Being generous BUT not running a charity.


That one hurts for most bloggers because most bloggers struggle to make money online. A few bloggers blog super generously, helping people for free across multiple platforms, through guest posting and by helping people in all types of ways. Some of these super generous types slam into struggles and never experience sweet blogging success. Why? Said bloggers are hella generous but run a charity. I am not kidding; I see these bloggers help folks freely all day long but either the individual NEVER promotes their business offerings and services or said bloggers never build a business by monetizing their blog, anyway.

Here is a little secret; if you REALLY want me to guest post for you, buy something I have to offer. Bribe me. I am not kidding. Joy has bought my stuff. She rocks. I write guest posts for her. Why do I do this? I have millions of blogs online to choose from for guest posting. I need some filtering agent. So I honor the great truth; where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving my attention and energy to bloggers who invest in my courses, eBooks, paperbacks, audibooks and services helps me to make more money. Give your energy to bloggers who buy your stuff and more bloggers buy your stuff. It is that simple. I am not running a charity here. I run a blogging business. Naturally, like any sane business person, my customers and clients receive virtually ALL of my attention and energy. Or, at least, most of my attention and energy.

Do you notice how I promote my blogging course and/eBooks via all guest posts? I run a blogging business. I do not run a charity. Heck yeah I am generous with you but I am just as generous with myself, by promoting myself generously through all that I do. If you want to be stunningly successful, be super generous with bloggers and be just as generous with yourself, promoting your premium products and services freely. Help your customers. Write guest posts for your customers. Give your attention and energy to your clients. No stunningly successful blogger runs a charity; promote yourself freely as you freely help other people. Be generous with other bloggers, be generous with other readers, and be just as generous with yourself. This is a secret to success; you will be in a gazillion spots AND you will profit financially because you promote yourself like a real business person, an entrepreneur.

Knife into Fear

Do you fear promoting yourself? Be with the fear. Feel it. Release it. Being with the fear of promoting yourself allows you to release the charity mindset plaguing many bloggers who cling to a poverty consciousness. Do not be that blogger. Keep feeling your fears. Proceed, and be just as generous with yourself by linking to a premium product or service via every piece of content you create, and you will discover the secret to super successful blogging.

Give an overwhelming majority of your attention and energy to bloggers and readers who freely release money to invest in your products and services. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Be smart. Be effective. Bloggers only have so much attention and energy to offer daily. Dole out the love to people who show you the love. Help people generously while you prosper generously.