Have you ever wondered about the best way to breathe? Probably not!

You probably think you're breathing properly – but are you?

Of late, with my pending move to Norwich proving so stressful, people seem to keep telling me to “Take a deep breath and calm down”.

So it was with interest that I listened to this TED talk about the best way to breathe.

In just a few fascinating minutes I learned about:

  • The functions of the nose (NOT just smelling and breathing!)
  • The effects of mouth-breathing
  • The effects of breathing on sleep
  • Breathing to anchor your mind
  • Breathing for stress reduction
  • Breathing and asthma
  • Breathing and control of body temperature

This has nothing to do with blogging 🙂 Just an article about improving your well-being and – for me – lowering stress levels.

Enjoy learning about the best way to breathe!