Humble Yourself and Learn from Pro Bloggers

Do you struggle with your blog? Your blogger outreach?

I know how frustrating this feels. I also believe you will get through your blogging struggles. But when is the last time you humbled yourself and listened to advice from a professional blogger? When is the last time you bought a blogging course? When did you last buy a blogging eBook? How often do you learn, assimilate and benefit from pro blogging experience, from the knowledge imparted upon you, by top blogging pros?

Every established, pro blogger wields thousands of hours of practical, real world experience. Listening to pros just gives you access to the experience, the wisdom, the complete pro package, without needing to go through the same exact experience. But most bloggers foolishly listen to their ego over humbling themselves and listening to established, pro bloggers. Ego signals downfall. Ego leads to struggle. Ego leads to failure. Ego leads to quitting. But putting your ego to the side opens you up to advice that puts you on the successful path.

Every blogging problem or struggle gets solved the moment you open up to the solution. Every problem attaches itself to the solution. Every obstacle attaches itself to an opportunity for growth. Pro bloggers seem to be masters in identifying problems and attached solutions quickly, easily and seamlessly. Do your job as a struggling blogger; listen to successful pros who truthfully pinpoint your problems and solutions.

Stop saying you know the root of your problem; likely, you do not. Ego does not like being brought to light hehehehe 🙂 Stop saying you know the solution to your problem. Ego loves admitting it knows how to succeed but rarely acts on actual proven, sound blogging strategies generously, persistently and patiently to manifest lasting success. I blogged for a decade and learn new blogging concepts daily. If a guy with 10,000 plus hours of blogging experience still learns from pros, you better be learning from pros, too.

Pros see your ego blind spots. Imagine you struggle to increase productivity through your blog. Your ego believes it knows the cause of and solution to your blogging problems. But if both claims seemed true, you would be successful, not struggling. At this point, ego uses fear to preserve itself via excuses like, “I am busy,” or “I am lazy.” Fools trust their ego. Wise, successful, abundant bloggers ignore ego, and listen to advice from established, pro bloggers. Pros know how to succeed. Pros also see you in the light of truth. Most bloggers feel a stinging sensation the split second truth enters an assessment of their blogging campaign. Perhaps you explain in abject frustration how you “already created thousands of pieces of content and nothing seems to be growing, profits-wise.” In the next breath, an established pro explains how some pro bloggers publish 1000 guest posts on a single blog.Blogger outreach ebook

Blogger Outreach

Humble yourself; creating thousands of pieces of content is generous and success-promoting, but you are just getting started if you want to do something special. Genuinely, if you want to hear the truth, pros tell you that you will be generously creating free content for 4, to 6 to 8 hours a day across a wide range of channels, to do something epic.

Pros help you see what your ego tries to protect, preserve and hide. Leave your blogging struggles behind. Listen to a pro. Follow their advice. Free yourself and accelerate your blogging success.


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Thanks To Ryan Biddulph

Thanks once again to Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise for another excellent article.

Rosemary - January 31, 2020

Having spent two days trying to solve a relatively simple techy type problem, I went to a pro who fixed it in 5 minutes, so I’m always in favour of finding someone to help you fix something. One problem is that I try to overcome the problem myself so that I learn (if you don’t ever get to grips with stuff you don’t learn) and the other problem I face is the amount of information out there. You have to go through so much stuff to find an answer. Yesterday, I had the serendipity to find the answer to another small techy problem whilst looking for the answer to the first problem. I was so happy to have learned how to solve that silly niggling issue! So it has to be a mixture of making the effort to learn and listening to the pros.

    Joy Healey - January 31, 2020

    Hi Rosemary,

    Can totally relate to this as I spend more time than I should trying to fix problems. And when you look on Google for info sometimes the information is out of date or contradicts itself or is just plain trying to sell you something when a free tool would do.

    Asking more experience blogger for help is a different type of blogger outreach! Like in our group where Lesley and Kathryn have been helping me with the new SEO plugin I’m trying. Serious bloggers can join us (free) here.

    I guess the rule I NOW try to apply is ‘Will I need to do this again?’ If yes, learn to do it myself. If no, get help. But it took me a long time to apply that rule! For instance a few years ago my blog got horrendously hacked (but only visible at FTP level, not within WP dashboard). Some people very kindly offered to help me fix it – some free and some paid.

    None of the solutions I tried worked, although my site was coming up ‘clean’ with certain tools, but I could still see the hacking inside. Eventually I moved to a new hosting company and they said it was the most badly hacked blog they had ever seen. But as part of the on-boarding process they cleaned it up for me and have kept me protected ever since. I would never have been able to that and had already wasted many hours on it. It took real pros to solve that one for me, and happily I haven’t needed that skill since then.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Ryan Biddulph - January 31, 2020

Good point Rosemary. A little learning gives you confidence and experience, then when you become successful enough to where you cannot waste seconds, you just pay for someone to handle the job or ask a dear, trusted friend to complete it. At this point in my career, I, literally, cannot waste 5 seconds let alone 5 minutes. But I recall early days where I did dig some, to learn, when time was more available for me.

Amar Kumar - February 13, 2020

Hello Joy & Ryan,

I had to start blogging because I liked writing and I enjoy it. Most people do blogging only for two reasons.

For the first passion and second cause to earn money by blogging.

The most important thing in blogging is that you always try to learn something new in it and share it with others with new information.

You are right ego is really lethal for your growth and hence you struggle for long time to get success in your field.

The writing style in blogging plays a very big role. So you have to make your writing style good to be a confident blogger.

Eventually, thanks for your incredible words.

With best wishes,

Amar Kumar

    Joy Healey - February 13, 2020

    Thanks Amar,

    Yes, there’s always something new to learn in blogging and Internet Marketing.

    I’ve heard it said that when you stop learning, you start dying!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Christie Hawkes - February 18, 2020

I thought I recognized Ryan’s voice in this post! Ryan is one of the first blogging pros I reached out to when I was just getting started, and his quick, personal response made a huge difference to me. I also bought my first ebook from Ryan. One of the challenges I see is finding the right “pro,” since so many people out there make outrageous claims about what you can gain from their courses and books. One tip I would offer is to look at how that blogger is doing–does he or she appear to be following their own advice and are they successful at it?

Thanks again Ryan for your kindness and personal advice to a newbie four years ago. Thanks Joy for sharing Ryan’s words with us. By the way, I found your blog through a comment you left on Ask Dr. Ho.

Happy blogging!

    Joy Healey - February 20, 2020

    Hi Christie,

    Welcome to my blog – glad you found me.

    Yes Ryan is such a generous blogger, he’s been fantastic, publishing guest articles on my blog and letting me publish on his! A real inspiration.

    I got off to a bad start blogging because I believed the wrong promoters. Luckily I saw sense and found Ryan and other bloggers such as Dr Ho (she and I are in a free blog commenting group – do let me know if you’d be interested in joining us 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

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