The popular affiliate network JVZoo(TM) is happy to introduce their Cookieless Tracking System for Affiliates.

This is great news, because it addresses one of the worries I always had about affiliate marketing. What happened if someone looked at your promotion from a different device, different browser or deleted or blocked your cookie? There was a risk you would lose the sale.

JVZoo(TM) has now introduced an affiliate tracking backup system that will restore the affiliate credit before checking out.

That's right…

  • Affiliates will NOT lose credit if a customer's cookies are deleted
  • Affiliates will NOT lose credit if the customer switches from their mobile device to their laptop in the middle of checkout
  • Affiliates will NOT lose credit if the customer switches browsers during checkout
  • Affiliates will NOT lose credit if the customer's cookie is blocked due to the latest browser changes

The helpful infographic below is reproduced with permission of JVZoo, the Trade Mark and copyright holder. It shows a summary of the changes listed above. To read full information about cookieless tracking on JVZoo's knowledge-base, click here.

By the way, you can read an interview with Laura Casselman, CEO of JVZoo in issue 101 of my newsletter. You'll find her story fascinating!

If you have hesitated to take affiliate marketing seriously because of worries about cookies being lost, this enhancement is just for you. Please take the time to investigate JVZoo, and click here to register for a free JVZoo account.

cookieless tracking with JVZoo