Do you really want to know the secret of passive, sweet, freeing blogging success? Do you envy those bloggers who just publish a post, hit the beach, and watch online sales increase steadily? Guess what? You too can experience that fun and freedom. Passive success – essentially, watching success flow to you through passive income and passive traffic – is yours, because all success is your birthright. The confusing part about passive success is that it occurs passively after thousands and thousands of hours, of active generosity.

How it works: spend 4,000 to 7,000 hours of your life helping people for free through blogging, guest posting, by promoting other bloggers and by opening multiple streams of income. See what I mean, guys? This is putting forth a serious effort in the active generosity department. Help people for free for years. Steadily, passive success flows your way as your skills and exposure increases to epic levels. The guy or gal who lives an incredible life of fun and freedom now, helped people for fun, with a freeing driver, for many years. Check out people who seem to be everywhere in their blogging niche; see how these folks live as a humble servant? Bingo! This is the key to passive success. Eventually, when these folks take the foot off the pedal for a little bit, all those 10,000 plus guest posts in a gazillion spots – or in a bunch of spots – drive serious traffic and serious passive income. If you are in a million spots after 10,000 hours of generous service, being in a million spots nets you a full time passive income, flowing to you around the clock.

Where Do Bloggers Screw Up?

Most bloggers desire the freedom of being a full time, pro blogger. But few bloggers want to have fun helping people and freeing people for 5,000 or more hours of their lives. Hence, the screw up. Success sounds so awesome and you feel a bit of excitement at living your sweet blogging dreams….then….whammo! After generously helping people for 4 or 40 hours or 400 hours, you panic, fail, bail and quit blogging. You desire freedom just a tiny bit, but fear being the person who generously helps people, because you fear wasting your time, you fear failing, and you just want something for nothing.

The Solution

Deeply ground yourself in freeing, truthful reality. Guys; feel good, calm and relaxed about helping people for free. Slow down. Calm down. Know that it takes thousands of hours of generous, active service to experience passive success. Now, knowing the truth, and being grounded in reality, you can proceed from a chill, giving vibe, laying the foundation for sweet, passive blogging income and traffic down the road.

Active Generosity
active generosity conquering fears for bloggers

Active generosity precedes passive success. If someone appears to have it all, on auto pilot, goodness, did these folks ever give up a lot and fall in love with the process, having fun doing so. Sacrifice did not hold these bloggers down; sacrifice freed them from old, worn out states of mind and situations. How fun. How freeing. How liberating this concept feels, when you put it into action, routinely.


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