I recently learned something about my flagship blogging course. Lowering prices of blogging products can lead to more sales and exposure if said lowering feels good and a bit uncomfortable.

Blogging posture? Be careful with it. In general, no sane blogger makes all products and services free or charges 10 cents for courses or 1 cent for eBooks. But most bloggers make an error in regards to pricing for big ticket blogging products. By big ticket, for all intents and purposes, I mean $300 and up. Some bloggers believe $1000 or $10,000 and higher is big ticket. All perception, folks.

I discovered how not being attached to generating sales helps you do things to get more products into people's hands. Not only do more folks spread your word via word of mouth marketing, but you increase sales, too.

blogging products

I offer another course teaching you how to get featured on famous blogs. I sold copies over the years but never gave it any attention or energy. Recently, I felt changing my course price to a $20 monthly subscription would feel good, fun, freeing and uncomfortable. My main intent: get the course in folk's hands by making the course affordable. Why? Someone emailed me asking about payment plans for my other course, versus a 1 time payment. Since Selz does not offer monthly payments I decided to lower pricing for that course; I genuinely felt pricing seemed a little high, for this product. I instantly felt better and more relieved.

I noted quickly how Teachable offers monthly subscriptions for my famous blogger course. Bingo. I would charge $20 monthly for a recurring subscription. I was never clear charging the full, 1 time, price, so I made it more affordable, changed the pricing model and instantly, I made more money through the course than I had months prior. Why?

I genuinely owned how for both courses, I did not feel clear-good on the price of these bigger ticket blogging products.

Fear Expensive?

If you fear your product is expensive, people mirror the fear back to you, deem the product as being expensive, and will not buy it. If you feel your product is affordable, people mirror back the clarity-belief to you, and buy it. At its core, we get it. Simple concept. But putting the concept into action can feel uncomfortable. Instead of getting $1000 per course, I get $20 a month. My mind feared, “not enough money for me”, until I realized making $20 a month over 6-12 months, then over years, via recurring payments, is one secret to building great wealth.

Someone signed up for my course immediately, reflecting my clarity back to me. Now, the course is in one person's hands, and that person promotes the course and endorses it, getting it in the hands of more potential customers. At day's end, I want many people to have the course, and I do not mind getting recurring payments, so, I lowered the price to achieve both ends.

Be Straight with Yourself

Be honest about your feelings. Telling yourself and other people how you feel clear on charging high prices does not make you clear on receiving that money. Blogging success happens not on a logical level, but on an emotional level. I can boast about myself and my big ticket pricing but if I genuinely fear I am charging too much, I will struggle to make one sale because money responds to feelings, not logic.

Sometimes, lowering product prices is the easiest way to make more money and help more people.

Keep that in mind as you ponder your blogging product pricing and sales these days.