make commission online with Affiliate marketingUntil this last week I would have said it's well-nigh impossible to make commission online with no outlay.

Because the time and technical effort involved with doing affiliate marketing profitably is prohibitive for mere mortals like I am!

By which I mean profitable for the average affiliate, as opposed to profitable to the gurus who I do believe are making money online, but at the expense of you and me!

Let me elaborate and see if you can relate to this….

What Is The #1 Thing Stopping People Make Money Online?

Technical stuff.

It's making everyone's life harder,  not easier.  (No one knows better than I do!)

APART from the online gurus who pretend they are working alone doing something a new affiliate could do.

But actually they have teams of technical guys churning out technical stuff faster than we can blink.

Well that stops now, with what I am learning in a Facebook support group I belong to, that is setting the new standard for creating EASY and PROFITABLE affiliate marketing!

Join the Facebook group and watch this video

Don't miss out on learning from this group.

Put your credit card away – you won't need it to evaluate all that's on offer, OR to make commission online.

Make Money Online Free?

I'll be honest – I've always said it was impossible to make money online without spending something, by which I mean time OR money. Usually money, because the time involved in getting started is prohibitive (and demoralising) for most people – including me, especially as I've been trying for so long.

However, this particular affiliate marketing group that I have joined on Facebook has come up with a very neat system to help anyone make commissions online, even without spending money themselves.

It's brand new and as I've been watching it develop over the last week, I've been getting more and more interested.

The training that will be shared in the Facebook group on Friday is completely new and I'll be honest when I tell you I haven't even seen it yet. Just enough to understand what's planned – and to know it's WAY cleverer than I could achieve myself…

But free training to make commission online, without spending any money, has to be worth watching?

Don't you agree?

Update After I Watched The Free TrainingPlug and play system to make money on line

I'd had a pretty good idea how great this was going to be and I wasn't disappointed.

It's run by a very experienced marketer, but I had no idea what a team of professionals he's leading.

And that means, for us:

His whole team is working for us – creating funnels, products, images, email swipes, sales copy, solving technical issues. All the stuff that takes me (and perhaps you?) forever.

I wasn't the only one who was excited by this. The feedback was fantastic.

All YOU (and I) have to do is invite to the group, people who are struggling to make money online. And there will be free training to cover that too.

Join the Facebook group and watch the replay of this video

Where Does The Commission Come From?

Fair question, and I'd have been disappointed if you hadn't asked it!

Obviously someone has to spend money for you to make commission online, but this time it doesn't have to be you.

For example – take the Toyota referral program. No, I'm NOT suggesting you have to join it – just using it as an example of a well known company with a referral program.

(Full disclosure: I'm hoping I have my assumptions about this program correct. I haven't applied because I rather like Toyota cars and I don't want to waste anyone's time when I have no intention of promoting them, because it's not my niche.)

The point I'm rambling my way towards is that I'm 99% sure you don't have to buy a Toyota car to belong to their referral program and make a commission online.

Yes, SOMEONE has to buy a car, or there's no profit to pay out commission from, just not you.

So applying that principle to affiliate marketing in general, and this group in particular, SOMEONE has to buy something for a profit to be made, but it doesn't have to be you.

Seen It All Before?

I thought I had too. I've tried affiliate marketing several times and always been disappointed. Yet I know that many people make a very profitable living from it. (I also now know HOW they do it, and I'll be sharing that with you soon.)

But it's more important to get you this free training first, so please hear me out as to why this group is different….

What Is The #2 Thing Stopping People Make Money Online?

Unfair, dirty affiliate marketing practices.

Has this ever happened to you?

You make a $7 sale (whoopee dooo). (Only $993 more commission needed this month to hit your very reasonable $1,000 per month goal.)

make commission online ideaBut the buyer's email goes to the product producer who then emails that proven buyer (that YOU found) like crazy with more expensive products and YOU don't make a further cent. (Oh, and often you don't even know where your $7 sale came from, unless you've done 1001 clever technical things. Refer back to the #1 thing that's stopping people make commission online.)

Or… you can make that next level commission, BUT you have to have bought the higher priced product yourself to earn any commission.

At first I just didn't believe that affiliate marketing would work like this:

(a) because it was so unfair – but when was business ever fair to the ‘little person'?

(b) would affiliates really be stupid enough to fall for this? Well, yes – because most haven't figured it out! It took me long enough.

Enough Is Enough

I have been on the end of this type of affiliate marketing, tested it out, seen it over and over again, and said a big fat “No more, I'm done playing that game.”

Then I found this Facebook group, which shows a more ethical way of marketing so that even newbies can start making money online.

(Of course the group owner's plan is that HE will also make commission online. He's not a charity; but he will be sharing it with you, even if you haven't bought him anything from him.)

The free training to get you started is probably going to be on Friday, but you can join the free group now, here, to follow us and get the correct notification.

When you join, you will be asked 3 questions to verify that you're a real person. Please tag me in a post to say ‘Hi' so I can watch out for you and answer any questions you may have.

Important: My remark about ‘dirty affiliate marketing' doesn't apply to the Angel Investing Club I'm promoting, but while you CAN earn money free with that, if you have no cash to invest you can learn the principles in the group and apply them to marketing that.