After writing and placing my last guest post on this blog I paid close attention to social media traction related to the post.

Joy shared how she appreciated me submitting and placing the guest post as the content hit the mark for her community. She noted how the guest post came at an ideal time as she’d been recovering from being under the weather.

I also noted a nice uptick of social media engagement concerning the post, especially on Facebook. Our readerships both enjoyed the content; comments, Likes and social shares verified the positive feedback.

Once again, the power of collaboration wins.

I placed the guest post. I promoted the guestie through a decent volume of channels online including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, Medium and via a LinkedIn article as well in addition to scheduling a few updates on Twitter and Facebook 1-2 days out.

Joy promoted the guest post across her marketing arms, including through her Facebook Group to give the guest post a strong boost.

Two bloggers working together can do great things through the power of collaborating.

Competition Curse

Unfortunately, many bloggers fear competition.

Fearing the concept known as “competition” goads these bloggers to imagine themselves going against bloggers from their niche.

This concept makes zero sense to me.

Why would you make your blogging job tougher?

Why not make blogging easier?

Collaborating amplifies success for all bloggers involved in the collaboration.

Competing makes success tougher to achieve for bloggers who fear each other and imagine themselves going against one another.

Guest Blog Popularity

I have since closed guest blogging on Blogging From Paradise since I offer more than enough blog posts; my job now is to optimize every post to make these assets work best for our blogging community.

Anyway, guest posts rank as a few of the most popular posts on BFP.

I wanted to share a dazzling guest post by Donna Merrill since the affiliate marketing topic may possibly whet your appetite:

How Do Bloggers Earn Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Donna submitted a sensational guest post for my blog.

We collaborated to blast the post via a promotional blitz to as many targeted people as possible through the power of our blogging communities.

Two bloggers working together to reach each of their respective communities harbor leveraging potential that dwarfs the measly efforts of a singular blogger attempting to do it all by themselves.

The few guest posts published to BFP gained serious steam because two is better than one.

As a rule, most of my popular posts contain links pointing out to blogging friends. My blogging friends proceeded to promote these posts across a wide range of their marketing channels.

Together We Can Do Astounding Things

Whether for your blog or affiliate marketing business, begin to think in terms of collaboration versus competition.

We can do amazing things together.

We struggle horribly when divided.

The difference between collaboration and competition is fear sitting in your mind.

Blogging Course and Blogging eBook Sales

Without fail, my biggest blogging course and blogging eBook sales occur during periods of intense collaboration.

I recall a dear blogging friend who rocketed sales of my first eBook skyward by writing and publishing a favorable review of the flagship Blogging From Paradise eBook.

My friend Cori Leigh boosted sales of a blogging course by promoting it freely through her blog.

Note; both Cori and my blogging friend from the past promoted my premium offerings without me asking them to do so. Strong collaborations boost business in organic, seamless fashion.

Blogging friends I’ve bonded with over the years freely buy, promote or buy and promote my blogging courses and eBooks. Glowing reviews published by my collaborating blogging buddies increase sales a bit more.

Of course, any time I pulled back from collaborating the blogging course and blogging eBook sales plummeted.

When I try to blog solo I have a tough time gaining traction.

When I collaborate I gain traction with far greater ease.


One blogger can only do little.

Two bloggers collaborating can do plenty.

Collaborating with a high volume of bloggers leads to exponential blogging success over the long haul, not unlike starting a small company to spread the word about your blog, products and services.

Affiliate Marketing Collaboration

Affiliate marketers who blog can collaborate by gaining exposure in front of each other’s communities, social media followings and email lists.

This is where publishing genuine, one of a kind blog content comes in handy.

Cross-promoting each other’s blogs offers communities a different flavor, style and presentation. Some of your readers may resonate with a perspective a bit different than yours as a temporary change-up. The blogger whom you collaborate with may give their readers a nice change of pace by sharing your perspective with their readers.

Remember guys; even if you sell similar affiliate offerings, detailed, helpful blog content goes a long way in making the sale. In-depth content amplified across various channels courtesy of collaborations can do some serious selling. Customers tend to buy based on trust earned through free, quality content more than any other factor.

This is why connected bloggers who co-create with pros in their niche generally become highly successful.

Content times collaboration accelerates affiliate marketing sales.

Run with Successful Collaborations

Noting strong collaboration momentum signals a sharp reminder: continue these collaborations to capitalize on benefits offered to both blogging communities.

Guest blog persistently. Promote bloggers on your blog patiently. Promote bloggers through your social media handles frequently.

Observing increased blog comments, social media engagement, traffic and sales indicates that you’re heading in the right direction.

Do not take your foot off of the collaborating pedal.

Keep working with bloggers to accelerate your collective success.

Both bloggers win.

Both blogging communities win.

Doesn’t that sound like a good deal for all involved?


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