

Just three of us, out of the original ten, were still doing our daily hour!

Is there any wonder why people are not making money online?

If you could persevere for more than a week you may like to look at my previous blog post:

If people can't promote something (not necessarily my business, just ANY online business), for an hour a day, perhaps it's time to admit that starting an online business isn't for them?

What do you think?

Alternatively they could look at paying for some good Internet Marketing training (affiliate link).

But even taking a training course is NOT a secret formula to success. The missing ingredient will still be working at least an hour a day (possibly more) to apply what you learn.
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This Doesn't Apply To My Regular Readers

As I write this article, I'm keenly aware that it doesn't actually apply to most of my regular readers, because I know many of them are diligent bloggers, writing weekly posts that they promote. They almost certainly spend longer than an hour a day!

Some are already successful. Others will get there, so long as they carry on the hard work long enough.

So this post isn't actually aimed at the people reading it. (Bad move, but born out of frustration!)

Please tell me what you think in the comments below – but more important, please share widely that the message of “get rich quick and easy” does not exist.